Updates [Update] October 7, 2020 Update Details
Black Desert 2020-10-07 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on October 7, 2020

(Patch size: approx. 702.90MB) 

※ Please read below for details.




Event 1. O’dyllita, Land of Darkness and Ancient Secrets! 

Event Period   

- October 7, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – October 14, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Event 2. Celebrating O’dyllita with Special Login Rewards! 

Event Period  

- October 7, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – November 11, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Event 3. Login Rewards for New/Returning Adventurers!  

Event Period  

- October 7, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – January 6, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Event 4. O’dyllita Tour with the GMs!   

Event Period  

- October 10, 2020 (Sat) 16:30 ~ Expected to Run 2 Hours    

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● Added main quest "[Lv.60 O'dyllitaI] Flower of the Burning Moon" that begins your new adventure in O'dyllita.

- O'dyllita main quest can be accepted with a character of Lv. 60 or higher.

- Complete quest "[Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve" to start the O'dyllita main quest.


● Complete all O'dyllita main quests to get Tears of the Wind Necklace.

- Tears of the Wind Necklace effects may be increased just like accessories obtained through other main quests. We hope you enjoy O'dyllita and its adventures.



● The Caphras' Record containing the story of the Immortal Alchemist Caphras has been discovered.

- Enjoy our story through your adventures in O'dyllita.  


● Added a new Monster Zone in O'dyllita.


The owners of O'dyllita, the Arid Land, have finally unveiled themselves from secrecy. Fallen Ahibs haunt the thick fog at Thornwood Forest and the Turos have emerged at Tunkuta to obey the Earth God Tunta's will. Strange giant golems rumble in the Olun's Valley and the first of the Fallen Ahibs, tainted by profound ancient darkness, have awakened at the Crypt of Resting Thoughts.

● Added Fallen God's Armor as a new defense gear.

- Fallen God's Armor will be displayed as PEN (V) at all enhancement levels.

- Adventurers completing "Craft the Fallen God's Armor" quest will have their family name inscribed on the armor and it will remain on the gear even if it's traded on the market.

- Fallen God's Armor has been given a different naming pattern. (No longer uses PRI, DUO, TRI, TET, PEN) 

Enhancement Level 


PRI (I) 

Desperate Fallen God's Armor 


Distorted Fallen God's Armor 


Silent Fallen God's Armor 


Wailing Fallen God's Armor 

PEN (V) 

Obliterating Fallen God's Armor 

- System messages will be displayed on all successful enhancements from Desperate Fallen God's Armor to Obliterating Fallen God's Armor.

- Characters with negative karma (-) has a chance to lower the enhancement level of Fallen God's Armor upon death.   

Fallen God's Armor is the ultimate defense gear. It can be crafted by using PEN (V) defense gear but having the need to enhance it again made it feel as if it was a defense gear of a lower tier than PEN (V). We've tried to make Fallen God's Armor gear feel more powerful by adding the PEN (V) icon at all enhancement levels and added a new naming pattern to illustrate its greatness.

● Added new quests on crafting Fallen God's Armor.

- This quest can be accepted from Dorin Morgrim at Abandoned Mine with a character of Lv. 56 or higher while having the materials for crafting Fallen God's Armor.

- Quests on the crafting of the Fallen God's Armor cannot be accepted at the same time with [Crafting] Blackstar Armor quest. This quest can be accepted only once per day as daily quests.

- [Crafting] Fallen God's Armor - Blackstar Armor

- [Crafting] Fallen God's Armor - Red Nose's Armor

- [Crafting] Fallen God's Armor - Dim Tree Spirit's Armor

- [Crafting] Fallen God's Armor - Corrupted Elviayed


● Added "Embers of Despair" item which can be obtained from defeating monsters at Tunkuta, O'dyllita.

- There is a chance you will obtain this item by defeating Turo Scout, Turo Pike Warrior, or Turo Berserker.

- This item can be obtained at a high chance when defeating Ulutuka at Tunkuta.

