Updates [Update] 03/08 Update details
Black Desert 2018-03-08 10:00

Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018, March 8 (Thursday).
During today’s maintenance, “Valkyrie,” has been added along with “Cron Stone,” “Mysterious Accessory,” “Totem of the Sea” and more… (Patch volume approx. 652.05 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.

● Commemorating Valkyrie Release, Level Up Event!
- Event Period : 18/03/08 ~ 18/03/22 (After ~ Before maintenance)
- Create the fierce Valkyrie and reach the required level to get various rewards!

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● Valkyrie Customization Event!
- Event Period : 18/03/08 ~ 18/03/22 (After ~ Before maintenance)
- Use the Beauty Album feature to show off your awesome Valkyrie and receive rewards!

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● White Day Gift Bundle Event & Limited Sales!
- Event Period : 18/03/08 ~ 18/03/22 (After ~ Before maintenance)
- Return the favor with Sweet Candy, “White Day Gift Bundle” for 1 Loyalty!

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● The skill Rage Absorption and Fury Transfer can now be locked.


● The visual effects of the skills Meteor Shower and Blizzard, when the game settings are set to low graphics, will now display more smoothly.

● Fixed the issue where a character’s hair would look like it was hovering in the air, when the hair configuration was in a “Tied-up” style in the character customization screen.


● The visual effects of the skills Meteor Shower and Blizzard, when the game settings are set to low graphics, will now display more smoothly.

● New Character ‘Valkyrie’ has joined the roster!

- Valkyrie is always at the front line with her sword and shield, dominating her enemies using “Holy Skills” of Elion.
 - Valkyrie is a melee type class that can heal and buff allies, while attacking her foes with powerful skills such as Celestial Spear and Shield Throw.

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● Maximum number of character slot has been increased from 9 to 10.

● Cron Stone has been added.
- A support item that helps prevent the enhancement level from dropping if enhancement fails.
- It can be used on Weapon/Armor of DUO or higher level and accessories.
- If an enhancement of an Accessory fails, its level will either remain the same or drop.
- The success rate does not increase even if the enhancement fails.
- Regardless of the enhancement result, the used item will be removed.

● Totem of the Sea has been added.
- Totem of the Sea can be equipped on a Rowboat or Fishing Boat Prow.
- It can be purchased at each village’s Wharf Manager or Fish Vendor.
- Catch fishes with the Totem equipped to gain Totem EXP.
- Depending on the amount of EXP, it can be grown with a Black Stone (Weapon). If successful it will be upgraded, however it an upgrade fails, the EXP or level might decrease.

● The following items have been added to the Armor Vendor :
- Mysterious Necklace, Mysterious Earring, Mysterious Ring, Mysterious Belt


※ Purchase a Mysterious Accessory and right-click to obtain a random corresponding item.

Mysterious Necklace

 Mysterious Earring

 Mysterious Ring

 Mysterious Belt

Ogre Ring

 Witch’s Earring

 Mark of Shadow

 Tree Spirit Belt

Ancient Guardian’s Seal

 Red Coral Earring

 Blue Coral Ring

 Ancient Weapon Core

Bensho’s Necklace

 Mesto Earring

 Red Coral Ring

 Belt of Shultz the Gladiator

Scarla Necklace

 Token of Friendship

 Outlaw's Ring

 Rhutum Elite Belt

Hesus Necklace

 Blue Coral Earring

 Nert Ring

 Gartner Belt

Kalis Necklace

 Ridell Earring

 Shrine Guardian Token

 Hesus Belt

Talis Necklace

 Hesus Earring

 Hesus Ring

 Kalis Belt

Yuria Necklace

 Kalis Earring

 Kalis Ring

 Talis Belt

Elisha Necklace

 Talis Earring

 Talis Ring

 Yuria Belt

Bares Necklace

 Yuria Earring

 Yuria Ring

 Elisha Belt


Elisha Earring

 Elisha Ring

 Bares Belt


Bares Earring

 Bares Ring




● Rare accessories can now be heated.

【 ITEM 】

● The description of the mount gear that can be enhanced with Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Armor) have been improved.


● The dragon flying around North Kaia Mountain has suddenly disappeared without a trace.

