GM Notes [GM Note] A Blessed Wedding
Black Desert 2020-06-26 17:20
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Congratulations from the Black Desert Team!  
With social distancing being practiced around the world, there’s been news going around of a couple in the Czech Republic getting married in Black Desert! ( ッ◕ ܫ◕)ッ 
Their wedding was originally scheduled to take place on May 30thbut was postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. So, to complete their vows, they decided to have a virtual wedding in Black Desert.  


The couple invited their beloved guild members and other Adventurers from around Black Desert EU. 
Although it wasn’t an offline event where they could hear congratulations and applause, through the cables of the internet a picturesque wedding scene came to fruition.   
The Black Desert wedding was brought to you by Kakao Games, who are in charge of the European services.  
Now let’s look at the beautiful scenes together.  



The couple are ’Insidel’ and ’Svetluska’, who play Black Desert from the Czech Republic.  
The wedding venue is easily one of the most beautiful and dreamy places in the Black Desert world, Grana. (Wouldn’t you like to get married in a location like this??) 
The Adventurers Karki suit and the Rakshande outfit are the perfect reproduction of a wedding dress and tuxedo! 




All the guests came together at Grana Palace to celebrate the wedding, and the officiant, the Black Desert GM, [GM] Death conducted the ceremony for the couple.


It’s late, but the Black Desert team world over would like to send their congratulations to the lovely couple  



[GM] Immortalis prepared a special scene for the couple to enjoy after their wedding. Letting off fireworks over Grana truly made a magical scene! And with that, the wedding was over!  



Of course, once a wedding is done an afterparty is a must! This party was hosted by [GM] Death through his house, and the couple invited as many of their closest friends as possible!  
Congratulations to the Bride and Groom on their unique wedding using the Black Desert World.  
And once again, we would like to thank the Czech adventurers for making the wedding even more successful. 



This video makes me feel like I’m actually at the wedding!  
Please congratulate the blessed Insidel ♥ Svetluska on their marriage. 
We will be sending all your blessings to the lovely couple, so once again, we wish you nothing but happiness Insidel and Svetluska, and all the best in the future.  



Comments 10
Watching this video,, i feel like i wanna get married like this...
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Happy wedding Insidel and Svetluska!!
How romantic they are ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙
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AWW =w= this warms my heart. Congratulations to the bride and groom. May they have wonderful life ahead together.
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Aww Congratulations!
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Congrats!!! <3
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Feels good man.
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Wish we have wedding/marriage system ingame.
2020-07-01 11:45 0
Goes to show that Black Desert is not all about grinding and AFK farming to death
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