- Heating Embers of Despair x100 will give you Flame of Despair x1.


● Added Blackstar Helmet as a new defense gear.

Icon Item Name 
Blackstar Helmet   

- Blackstar-exclusive set effects will be applied when equipping Blackstar Helmet with Blackstar Armor.


● Added quests on crafting Blackstar Helmet.

- Blackstart Helmet crafting quests can only be completed once per character.

- To start the crafting quests about Blackstar Helmet, you must acquire "Remnants of the Rift" and the knowledge of "The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah" which can be obtained at a low chance at Dark Rift. "Specter's Energy," a special material which can be obtained at a low rate from all over the world and at a higher rate from Thornwood Forest Monster Zone, will be required to craft the Blackstar Helmet.

- Remnants of the Rift drops at a low rate from Dark Rift bosses.

- The knowledge of "The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah" can be obtained by completing "The Three Blacksmiths" quest from Tulem. This is a quest that can be received after completing the renewed Mediah Main quests with a character of Lv. 56 or higher. Try talking to Tulem again if you have completed the quests but don't have the knowledge.

- During the "The Three Blacksmiths" quest, adventurers will be able to choose between battling the boss at its full strength, or fighting a weakened version of the boss.


● As the Arid Land reveals itself, stories of Tunkuta, the only green forest in the Arid Lands, can be heard across the lands.

- Gigantic Turos protect the Tunkuta lands and craft horns to preserve the power of Tunta, the god they worship.


Icon Item Name
  Turo's Belt
Item AP Accuracy
Turo's Belt 7 14
PRI: Turo's Belt 9 18
DUO: Turo's Belt 11 22
TRI: Turo's Belt 13 26
TET: Turo's Belt 15 30
PEN : Turo's Belt 17 34


● The Obsidian Ashes, the Dark Knights' base at Olun's Valley, reported that Sephir's Ahibs have rebelled against the Queen Viorencia Odore and have created a ring by condensing the power of the Cursed Turasil.

- The Sephir's ring obtained by defeating Thornwood Forest's Fallen Ahibs has been named "Ominous Ring" and they have been raising their guard ever since.

Item AP Accuracy
Ominous Ring 3 8
PRI: Ominous Ring 6 12
DUO: Ominous Ring 9 16
TRI: Ominous Ring 12 20
TET: Ominous Ring 15 24
PEN : Ominous Ring 18 28



● Added a feature for Dandelion Awakening Weapon, Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon, or Artina Sol to be upgraded into an Inverted Heart of Garmoth.

- Crystals can be equipped to upgraded a Dandelion Awakening Weapon, Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon, or Artinal Sol.


● Added new crystals to be equipped to an Awakening Weapon.

Icon Item  Effect 
Ah'krad Crystal All Accuracy +3
Extra AP against Monsters +5
Olucas Crystal   All Accuracy +3
Additional Damage to Humans +5

● New gatherables and fish have added at O'dyllita.

- O'dyllita's fish have better freshness (Price Guarantee Period) than other regions.

- Mysterious O'dyllita draughts and perfumes made from the new gatherable items have effects that stay even after your character dies. You may also craft different kinds of elixirs and food. Adventurers who've enjoy Life Skill-related content can have much more fun with these added items. Give it a try!


● The Zulatia Sea in front of O’dyllita is now open for exploration.

- Adventurers will have a maximum of 10 Current and 350 Wind in this area.

- The coast in front of Starry Midnight Port is a restricted area. Entering it can lead to the destruction of your ship.


● Added Furniture and Props only obtainable in O’dyllita.


● Added special recipes only obtainable in O’dyllita.

- Added Imperial Cuisine, Alchemy, Packing, and Crafting methods that can be made with the new O’dyllita recipes and elixirs.


● Added feature to receive Audrite's Blessing - Attack/Defense/Experience from Qindir, the High Priestess of Audraism at O’draxxia, in the capital of O’dyllita.

- At least 1 Amity is required to receive the blessing from Qindir.