● The Shultz Guard Monster region has been overhauled and the following changes applied :
- The Recommended AP has been changed to 130-190.
- The HP of the monsters in the region have been reduced by around 50%, and their DP by around 14%.
- The obtainable Combat EXP received from defeating the monsters there has been reduced by around 20%.
- Less junk items will be dropped by the monsters.
- The drop rate of the miscellaneous items that could be received in the area has been reduced by around 20%.

● The period of time you can obtain items from a World Raid Boss has been extended to max 10 minutes after defeating it.

● Fixed the issue where Black Shadow hovering over the Trina Fort would occasionally fly too close to the ground.


● The System message that appears when you “Remote Collect” a mount on land has been adjusted to be more clear and direct.

● The default camera position will now be closer to your Character when riding on the back seat of a two-seater horse.


● The Magical Power Accessories repeated quest completion reward has been changed from 3 pieces to 5 pieces.

● Quest acceptance requirements have been changed for the following so that these quests cannot be completed at the same time.
- [EXC] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power
- [EXC] Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power
- [EXC] Necklace of Dim Magical Power

● Fixed the issue where monster count was intermittently recognized as less than 6 when a player was pulling aggro.

● If you register a Skill that is not Quick Slot Available in a Quick Slot, you will no longer be able to use that Skill via Quick Slot.

【 UI 】

● The 'Update' menu has been added to the ESC window.

● Gift function has been added to the Pearl Shop (Available for Lv. 50 or higher)

● “My Information” (P) has been redesigned.
- You can now see profile picture of your character.
- “House Fame” has been renamed “Family Fame.”
- Professions (Life Skills) will be displayed on top center of the window.
- You can see the detailed figure of Life Skills EXP by putting your mouse over the relevant Life Skills.
- “Skill Points” will now be displayed under “Basic Information.”
- Either “Casting Speed” or “Attack Speed” will be displayed depending on the Class of your Character. For example, only “Attack Speed” will be displayed for Striker as the class is not affected by “Casting Speed.”
- “Enhancement” of My Information (P) has been renamed as “Ability”."

● The Marketplace notifications will no longer be reset when you open a window that reloads the game display (ex: Character Selection, Server Change).

● A “Receive All” button has been added to the “My Listings” window in the Marketplace.
- If an item lot is in Midway Settlement (now called Partial Collect), money from  the portion of the item lot that has already been sold will be collected and the leftover portion will remain in the Marketplace."

● You can now choose to keep the last Marketplace notice via the Marketplace Registration Notice window.
- If you check the box to leave the last notice, the notice will not disappear even after the time for normal autoclosure has passed.
- Please note : If you have subscribed for notices on multiple items, when another item’s Marketplace Notice appears, that last notice will remain."

● Only the Guild Master of a guild will now be able to see the guild expenses (Allowance) for other guild members.
- All other guild members will only be able to see their own guild expense allowance which will be shown as “Allowance”.

● Description of Set Guild Expenses (now called Set Allowances) has been aligned properly to look more natural.
- “Guild Expenses” has been renamed to “Allowance”.

● Fixed the issue preventing the saving and loading of game settings properly after changing the Photo Filter.

● Fixed the issue where the Equipment window remained open when you open the Processing window from the Inventory and then closed the Inventory window.

● In the World Map filter, the location icon displayed when clicked on the Node War Information has been enlarged.

● During quests that require you to examine objects, on-screen guide for Q/E keys for zoom in and out will no longer appear when zooming is unavailable.

● Fixed the issue where users could not cut down certain trees in Balenos Forest that were found by Pets specialized in finding resources.

● Fixed the issue that caused the mouse cursor to not appear when opening the Nearby NPC window via a Quick Hotkey.

● Fixed the issue preventing you from closing the World Map by pressing M or ESC if you started a mini-game while the World Map was opened.

● Changing servers is now unavailable while reading a book.

● Adjusted the placement of the text that appears when there is no Ranking information for the Red Battlefield in the Ranking window.


● Fixed the gravity defying floating rock around Manes Hideout.

● Fixed the issue where Adventurers could cut down certain trees twice in the Battle Arena.

● Fixed the issue where the sunrise above the horizon was not properly radiating off the red glow.