GM Notes [GM Note] Graduating from the Summer Season Server
Black Desert 2020-07-27 17:55
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Graduating from the Summer Season Server 

For Adventures who’ve had their fill of the Season servers, we’ve added a way to graduate to the regular servers ahead of schedule!  


By graduating early, your season character will be converted to a regular character that can equip the normal equipment, but be warned, because you’ll no longer be able to access the season servers and receive the season challenge rewards once you graduate.  


You can see early graduation schedule below, and all season characters will be converted to regular characters on August 26th. Additionally, there are no requirements to graduate early, so visit Fughar when you feel you are ready to graduate.  


Early Graduation Schedule  August 5, 2020 (Wedafter maintenance – August 26, 2020 (Wedbefore maintenance 


[Step 1] Visit and interact with Fughar, the friend of all season characters 

Interact with the [Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager] Fughar (located in each town/city) and select “I want to convert my season character to a regular character”.  


[Step 2] Find the [Crow Merchants Guild Scribe] Leyla 

Go to the  Leyla as instructed by Fughar, and accept the quest “[Season Server] At the Crossroad” from Leyla. Return to Fughar once you complete the quest.  

Interact with the NPC Fughar to obtain the “Honorable Adventurer's Certificate” and accept the quest “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” from the Quest (Q) window.  


Move to a regular server and use the “Honorable Adventurer's Certificate” to convert your season character to a regular character! 


Now you’ve successfully completed converting your season character to a regular one. We’ll be cheering you on as someone who will continue their adventures in a larger and rougher Black Desert world!


Graduation Gift and Tuvala Gear Conversion

The NPC Fughar has prepared a surprise present for Adventurers who converted their season character to a regular character, so let’s go find Fughar once more.  


Interact (R) with Fughar and click “Used the certificate” to receive the Gift Box Full of Memories

Item Name 


[Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box 

Box containing Tuvala Conversion Stones.  

※ Tuvala Conversion Stones allow you to convert Tuvala gear into one that can be equipped by non-season characters. 

[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon 

An item that lets you exchange a converted Tuvala gear for a same piece of Boss gear 

Fughar's Letter of Encouragement 

A sincere letter from Fughar for Adventurers who will adventure in a rougher world.  

Graduation Cap 

A cap celebrating your season server graduation that can be worn on your head.  

20% Discount Coupon 

An item that gives you a 20% discount on an item purchasable from the Pearl Shop (F3)  

Advice of Valks 

An item that changes Enhancement Chance for gear enhancement. 

Golden Graduation Cap 

A golden Graduation Cap celebrating your graduation from the season server 

※ Shop Price: 10,000,000 silver 

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) 

An item that grants various buffs: Combat EXP +100%, Skill EXP +50%, ability to reset skills/skill add-ons freely,  

[Event] Elion's Tear 

Instantly revive your character if they die. Also restores Combat EXP that was lost when dying. 

Blessed Message Scroll 

An item that helps you level by granting buffs: Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30%. These buffs can be stacked with other buffs.  


[Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll 

An item that grants Item Drop Rate +100% and Item Drop Amount +50% when defeating monsters. 

[Event] Giovan Grolin's Support Scroll 

An item that grants the buffs: Life Skill Mastery +100 and Life EXP +20% 


 [Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone

A spirit stone that grants the following buffs:  

Extra AP Against Monsters +5 
Combat EXP +50% 
Skill EXP +30% 
Attack Speed +4% 
Casting Speed +4% 
Weight Limit +50 LT 


Premium Elixir Box 

An item box containing each of the following items:  

[Event] Perfume of Courage, [Event] Perfume of Swiftness, [Event] Khalk's Elixir 


Finto's Filling/Sweet/Fresh Juice 

Each item can boost of Health, Breath, and Strength EXP respectively. 


Finto’s Filling Juice: Max. HP up.  

Finto’s Sweet Juice: Stamina up. 

Finto’s Fresh Juice: Weight Limit up.  