MAJOR UPDATES - O'dyllita Hunting

● Added new Hunting quests.

- Adventurers who have completed the True Hunter quest can receive the New Legend quest from Verita of Port Epheria.

- Completing the quest line will allow you to receive 3 daily Hunting quests from Roussea of Narcion.


● Added new Hunting actions which can be obtained by completing the last quest "Hunter's Dream" in the O’dyllita Hunting quest line.

- Hold LMB during left or right roll to quickly kneel and shoot.

- Hold LMB during backwards roll to quickly stand and shoot.

- Press LMB while sprinting forward to shoot while sliding forward.


● New Hunting area has formed in Narcion, O’dyllita due to the migration of animals

* Monsters in this area can be defetaed with Hunting Matchlocks.

- Grass Rhino

- Verdure Buck

- Verdure Doe

- Shadow Wolf

- Shadow Lion

● Added Breath of Narcion as new item that can be obtained by defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion, O’dyllita.


● Added [Hunting] Master Matchlock.

- [Hunting] Master Matchlock requires Artisan Hunter 10.

- [Hunting] Master Matchlock has higher AP, faster reload speed, and better Durability than the [Hunting] Artisan Matchlock.

- Can craft at Lv. 4 Tool Workshop using [Hunting] Artisan Matchlock +10.

- Breath of Narcion obtained from Hunting in O’dyllita is required to craft a [Hunting] Master Matchlock.

● Added Furniture as a drop item from defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion, O’dyllita.

- Stuffed Grass Rhino Head

- Stuffed Verdure Buck

- Stuffed Verdure Doe

- Stuffed Shadow Wolf Head

- Stuffed Shadow Lion Head


● Added special furniture crafting methods that can upgrade the buff effects of Artisan and Master level stuffed furniture.

- Only the new stuffed furniture obtained at Narcion, O’dyllita can be crafted into special furniture at the moment. More special furnitures are being planned to be added later.

- Breath of Narcion obtained from Hunting in O’dyllita is required to craft special furniture.

- Once Artisan and Master level stuffed furnitures are upgraded to special furnitures, buffs gained at the residence will now last 3 hours.


New Hunting monsters have settled down in the southern fields of O’dyllita, Narcion. You can obtain the Breath of Narcion by defeating these monsters from which you can make a higher tier Matchlock. Also, completing the new Hunting questline will allow adventurers to learn new actions that makes quick use of the Matchlock. Defeating Hunting monsters in Narcion will give you stuffed furnitures that allow 1 hour buffs, but upgrading them will boost the duration of the buff to 3 hours. Upgrade feature of other stuffed furniture are being planned to be added later on.

● Added new Furniture obtained from hunting Blue Whales.
- Items from the new Blue Whale can be used to craft Blue Whale Wall Decorations at Lv. 5 Furniture Workshops in Calpheon, Valencia, or Grána.

 You didn’t think a wall decoration made with Blue Whale items would be small, did you? We recommend you put this on the wall of large houses at Grána.



● Sightings of the Rich Merchant's Ring Piece has been witnessed around the lands. The following clues has been gathered from the rumors:

● Changed that when a world boss appears, only within the specific node where the world boss appears PvP is unavailable - previously, the emergence of a world boss would prevent PvP for the entire region.

● Manmehan Nesser, scholar of Valencia, has labeled the area where Nouver, ruler of the sands, appears as "Tyrant's Hill."  

● Added the new "Class Discussion" forums to the Adventurer's Board.

● Impressed by the many adventurers who've challenged the Pit of the Undying, Patrigio has gathered even mightier combatants to test their mettle.

– Kyrill appears in the Pit of the Undying at the "PEN: Undying Crow's Insignia" level.

– Kyrill is quite agile, a master of surprise attacks, and bears a keen personality that leaves little room for making mistakes.

– Kharoxia appears in the Pit of the Undying at the "PEN: Undying Crow's Insignia" level.

