Events [Event] The Crow’s Nest Awaits!
Black Desert 2020-07-15 10:00


Wanna go visit the Crow’s Nest with me?  
You can get Knowledge and uncover a fogged part of the map!  


Plus! We’ll even give you a small gift once you wrap up your travels to the Crow’s Nest!  

Doesn’t that sound great? ꈍ◡ꈍ 


Event 1. The Crow’s Nest Awaits! 

Event Period 

- July 15, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – July 29, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance  


Event Details 

- During the event period, accept the event quest from the NPC Rulupee in Velia. 





Quest Name 

Quest Completion Rewards 

[Event] Beginning a New Adventure 

Contribution EXP 1000 

Ship License: Epheria Cog (Kalis-Certified) 

[Event] Adventure - Racid Island 

Contribution EXP 1000 


[Event] Adventure - Tinberra Island 

Contribution EXP 1000 


[Event] Adventure - Crow's Nest 

Contribution EXP 1000 


[Event] New Place, New Connections 

Contribution EXP 1000 


[Event] Lookout Over the Wide Sea 

Contribution EXP 1000 


[Event] Adventure's End 

Contribution EXP 1000 

Advice of Valks (+50) x1 

* You must complete the quest “[Crow's Nest] To Crow's Nest” in the main quest line before you can accept the quest “[Event] Beginning a New Adventure”.

* Each event quest can only be accepted by characters that are lv. 56 or higher. 

* Each event quest can only be completed once per Family.

* The location of the NPC Rulupee may slightly differ from each other depending on the event quest. Please refer to the in-game Quest (O) - Navigate for the exact location.

* Each event quest is part of a questline which requires the completion of the previous quest before you can progress to the next quest.

(Example: You must first complete the quest “[Event] Beginning a New Adventure” to accept the quest “[Event] Adventure - Racid Island”.

* Navigation will not be provided for the quest “[Event] Adventure - Crow's Nest” as the quest requires you to enter a part of the ocean that is covered by fog on the map. 

* You must get all the Knowledge of the “Crow’s Nest” category to complete the quest “[Event] New Place, New Connections”. 



Event 2. Key to the Crow Shop!?  

Event Period 

- July 15, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – July 29, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance  


Event Details 


① Complete the quest “[Daily] To the Bottom of the Pit of the Undying” during the event period to get the quest reward below!  


Complete the “[Daily] To the Bottom of the Pit of the Undying” 


for Seal of the Undying x10! 

* The Seal of the Undying is an item that can only be obtained in the Crow’s Nest and is the key to opening the Crow Shop. Please refer to the [July 15 (WedUpdate Details] for more information.  


② You can accept the quest “[Daily] To the Bottom of the Pit of the Undying” from the NPC Chorpy in the Pit of the Undying.  


③ You can also enter the Pit of Undying by following the steps below.


-  1. Complete the [The Great Expedition] Crow's Nest questline in the Suggested Tab of the in-game Quest window (O).


- 2. Enter the Pit of Undying through the quest [Daily] To the Bottom of the Pit of the Undying from the NPC Lavala in the Crow’s Nest. 


※ Event Notices 

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page. 

- There may be restrictions on trading/selling event items, and they may have usage expiration dates and different binding settings. These items cannot be transferred or restored due to this reason.   

- Please refer to the in-game item description for details on whether the item is bound. Items that were sent or used properly cannot be recovered      

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.    

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].    

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].