Updates [Update] October 21, 2020 Update Details
Black Desert 2020-10-21 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on October 21, 2020 (Wed). 

(Patch size: approx. 664.31 MB) 

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Event 1. Spooky Ghosts! 

Event Period 

- October 21, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – November 4, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

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Event 2. Uninvited Halloween Guest 

Event Period

- October 21, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – November 4, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

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Event 3. Sweet and Scary Halloween Dolls!

Event Period

- October 22, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 – November 4, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59

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Event 4. Imperial Trading Showdown Results! 

Event Period  

- October 21, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – October 28, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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Event 5. Great Expedition Anniversary Celebration! 

Event Period  

- October 21, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - November 4, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

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MAJOR UPDATES - Nightmarish Kzarka

● Kzarka, bereft of his soul by Illezra—who brought the Three Days of Darkness upon Mediah, has begun to consume the adventurers who stand in the way of his Ritual of Resurrection. On the days his rage reaches its peak, he erupts into his more powerful "Nightmarish Kzarka" form, and darkness will shroud the skies of Serendia.

– During the appearance of Nightmarish Kzarka, a greater darkness shrouds Serendia. The Lord of Serendia is looking for powerful adventurers that can vanquish this darkness.

– Nightmarish Kzarka is much more powerful than the regular Kzarka but he will drop more valuable loot. You can obtain up to TET (IV) Kzarka Main Weapon (+0, I, II, III, IV) and also have an increased chance of getting Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1KG), or a type of Magical Black Stone.

– [Weekly] Trophy: Kzarka quest and Season Pass quest of defeating Kzarka will not be completed when you defeat him as Nightmarish Kzarka since it is a unique monster.

Known to many by the title "KeeezAaannng!", the World Boss Kzarka will now occasionally appear in a new form. The newly created Nightmarish Kzarka comes back in force to reclaim its old fame as the first World Boss of Black Desert. The renewal of a World Boss was quite the challenge, especially since adventurers have been asking about it for quite some time now. We didn't want to radically change things by shooting up the difficulty level, so we decided to make Nightmarish Kzarka appear by chance and retained some of the experience with the Kzarka we are familiar with. (We have plans to renew other World Bosses as well, but we might approach it differently from how we've handled Kzarka. E.g.) Boss appearing only during the evening or only appearing when a group of adventurers join up.) Nightmarish Kzarka will drop better loot compared to the regular Kzarka. But beware, as Nightmarish Kzarka is much more challenging than its previous form.

▲ Nightmarish Kzarka deals AoE damage at it appears


▲ Kzarka opening up with a series of attacks with AoE damage


▲ Roaring and attacking with breath of darkness


▲ An attack in which nearby targets are pulled in and dealt a powerful blow


▲ Summoning tentacles to attack (You will receive a movement speed/attack speed debuff upon being hit)


▲ A berserk-like attack pattern that brings down chaos


MAJOR UPDATES - La Orzeca Outfit

● Viorencia Odore, the queen of O'dyllita - the Arid Land, announced that she would grant the Orzeca relic known as the La Orzeca Outfit to whomever brings her Quturan's Lungs, the Divine Tree of the fallen, ancient Orzeca Kingdom.

– The La Orzeca Outfit is equipment made long ago in Orzeca to repel the grips of Hadum. It said to have been created by breathing the Thornwood goddess's power into the incarnation of greed.

– The powers of the Thornwood goddess were extracted from the gear and put into Quturan's Lungs when Orzeca met its demise. Since then, its whereabouts have been unknown. According to the Ahibs recently, it can be found from the Monster Zones below.

Item name 

Place to Obtain 

Quturan's Left Lung 



Quturan's Black Leaf 

Thornwood Forest

Ash Forest

Crypt of Resting Thoughts

Quturan's Right Lung 



Quturan's Ashen Leaf


Olun's Valley

Crypt of Resting Thoughts

– Collect the leaves affected by the powers of the Quturan's Lungs and unite them together into a single source of power. These leaves have a higher chance to drop than the lungs.

※ Perform Simple Alchemy on Quturan's Black Leaf to obtain Quturan's Left Lung and on Quturan's Ashen Leaf to obtain Quturan's Right Lung.

– Right-click on the lungs to begin a story quest which is available once per Family. At the later stages of the quest, you can obtain the La Orzeca Helmet with Quturan's Left Lung, and the La Orzeca Armor with Quturan's Right Lung.

– You can obtain the La Orzeca Outfit through NPC's by exchanging any additional Quturan's Lungs you obtain.

– Once you have completed all the La Orzeca Helmet and La Orzeca Armor quests, you'll be given a final quest through the Black Spirit in which you can obtain the "La Orzeca" title.

La Orzeca Outfit is the very first outfit in the game that can be obtained as loot. Its design was based on an ancient theme (Black Spirit concept), and alongside moderate visual effects, it grants an exclusive title once crafted.

This outfit
is aimed at adventurers who are at a fairly advanced level and hope to distinguish themselves aesthetically. We hope this outfit can become another exciting goal for adventurers to seek out as it is unique in not only looks, but also in the adventures you must overcome to claim it as yours.