– Kharoxia pours out her might into each one of her attacks, silently swatting away her opponent's puny attempts at retaliation with her destructive force.


● You can now enter the Pit of the Undying instantly from the following regions as well.

- Calpheon

- Heidel

- Valencia

- Altinova

- Grána

- Duvencrune

- O'draxxia


● You can no longer use maids/butlers (storage/marketplace) in the Pit of the Undying.

● Randy now sells potions for challengers of the Pit of the Undying.

● Musicianship grades have been expanded to C grades.

- Shai characters that have found their Talent can accumulate musicianship EXP by completing daily/advancement music quests.

- The number of measures and notes are as follows upon reaching C grade.


Number of Measures 

Number of Notes 



● Added the [Music Advancement C] Artina's Sandy Solo Piece quest that can be accepted upon reaching C grade.

- This quest can be found in the quest window -> Recommend Quests tab -> [Advancement] Master Performer.


● Improved the Guild Skill window to display the cooldown timer for Guild Skills.

- Cooldown timer for Guild Skills now appear in the Guild Skill window. Guild Skill cooldown timers no longer appear next to the Class Skill cooldown timers.


● Improved UI for guild skill learning.

- Guild skills can be learned by simply clicking on the guild skill icon instead of clicking the "+" button on the bottom right corner of the guild skill icon.


●"Drying" will now work faster in the desert.


● You can now obtain Season enhancement materials, Ouk Pill of Rift, and Rift's Fragment from defeating monsters in O'dyllita regions on the Season Servers.

- Added O'dyllita to the regions listed to obtain Tuvala Ore, Tuvala gear, Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle in their respective item descriptions.


● Completing the O'dyllita Main Questline on the Season Server will open up a Season Server-only quest.

- This quest can be completed once per Family, and only by a Season Character.

- This quest can be accepted by talking to the Black Spirit after completing each region's main questline.

Quest Name Condition  Reward 
[Season] Arethel's Gift Complete [Lv.60 O'dyllita I] Flower of the Burning Moon Tuvala Ore x30


● Fixed the issue where durability for gear would decrease quickly when using certain skills.
● Nightmare - Fixed the issue where the character would not spin sometimes after clicking RMB while using the skill.
Main Weapon
● Knee Kick - Changed the skill to now activate immediately when using Storming Beast after Ultimate: Headbutt.
● Absolute: Undertaker - Fixed the issue where using the skill to the right would display irregular movements.

● Flame Buster I–III - The skills' charged damage and normal damage are now the same in PvP.
● Flame Buster - Improved to activate instantly when used after Blasting's 1st hit and Buster Training's standing 2nd hit.
● Flow: Ancient Power - Changed the skill to maintain Forward Guard upon completing a charge, yet reduced the duration of time maintaining a finished charge.
● Flow: Ancient Power - Increased the skill's charging speed.
● Prime: Final Strike - Increased the number of hits for the skill when used after the following skills.
– Prime: Predatory Hunt - Increased the skill's Final Strike hits by 2.
– Prime: Fearsome Tyrant - Increased the skill's Final Strike hit by 1.
– Prime: Beastly Wind Slash - Increased the skill's Final Strike hit by 1.
● Undertaker now activates faster for Succession.
● Prime: Raging Thunder - Increased the All DP reduction applied by the skill's last hit from 5 to 15.
● Prime: Fierce Strike - Changed Claw Scar's applied range to match the attack range of the skill.
● Prime: Beast Form - Moved the skill's details about [Prime: Predatory Hunt] feral attacks to [Prime: Predatory Hunt]'s command input section.


● Flow: Magical Evasion - Fixed the issue where the skill's casting movement wasn't being displayed
● Increased the PvP damage of the following skills.

