GM Notes [GM Note] Unveiling O’dyllita
Black Desert 2020-09-02 19:20
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O’dyllita, a land of darkness that holds ancient secrets


The Ahib—banished from Kamasylvia for burning Kamasylve, the Sacred Tree of Goddess Sylvia—followed Viorencia Odore, who was once the only princess of the Vedir, into a barren and infertile land where they discovered the ruins of an ancient kingdom.


They found a massive Thornwood in the capital of the ancient kingdom of Orzeca and grafted their precious Kamasylve branches onto this tree to birth a new sacred tree, Turasil.


Having regained their mother’s glory, they now face a coming darkness with the lessons of the past. 



Olun’s Valley, the Dark Side of the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca 


The valley of the Olun tribes people who were made to live in infertile lands for being the weakest of the old Orzecan Empire. 
Not long ago, a thunderous echo arose in the valley of the Oluns, who had completely disappeared during the fall of Orzeca. 


Narcion, the Paradise of Narc the Ancient Spirit 


You may take away all the blessings left in this forest, 

but I beg you, do not abandon my beloved daughters. 

Take care of the children of the Moon who are still staying in this forest. 

Should my children leave, I beg you again, please stay by their side. 

Wet their arid hearts, not their arid land. 



Thornwood Forest, the Forest of Curse and Salvation 


Is this the curse of the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca or a salvation? 
As the sinister power of the curse ingrained in O’dyllita’s soil takes root in Turasil, 
the Fallen Ones thirsting with insatiable greed are unleashed upon this land. 



The Mystical Night of O’draxxiaCapital City of O’dyllita 


We are the Burning Ones, Ahibs. 


After waiting for so long, 

Our Mother regained her glory 

as we returned the flawless crown of Goddess to her. 

We shall get back the knowledge we lost to the barbarians, 

and call back the fugitives 

so that they may serve under our Mother's feet. 



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October 7th, 2020

Comments 26

I can go to the real O'dylita and not PHO'dylita
2020-09-02 19:29
2020-09-02 19:29
2020-09-02 19:34
Finally , from along time, ....O'dylitta
Next Region Maybe 1-2year Tundra... xD
So long.
2020-09-02 19:38
@Toms yea either the snowy region or the northern valencia. i'm still waiting for Kingdom of Haso!!!
2020-09-02 20:03
@Toms Cant wait to climb to the throat of the world xD
2020-09-02 23:56
The lore is good, if only you can polish more on the quest execution it will be more awesome!
2020-09-02 19:48
it's time
2020-09-02 20:05
i like the background music of this area
2020-09-02 20:14
finally... been waiting for so long... so excited for new stories and quests...
2020-09-02 20:32
i'm here ... still waiting for kingdom of haso like i'm waiting for half life 3 or l4d3 😌
2020-09-02 21:05
2020-09-02 21:12
Finally!! Thank you PA O(≧▽≦)O
2020-09-02 21:17
finally release date.
2020-09-02 21:22
Gimmee my dark elf onee san
2020-09-02 21:39
OMG yes finally
2020-09-02 21:41
Next haso kingdom + great ocean 2.0, then winter tundra, and winter at north valencia kingdom. Mark my words
2020-09-02 22:01
@Weissman Nope. next is tundra 2021, north valencia, and then haso kingdom
2020-09-02 23:57
Yis swipe swipe
2020-09-02 23:41
@Orombung swiping already because of 70%
2020-09-03 10:11
nice2x prepare your matchlocks boys... master is coming...
2020-09-03 10:11
Duma finally
2020-09-03 16:54
Sweet! Can't wait for a new photoshoot ground haha
2020-09-03 19:58
2020-09-04 00:19
2020-09-04 01:57
Can't wait
2020-09-08 13:59

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