We did consider adding special effects to the La
Orzeca outfit, but we decided not to as it should be an optional goal instead of a compulsory one. Hence, the outfit will have normal effects just like other regular outfits.


MAJOR UPDATES - Perilla's Star 

● Perilla is the former love of Fughar, the Chief Manager of the Crow Merchants Guild. The once lost Perilla's Star she left behind for Fughar has reappeared for adventurers to uncover.

– Accept the quest "[Perilla's Star] Fughar's Woe" to the Black Spirit. The quest unravels Fughar's tragic love story of how Perilla left him, and how he had to work hard to escape from his poverty-stricken circumstances.

– The "[Perilla's Star] Fughar's Woe" quest can be obtained by season characters or normal characters converted from season characters.

– Complete the [Perilla's Star] Fughar's Woe questline to receive the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon which can be used to get Perilla's Star.


MAJOR UPDATES - Autumn Season Early Graduation 

● Behind every great feat is a special reward. Meet Fughar to apply for Autumn Season's Early Graduation!

- Adventurers who fulfill the Early Graduation requirements between Oct. 21 (after maintenance) to Nov. 18 (before maintenance) can go to Fughar and accept the [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad quest to begin early graduation.

Early Graduation Requirements

- Achieved at least 228 main weapon AP and 291 DP (Awakening weapon AP listed in the equipment screen is not included and requires 228 main weapon AP or higher.)

- Adventurers who have not purchased the Black Spirit Pass must complete all of the “Season Pass Challenges” and received all its rewards.

- Adventurers who have bought the Black Spirit Pass must complete all of the “Season/Black Spirit Pass Challenges” and received all its rewards.

※ AP & DP from Adventure Logs do not count towards this requirement.

※ Check out the [Autumn Season Early Graduation] GM Note for more details.

※ Please note that you will no longer be able to enjoy our Autumn Season related events, contents, and Season Server benefits once you graduate early.

※ You can no longer enhance Tuvala weapons after converting them with a Conversion Stone once you graduate.


● Added Rift's Echo as a reward for Season Server weekly quests that involves defeating monsters.
– Adventurers who have already completed Season Server weekly quests can accept the questsagain after the October 21st maintenance.





● Added Alustin's Alchemy Journal to the Adventure Logs.

- This log holds records of Alustin, the famous alchemist of Velia.
- This Adventure Log becomes available when you reach level 61, complete [O'dyllita] Keepsake of Ataraxia, accept and complete Adventure Log: Alustin's Alchemy Journal from the Black Spirit.
- Complete the objectives to obtain a large number of Caphras Stones.


● Queen Brolina of Kamasylvia has answered a villager's request from Grána and has imported dairy cows from their ally, Calpheon, to start a farm.

- The farm is located west of Grána.
- The farm is managed by the [Dreaming Shepherd] Rosaria the Papu, and you will also be able to meet Povios, the Xian Merchant from Calpheon.
- Povios is only available to players who has completed the renewed Kamasylvia main quest line.

We’ve had many requests from adventurers asking about adding dairy cows to Valencia City and O’draxxia. This is something that is being discussed, and while decisions haven't been made, it seems there's a good chance that Valencia City will end up having camels added instead of dairy cows, due to the regional environment.

● Changed the Black Desert Team's entrance and revival point of Castle Ruins in the Red Battlefield in order to make it not too close to the castle walls.



● Improved Emergency Escape so that it displays the cooldown time when logging in with a character.



● Fixed the issue with odd camera movements while turning the camera during Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage.


● Fixed the issue where switching weapons from Sura Katana during Sprint would occasionally place the weapon in an odd position.


● Fixed an issue where the character makes unnatural facial expressions when using Crouching Wolf and Succession: Crouching Wolf.

● Hashashin is now available as a Trial Character.



● Added furniture items that can be obtained by sea creatures.

- You can craft Ocean Stalker Chandelier and Nineshark Chandelier at level 3 Furniture Workshops in Calpheon, Epheria, and Florin using items obtained by defeating sea creatures.

● You can now Manufacture Crow's Trade Voucher into an Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) via the Processing (L) menu.



● Gatekeepers of Crescent Shrine, Desert Naga Temple, Titium Valley, and Cadry Ruins have successfully harnessed the great powers obtained from the Argos blood ritual.

- The gatekeepers will now use more deadly attacks as they have been strengthened by the blood ritual.

- They will also occasionally endure mortal wounds and retreat back to their territory nearby to heal themselves.

- They will disappear if they are given enough time to recuperate in their territory. Defeat them before they can recover to obtain their loot.

- You can obtain "Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard" and other valuable items by defeating these enhanced gatekeepers.

- The respawn time for these more powerful gatekeepers have increased once they have been defeated.

- You will now receive notifications when these gatekeepers appear.


● Rumor has it that Graverobber Afuaru is wandering around certain regions carrying more valuable items.

- Defeating monsters in Thornwood Forest, Tunkuta, Olun's Valley, Crypt of Resting Thoughts, and Ash Forest has a chance to spawn Graverobber Afuaru.