Finto’s Juice can be only used by characters that are under level 29 for Health, Breath, or Strength. 

Open the [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box to get at least 1 Tuvala Conversion Stone for each Tuvala item part.  

- Note: You will get 2 for Earrings and Rings.




If you upgrade the Tuvala gear with the Tuvala Conversion Stone, it will be converted to Tuvala gear that can be equipped by non-season characters. The converted Tuvala gear can be moved to and equipped by regular characters.   


⚠️One Conversion Stone can only convert one Tuvala item, so please be careful when you’re using the Conversion Stone if you have multiple Tuvala items of the same type in your inventoryImagine if you accidently convert an item that has a lower enhancement level...  

️⚠️ ️️Unconverted Tuvala gear will be deleted during the maintenance on September 2, 2020 (the start date of the next Season). Make sure to convert your Tuvala Gear beforehand!    



Boss Gear Exchange


Finally, the last stage in graduating.  


As mentioned in the previous GM Note, you can exchange one Tuvala gear for Boss Gear, and in today’s GM Note, we will tell you how that works.  


First off, only Tuvala gear that was converted with a conversion stone can be exchanged for Boss gear using the “[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon”.  


Before you can exchange for Boss gear, you’ll need to complete the quests below, which you can accept from the NPC Fughar.  

- [Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Main Weapon 

- [Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Sub-Weapon  

- [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Helmet 

- [Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Armor… etc.


Once you’ve accepted a quest to exchange for a certain piece of Boss gear, go to the blacksmith in Velia, Tranan Underfoe.


1. Hand over the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon

2. Hand over theTuvala gear that’ll be exchanged. 

⚠️ You must follow these steps in order to exchange for Boss gear.  


Exchanging Tuvala gear will get you the following enhancement level of Boss gear  

Tuvala Gear Enhancement Level 

Boss Gear Enhancement Level 

PRI (I)  



 PRI (I)  





PEN (V) 


The exchanged Boss gear cannot be sold on the Central Market.  



Summer Season Graduation Reward: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory

We stated in a previous GM Note that you can get a PEN (V) Capotia accessory once you’ve completed all 40 days of Fughar’s daily quests. Check out how you get the accessory below!



After completing all 40 days of Fughar’s quests, you can accept the quest [Season] Fughar's Gift’ from Fughar and complete it to choose between either a PEN (V) Capotia Earring or Ring.


The [Season] Fughar's Gift quest will be added during the maintenance on August 5, the same day early graduation begins. Please note you can’t get both the ring and earring, so make sure you carefully choose the accessory you need the most.


⚠️Adventurers who’ve completed all the 40-day quests, but deleted their season characters, have nothing to worry about. You can still obtain one of the PEN (V) Capotia accessories with the same way using a regular character.  




[Q] When will unconverted Tuvala gear disappear?  


[A] All season exclusive items, including unconverted Tuvala and season enhancement materials, will be deleted at the start date of the next season during the maintenance on September 2, 2020.

[Q] What happens to the crystals and PEN (Vcreator name on the Tuvala gear when you use a conversion stone 


[A] Tuvala gear that was converted with a [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone will retain their “Item Branding”, “PEN (V) Creator Name”, and “Transfused Crystals”.   


However, crystals transfused on an item that will be exchanged using the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon must be removed before the quest can be completed, so make sure to extract the crystals at a Blacksmith beforehand. Also, “Item Branding” and “PEN (V) Creator Name” will not be retained when the item is exchanged.  


Make sure you know the difference between a “conversion stone” and “exchange coupon” before using them!   

[Q] I have a PEN (VTuvala Helmetbut I accidently used the conversion stone on my TET (IV) Tuvala Helmet... Can it be restored 


[A] If you accidently convert the wrong Tuvala, please contact us via [Support] -> [Submit a Ticket]! We’ll take the mistakenly converted Tuvala gear and give the Tuvala gear you want. However, this assistance is only available once per Family, and the taken Tuvala gear will be unrecoverable as it will be deleted. Only Adventurers who submit a ticket before the maintenance September 2, 2020 will be eligible for assistance.        