Skill Name 

Increase Rate 

Aqua Jail Explosion IV 


Hellfire IV 


Cataclysm III 


Bolide of Destruction III 


● Ultimate: Blitz Stab - Changed the skill's casting movement to combo more smoothly into Blitz Stab.
● Prime: Shield Throw - Fixed the issue where skill's guide clip would appear different from how the skill actually appears in the game.
● Changed the location of the following skills in the Skill window.
– Just Counter
– Flow: Sharp Counter
– Skyward Strike
● Increased the PvP damage of the following skills.
Skill Name Increase Rate
Moonrise IV 17%
Petal Drill III 17%
Frost Pillars III 17%
Petal Bloom III 17%

● Increased the damage of the following skills.
Skill Before After
Flow: Tip of an Iceberg 1105% x 5 1503% x 5
Flow: Cloud Stab 718% x 6 960% x 6
● Fixed the issue where the awakening weapon would be displayed when going from awakening combat stance to non-combat stance while moving with a cape equipped.
● Increased the PvP damage of the following skills.
Skill Name Increase Rate
Flow: Chakram Rise 20%
Flow: Indignation 20%
Flow: Wrath 20%
Wheel of Wrath III 7%
Half Moon Slash IV 7%
Main Weapon
● Flash Step, Knee Hammer, Hidden Claw - Improved the skills when used after moving backwards to combo smoothly into Twisted Collision.
● Flow: Rock Smash - Fixed the issue with the unnatural camera view when comboing into Flow: Tornado Kick after using the skill.
● Fixed typos in the command input for certain skills.

● Changed how Tornardo Kick activates in Awakening like the following.
– Skull Crusher - Tornado Kick no longer activate after using the skill.
– Gardbrace Training, Ultimate Crush, Endless Explosion - Tornado Kick combos even faster after using the skills.
– Fixed the issue where the Floating debuff would still be applied even after Tornado Kick's cooldown was reset when it was used in an Awakening state.
● Skull Crusher IV - Increased the skill's PvP damage by 7%.
● Twisted Collision, Rising Blast Combo - Changed the skills to activate Prime: Skull Crusher by pressing C after using the skills.
● Prime: Rage Hammer - Increased the skill's PvP damage by 13%.
● Succession: Flow: Bombardment, Succession: Combo: Final Blow, Succession: Ankle Hook, Succession: Martial Deva, Prime: Wolf's Hunger, Discharge Energy - increased the number of hit targets in PvP by 1 additional hit each.
● Succession: Crouching Wolf - Changed the skill to recover Martial Spirit Shards even faster during the energy charging animation.
● Increased the PvP damage of the following skills.
Skill name Increase Rate 
Spirit Blaze IV  20%
Spirit Legacy III  20%
Spirit Hunt III  20%
Flow: Spirit Blaze 20%
Twilight Dash 20%
Cluster of Despair 20%
Seed of Catastrophe IV 10%
Flow: Root of Catastrophe 10%
Shattering Darkness III Phantom Blade Damage 6%
Magic Hit Damage 13%
Flow: Bombardment Phantom Blade Damage 6%
Magic Hit Damage 13%
● Increased the PvP damage of the following skills.
Skill name Increase Rate 
Furor IV  25%
Deadly Dance III  25%
Flow: Mangler 25%
Bleeding Hearts 25%
Tailspin III  20% 
Flow: Vice 15% 
● Prime: Phantom Dance, Phantom Dance - Fixed the issue where the speed of the skills' activation was different when used laterally.
● Improved the animations when concluding a Harp performance to appear more natural.
● Cheer Up!, Outta My Way!, Get Well, Black Spirit: Get Well - Changed the skills' descriptions as follows.
– Max 10 targets hit → Effect applied to max 10 allies
● Changed Florin's Leaf description to better reflect the actual conditions of use for the skill "Outta My Way!"
● Fixed the issue where the wrong Selected Skill category were being displayed in the Skill window.
● Way of Aal - Fixed the issue where you could add the skill to the Quick Slot.
● Serpent's Coil - Fixed the skill description to better reflect the skill's actual knockdown effect.
● Crown Kick, Dune Slash, Collapse - Expanded the skills to now have Black Spirit's Rage iterations.
– Press LMB to use the Black Spirit's Rage iterations of the skills when Black Spirit's Rage is at 10%, 25%, and 50%.
– The Black Spirit's Rage iterations of the skills add special effects such as extra hits and increased attack range.
●  Enhanced Skills were added.
– You can learn the 1st enhanced skill at Lv. 56, and the 2nd at Lv. 57.
– You will need to learn the prerequisite skills to learn the enhanced skills.
– You may only select one of two enhanced skills per level.