- Increased the value of items that Graverobber Afuaru drops at Roud Sulfur Mine, Pila Ku Jail, Hystria Ruins, Aakman Temple, Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Tshira Ruins, Sherekhan Necropolis, Tooth Fairy Forest (Forest Ronaros), and Blood Wolf Settlement.

- There is a chance to obtain a very precious item by defeating Graverobber Afuaru in certain regions.

Graverobber Afuaru was created as a refreshing element for adventurers in the midst of defeating monsters. However, we felt that it wasn't interesting enough so we've made changes, so that treasure materials drop at a very low rate in regions where treasures can be found and added him to O'dyllita.

● Changed the indicated attack zone that appeared on the ground to be more accurate to where the Dark Rift Ahib Griffon uses its whirlwind attacks.

● Fixed an issue where the Apostle of Immorality would not react to adventurers or be in the correct spawn location at Star's End.

- Partially changed how the Apostle of Malevolence appears in order to implement the fix above.



● Updated the exchange list of Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

- You can exchange the Epheria Sailboat Design with the Epheria Frigate design or vice versa through the quest "[Daily] Falasi Family's Kindness.”

● Changed the Quarry lighting to be brighter to increase efficiency of Quarry workers for the sake of Marco Faust, theLordof Keplan, who is suffering from sickness in Calpheon.



● A new record about the ancient kingdom Orzeca has been discovered in O'dyllita's Crypt of Resting Thoughts.

- Queen Viorencia Odore has announced that she would grant the Resplendent Moonlight Chest to whoever helps decipher the Orzeca's Records: Time of Dragons. Rumors say that people have seen this Resplendent Moonlight Chest illuminate a radiant light, a kind of light only seen in that of a dragon's heart.

- You can accept the quest "Orzeca's Records: Time of Dragons" from Black Eyeroot in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts with a character who has completed the quest "[O'dyllita] Vuhura Kaheliak" from the "[Lv.60 O'dyllita I] Flower of the Burning Moon" questline.

- This quest is only available once per Family.

- Complete all 14 missions after completing the quest "Orzeca's Records: Time of Dragons" to be blessed by Queen Viorencia. However, this will not be an easy challenge.

- Open the Resplendent Moonlight Chest to obtain the Inverted Heart of Garmoth.

Many treasure items are waiting to be found by adventurers in the world of Black Desert. Garmoth's Heart, which has had a lot of attention recently, is a treasure that directly affects your equipment level, making many adventurers eager to obtain it. To help relatively new adventurers dive into this race, we aimed to create a system where long-term patience and continuous effort were a requirement in attaining this item. Black Desert will continue to look into ways to encourage participation from adventurers of differing interest to be included in our future.

● Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit would be summoned automatically even when there was no extra quest you could accept while during the main questline.



● Fixed an issue where colors wouldn't be applied when a line break was added to the Enhancement Success/Failure text in the chat window.

● Adjusting the Adventurer Name Settings will now affect the settings of the name that is displayed in NPC dialogues and Party notification messages.

● Slightly increased the response speed of right-clicking for the following cases:

– When retrieving or taking out an item from the Inventory

– When selling an item at the Shop

● Added a button to immediately enter a minimum and max price in the Guild Contract.

● Added more information about Life Skill level requirements for fishing in the fish tooltip during auto-fishing.

● Checking the list of items rentable with Contribution Points by talking to an NPC will now also display the required Contribution points and available contribution points.

● Fixed an issue where the quest name would bleed out of the Quest (O) window when it was too long.

● Fixed an issue where the item message would be different from the chat window message after obtaining a treasure item.

● Fixed the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons to fit within the screen.

● Fixed the Appoint buttons to be placed together in the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons.

● The Ban function can no longer be set with a hotkey in the Guild Member Status list.

● Fixed an issue where guild contract would reappear when an Advisor renews their own contract.

● Fixed an issue where the Quartermaster and Cannoneer text were awkwardly aligned in the Guild Member Status list.



● Fixed an issue where the game client would sprodically stop when using Epheria Carrack's FocusFire skill (Q or E).



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed an issue where the messages of obtaining, successfully enhancing, or failing to enhance the Fallen God's Armor would only be displayed as "Fallen God's Armor" in the chat window regardless of enhancement level.

● Fixed the Fallen God's Armor to be listed correctly in the Web Central Market.

● [Hashashin] Fixed a graphical issue for gloves when equipping Domtur Gloves and Mezari Armor together at the same time.

● [Archer] Fixed an issue where the armor looked strange when equipping the Glorious Shudad or Shudad Black set while wearing the Karki Suit.

● [Ranger] Fixed a graphical issue with the eyes for certain face shapes when wearing the Trilby Hat.

● Fixed an issue where the Champron looked strange when equipping the Oquilla Dream Champron from the Oquilla Dream Horse Gear Set.

● [Dark Knight] Fixed a graphical issue with her hair when equipping the Arethel Outfit with the Yianaros Headpiece already equipped.

● [Mystic] Fixed a graphical issue where a part of her neck appears unnatural after setting the game to Remastered mode.

● Fixed an issue where Cooking Knowledge that you have not learned yet appears when Cooking.

● Guilds participating in Node/Conquest War can no longer appoint a guild master and/or change guild positions.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.