[Q] Can I use the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon to exchange for a weapon of a different class?    


[A] If you use the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon on Tuvala gear that was converted with a Tuvala Conversion Stone, the weapon will be changed to a box form that you can open with the class you want the Boss weapon for.   

[Q] Can I get rewards from the Black Spirit Pass Challenge after graduating early from the Summer Season?   


[A] Once you convert your season character to a regular character, you will no longer be able to complete the Black Spirit Pass and get rewards. The Black Spirit Pass icon is also not accessible at the upper-right of screen in regular servers.  

[Q] Can I change Tuvala weapons to a different class than my season character’s class?


[A] You can use Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupons on Tuvala weapons converted with a conversion stone.  However, if you convert a Tuvala weapon and exchange it for a Boss weapon with the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon, you can use a Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon to exchange it for a weapon for a different class.  

[Q] After exchanging Tuvala gear for Boss gear, can I enhance the exchanged Boss gear?


[A] Yes you can. Once you’ve exchanged the Tuvala gear for Boss gear, you can attempt to enhance it just like normal Boss gear, but you cannot put it for sale on the Central Market.  

[QMy season character is level 40... Can I still get the Gift Box Full of Memories? 


[A] There are no separate requirements (level requirement, complete Fughar’s daily quests, etc.) for graduating early

Season characters can graduate and get the rewards at any time before the start of the next season.

[QWhen can get I season server rewardsAdvice of Valks (+100) and the PEN (VCapotia accessory 


[A] You can get them once the season server early graduation begins in the season servers after the maintenance on August 5, 2020 (Wed).   

[QI don’t think I’ll be able to finish the 40-day quest before the end of the season... Does that mean I can’t get the PEN (Vaccessory and Advice of Valks (+100)?


[A] As long as you have completed at least one day of Fughar’s 40-day quests beforehandyou’ll still be able to continue the 40-day quests even after the summer season endsAnd of course, once you complete all 40 days, you’ll still be able to get the PEN (V) Capotia accessory and Advice of Valks 


