Events [Event] Bloodstorm Nouver
Black Desert 2020-11-04 10:00


Last week was Nightmarish Kzarka, this week is guaranteed appearances for Bloodstorm Nouver.  


You have a chance at up to TET(IV): Nouver Sub-weapon if you defeat Bloodstorm Nouver! Check out the timetable below and don’t miss out a go at Bloodstorm Nouver!  


Event. Bloodstorm Nouver 

Event Period

- November 4, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – November 11, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

- Bloodstorm Nouver will have guaranteed appearances at specific times during the event period.

Guaranteed Appearance Schedule 


Bloodstorm Nouver - 20:00 


Bloodstorm Nouver - 15:00 


Bloodstorm Nouver - 11:00 

* Bloodstorm Nouver may also appear at other Nouver appearance times.

※ Event Notices 

- The World Boss location may include combat zones. Take caution regarding your character’s safety as there may be a penalty for character death. Compensation and/or recovery assistance will not be provided for losses incurred as a result of normal game mechanics.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- There may be restrictions on trading/selling event items, and they may have usage expiration dates and different binding settings. These items cannot be transferred or restored due to this reason.

- Please refer to the in-game item description for details on whether the item is bound. Items that were sent or used as intended cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].