● Fixed the issues where the World Boss Nouver would sometimes turn invisible, and the range of its breath attack would differ from the actual attack's range during combat.
● Fixed the issue where the ancient ruins alert would not be elevated from stage 1 to stage 2 under certain circumstances in the Kratuga Ancient Ruins.

Node/Conquest War

● Fixed the issue where non-participants of a Node War would be able to sometimes use the Battle Command to Gather.
● Fixed the issue where building a fort while using an item slot would make it overlap with the terrain during Node/Conquest Wars.


● Improved the Crow's Nest wharf to show the current status of mounts in other regions when checking in your ship at the wharf.
● Changed the ship's font color to turn red if a guild member of an allied guild has negative karma.
–This does not apply during Node/Conquest Wars.
● Changed the ship's font color to turn red if a passenger of the ship activates Force PvP.


● Improved the Graphics setting to better display the effects of awakening weapons when set to High and Very High.


● Added text to the "Secrua, the Daughter of the Sun" quest on how to reobtain the quest item if you've lost it.
● Fixed the ambiguous wording regarding the quest objective for [Daily] Item Gone Missing.
● Changed the basic dialog for Gillian, the Node Manager of Arakil Island, to better reflect his animations.
● Moved the location of the "[Witch Succession] Dark Shadow" quest so the Terrmian guards can no longer interfere.
● Added details regarding how to fight Yulho in the [Daily] Duel of the Undying quest completion dialog.
● Fixed the device that sent you to the Ancient Stone Chamber during the Valencia Main Questline to no longer send you back to the Ancient Stone Chamber upon examining the device after you've returned.
● Fixed the [Season] Stronger Tuvala Gear quest summary to be more clear.
● Fixed the issue where the "The Story of the Hero Borne Upon the Winds" and "The Gift of Calpheon" quests would sometimes not start via the quest widget after completing all three of the crossroads quests of the Serendia Main Questline.


● Added videos and images of O'dyllita in the backdrop for the Login, Server Selection and loading screens.
● Added blue and red font colors for succeeding and failing in gear enhancement, respectively.
● Added the Combo Guide to the lower portion of the Skill Guide widget.
–The Combo Guide will only display combos consisting of the skills you've learned so far.
–The Combo Guide only displays one combo at a time, so selecting multiple combos will be revealed in the chronological order they were selected in.




Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where the weapons of characters displayed in the Skill Demos would appear abnormally in the Skill (K) menu after turning on the View Underwear settings. 
● Fixed the issue where purchasing an item in the Pearl Shop (F3) with silver while auto-navigating would display an incorrect message.
● Fixed the issue where the skill information image was displayed abnormally in the Wagon Information window.
● Fixed the issue where the ancient ruins alert would not elevate from level 1 to level 2 in certain areas within Kratuga Ancient Ruins.
● Fixed the issue where Kagtums attacked by a Lahn would sometimes disappear and reappear from afar after using Nimbus Stride in the Blood Wolf Settlement of Drieghan.
● Fixed the issue where Sycrid would sometimes not follow its proper path in Sycraia Underwater Ruins.
● [Hashashin] Fixed the issue where the Mezari Outfit's shoulder ornaments weren't displaying properly.
● [Archer] Fixed graphical glitches when equipping the New Year Hanbok Outfit.
● [Wizard] Fixed the issue of irregular shadows forming when applying the 10th hairstyle option to one of the new face templates.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to check the first character's inventory and gear through View Inventory when logged in as Trial Character.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.