Comments 44
How do you complete the 40th day quest after sept 2 if tuvala removed? Or can the seasonal equip non tuvala ?
The post was deleted.
@LanLin Afaik you can complete the 40th day quest using a different character, so we should still be able to finish it.
@Yerini eeeh. does that mean after "graduating" I can still complete fughar 40 days quest? since unconverted tuvala will be deleted on sept 2, and the only way to convert tuvala is by "graduating". I'm kinda lost here. :(
The post was deleted.
@LanLin Yes , As long as you have completed at least one day of Fughar’s 40-day quests beforehand.
Quest can be finished using normal character
Is it possible to caphras the exchanged boss gear?
can i make/upgrade the exchanged tuvala gear into death god in the future?
@Borealis Yes, the exchanged gear - Boss gear (using coupon) works like normal Boss gear.
You can enchant to PEN , Caphras and upgrade to Death God. (But you can't sell in market)
How many Boss coupon and Conversion Stone will i get on my season char?
@Cinde 1 exchange Boss coupon and Conversion Stone 1 x for each equipment part that you can equip.
@Yurei so each part got (season) boss gear exchange coupon or just one only can change to boss still confuse untill now...
Phew I really thought that I can't get the pen capotia., since its only 38days on September 2., that would seriously make my stomach upset for few months
Why do other regions already have a date set for hashashin pre-creation and release? How come we don't?
If i use reform stone on my tuvala jordun it'll becime a jordun too right not box type?
@ReaserX If you use the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon on Tuvala gear that was converted with a Tuvala Conversion Stone, the weapon will be changed to a box form that you can open with the class you want the Boss weapon for.
@Yurei u said, "class you want" it mean i can choose "PEN" or "Name Of Item"
The Note said that : You will get 2 for Earrings and Rings. does that mean we cant get anything for belt and necklace?
i am a bit confused
but they also said we will get 1 for each part so we will be able to get one for belt and necklace right ?
@ShizueMiyuki Conversion Stone 1 x for each equipment part that you can equip in slot.
@ShizueMiyuki They mean you will get one set full Tuvala. All others is 1. Except ring and earring we have 2 for one set isn't it.? This is typical the exclude sentences.
So graduate early give gift box full of memories? What if I didn't graduate until 26 august? Is that mean I don't get it?
Regarding the Boss exchange coupon, if i were to exchange a tuvala sub-weapon to a boss sub weapon, i assume i can choose between kutum and nouver right not just to a specific boss ?
@Daam455 Tuvala Sub Weapon -> Kutum ( They have same stat).
@Daam455 No it’s the boss equivalent of the tuvala equipment. In the offhand’s case, it would only be kutum
@Yurei Oh yea, I didn't notice that. Thanks a bunch guys!
The last FAQ is confusing to me since my character can complete 40 days at September 1 and if not then its gonna be later than that. Knowing that the system will remove my gears at September 2, the 40th day will require my equipment to be decent to complete
it and also I'm not sure if we're able to graduate then as well.
I'm wondering if i can still use those conversion stones for next season if i didn't use them all up. Or it will be deleted.
@Insygnia if you read above it forcefully tells us that all of those will be deleted before a season starts. I hope this helps.
After early graduation, can I make another seasonal character?
@Bagosis Only after the Summer Season Ends
so i have to convert my tuvala main wep using tuvala convert stone then use convert boss gear to make bosss gear box??
@Laquella convert stone for tuvala.
coupon is for boss gear.
Kindly take note.
@Laquella I think so..
"First off, only Tuvala gear that was converted with a conversion stone can be exchanged for Boss gear using the “[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon” "
The post was deleted.
I have 2 PEN necklaces. Can I have 1 on equipped and 1 as a trophy? Feels like a waste if the 2nd one is deleted.
@SylphyZ This statement could be read above:
"Open the [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box to get at least 1 Tuvala Conversion Stone for each Tuvala item part.

- Note: You will get 2 for Earrings and Rings."
Therefore you could take out 2 rings and 2 earrings. Since they will provide 2 conversion stone for earrings and rings.
For someone who complete main quest early, we don't get Naru Gear. So I would like to check if PA can verify who completed the calpheon/mediah main quest before the patch of Naru Gear. Compensate those with minimum 1/2 set of pri tuvala/pen naru OR 1000
Time filled stone. Because my friends manage to get 2 set of Pen Naru just using the material from

Start to end Main Quest(Valencia I) without failstack....It would cost us minimum 30*8=240m to pri tuvala if we use 20fs to enhance tuvala to PRI all the way. And this is minimum. (Do not even counted the time filled stone).

Important note of unfair in season server:
1) Naru gear not available to early completion player
2) Black Spirit pass end earlier than September 2.

I hope the PA could at least fix issue 1 here.
Since the converted tuvala's Main Weapon/Awakening/Sub-Weapon to be exhanged into a box... can we keep the box until hashashin comes out, or we need to open the box before 2nd of september
what will happen to the unused time filled and other stones for enchancing tuvala gear after the season ends?
Regarding to the boss exchange coupon, can we trade it to Dorin for logbook?
So if i use [Season] Boss Gear Exc on my PEN Tuvala Horn Bow, i can basically swap it to TET Kutum Vambrace?
can i graduate when i dont finish 40day quest???
im still confuse...
1)tuvala coversion stone for each part of gear..boss gear exchange coupon just one or each part can convert..
2)if i use conversion coupon on tuvala about weapon/awaken/sub will be remain on char i use or can change to other hero weapon...
@PA>? i wonder why i not find any quest for my naderr band? i actually had lvl 58 above but i cant find any quest On my Blackspirit about Naderr Band! please help