Updates [Update] 03/01 Update details
Black Desert 2018-03-01 10:00

Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018, March 1 (Thursday).
During today’s maintenance, “Node/Conquest War” has been added along with “Imperial Trade” and more… (Patch volume approx. 848.9 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.


● Node/Conquest Rehearsal Event
- Event Period : 18/03/04 00:00 A.M. ~ 18/03/14 23:59 P.M.

※ The first Node War will start on March 4th.
- The Node Wars are held from 21:00 to 23:00 on Sunday to Friday.

※ The first Conquest War will start on March 10th.
- The Conquest Wars are held from 21:00 to 01:00 on every Saturday.

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● Equipped items that are expired no longer appear on your Character in the Knowledge and Pearl Shop UI.



● If a monster dies from the Tamer’s first hit of the skill ‘Tree Climb’, Tamer will now move backwards in midair and land on the ground so additional combos can be performed.

● The skill command for ‘Heilang: Trample’ can now be locked.

● Corrected the skill description for ‘Flow: Scatter Stance’ to display the correct Preceding Skill name.



● Improved the neck movement of the Wizard’s when looking up at the camera.



● Node/Conquest War has been added.
- Node/Conquest War will be held in the following channels: Calpheon 1, Balenos 1, Serendia 1

※ The first Node War will start on March 4th.
- The Node Wars are held from 21:00 to 23:00 on Sunday to Friday.

※ The first Conquest War will start on March 10th.
- The Conquest Wars are held from 21:00 to 01:00 on every Saturday.

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● Imperial Trade is now opened. (Availabe only in 1 channel : Heidel-1)
- You can view information on Imperial Trade and events through trade information of ESC menu.
- The Imperial Trade can be done through the Imperial Trade NPCs that are only located in the major cities of each territory (Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova).
- Trade price will be fixed at 250% of the initial cost.
- The trade item list and the quantity for Imperial Trade will be randomly reset every 4 hours.

● An accessory set “Asula’s Crimson Eye” has been added.
- Asula’s Crimson Eye set can be obtained in Mediah region. Enhancement and marketplace registration are unavailable.
- 3-Set Effect : Max HP +300
- 5-Set Effect : All Accuracy +20





Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace


DP +3

Abandoned Iron Mine

Asula's Crimson Eye Belt


Weight Limit +100LT

Elric Shrine

Asula's Crimson Eye Ring


DP +2

Helms Post

Asula's Crimson Eye Earring


Max HP +25

Helms Post


● The name of the some item and quest in Indonesian have been polished.

● Tier-4 horse has been added into the wild, and they can be tamed.

● A Guild Expense system has been added.
- This system will allow the Guild Master to set the MAX amount of Guild Funds any guild member can spend when purchasing from the Guild Shop.
- Guild Masters can set an individual Guild Member’s spend amount by clicking on the individual’s name from the Guild Member Status UI.
- The spending amount of a Guild Member can be set, the default being 0. If desired, no limit can be set for a member.
- Once a Guild Member has depleted their allocated Expense funds, no further purchases can be made until the amount has been reset by the Guild Master, which can be done at any time.
- Guild Funds can be used at the Guild Shop or Guild Military Supply Manager NPC’s.
- Guild members, depending on their rank, will be allowed to purchase Guild Items and make use of the Guild Storage System as before. This has not been changed.

● The new 3D Minimap feature has been added.
- The button on the upper left-hand corner indicates the type of Minimap you are currently using. Press it to toggle between 2D and 3D.
- Your Minimap setting (2D or 3D) will be maintained even after reconnecting to the game.
- Thanks to the 3D Minimap, you will not only be able to see the topography of the landscape from your Character’s viewpoint but also have a 360 degree view of the topography around you on the map.
- You will be able to see the 3D topography in the Desert and Great Ocean as well. However, buildings there will not be marked on the 3D Minimap while in these areas.
- The 3D Minimap does not give directional cues for the location of your Quests or Party members.
- However, location identification marks to show Quest objective regions and other special areas, such as locations marked by Pet alerts are planned to be added in the future.
- You can adjust the 3D Minimap settings through the following area:
* Settings > Game > Etc. > Misc. > Rotate Minimap to add even more functionality to the 3D Minimap.


【 NPC 】

● NPC Guards that were occasionally attacking characters with positive Karma Points have been fixed.

● The Gateway at the Closed Western Gateway Node, which was previously closed has now been opened, as a result of this the name of the node has been changed to Serendia Western Gateway.



● The Cooldown (1 sec.) has been removed for: continuously moving items from the Mount Inventory; or continuously switching your Main Weapon.



● 3 New quests have been added to the Serendia Western Gateway location.
- Characters level 21 or higher can proceed to NPC ‘Batuetta’ and interact to initiate the quest.
- You can now gain “Happy Batuetta” Knowledge while performing the related quests.

● The recent price of items on the Marketplace will be reset during every maintenance.
- The recent price after every maintenance will not be displayed until the very first transaction of the item has been completed.

● The MAX price and MIN price of Pearl Items registered in the Marketplace will not decrease if there are less than 10 items in stock.


【 UI 】

● Pearl Shop categories have been rearranged and renamed.
- ‘Black Spirit's Pick’ category has been added. Please find Rookie and Skilled sub-categories which will offer items suitable for new and skilled adventurers.
- A new ‘Support’ tab has been added to display items that can help new adventurers get accustomed to the game.
- Tabs like 'FEED' and 'HORSE FLUTE' have been renamed or combined with other tabs.

● A new search function has been added to the Alchemy and Cooking windows.
- Knowledge filtering function and search function has been added while performing Alchemy and Cooking.
- Click on the “Learned Recipe/Alchemy” box to filter to view only the ones that you have knowledge of.
- Enter a word into the search field and all the Knowledges that contain the word will be displayed.
- When using the search function, only Knowledges you have already obtained will be displayed. When searching for a Knowledge you have not obtained, it will display a message letting you know that there is no Knowledge that contains the search phrase.

● Equipment items and Pearl Shop items can no longer be used as an ingredient for Alchemy and Cooking.

● The Marketplace Notification system (Notice) has been improved:
- When an item has been registered in the Marketplace that is either an item you registered for notification, and/or that you have placed a pre-order for, a notification will now appear. When clicked additional related information will be shown.
- Within the additional information window, up to 20 notifications will be shown, these notifications can also be cancelled from this window.
- The notifications listed in the additional information window will be reset when the game is loaded again after re-logging or changing servers.
- When there is a notification alert, the notification icon will be visible at the bottom right of the screen.

● The font size of the Guild Funds amount within the Guild Shop window has been increased.

● Fixed the issue where the tooltip was not being displayed when mousing over the normal rank icon in the Guild Member Status window.

● Fixed the issue where Crystal information used on equipment in a Quick Slot was not displayed.

● The Ranking window has been reworked to allow you to see all of your ranks at the same time, instead of having to go through each tab individually.

● The Enhancement window has been reworked, and should be more intuitive. You should also be able to check the results of your Enhancements more easily.

● Fixed the issue where the names of certain items in Marketplace were overlapping with Marketplace notifications due to the text length.

● Fixed the issue where all Marketplace notifications were changed into recent notifications when there were more than 20 Marketplace notifications.

● Descriptions for the Node/Conquest War have been added on the Server Selection and Server Change window.

● Fixed the issue where the Help button on the Lv.50 Guide Window would not bring up the relevant page when pressed.



● Invisible walls at Mediah Castle have been removed.

● Objects in Sausan Garrison that could be passed through have been removed.

● Fixed the graphical issue in Mediah Castle where a part of the grass appeared to be floating.

● The wagon located at the entrance of Kamasylve Temple has been removed.



● Fixed the graphical glitch causing pets to appear outside of the Residence while in the Place Mode.

● Effects that are too close to the camera will not be displayed.