Updates [Update] November 11, 2020 Update Details
Black Desert 2020-11-11 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on November 11, 2020

(Patch size: approx. 650.32 MB) 

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Bountiful Thanksgiving!

Event Period

- Please refer to the event page for the exact event periods.

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Event 2. Sweet Choco Sticks

Event Period

- November 11, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - November 18 (Wed) before maintenance

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MAJOR UPDATES - Lekrashan, the Goldmont Battle Fleet  

● The Old Moon Rescue Party has reported that Lekrashan, which used to appear in the border between Ross Sea and Margoria Sea, has moved to the border between Juur Sea and Margoria Sea.

- Ninesharks and Black Rusts, attracted by Lekrashan's concentrated black energy, have formed a habitat in the border between Juur Sea and Margoria Sea.


- Defeat Nineshark and Black Rust inhabiting the border between Juur Sea and Margoria Sea. Then Lekrashan will show itself from the depths of the ocean at a certain chance.


- Lekrashan is weak to external shock since it hasn't got out of the sea for a long time and focused fire will stun it.

- Up to 3 adventurers may collect loot after defeating Lekrashan.

- You may obtain junk items that can be sold for crystals or Crow Coins by defeating monsters in Lekrashan's habitat.


● The Old Moon Rescue Party has reported that the Goldmont Pirate has expanded their influence to Vadabin Sea near Port Ratt. The pirates are attacking the merchants that pass through the port. Hence, the Port Ratt coast guard is recruiting experienced sailors to exterminate the Goldmont Pirate.

- The Goldmont Pirate will issue an alert at a certain chance when you defeat Goldmont Pirate. Once The alert is issued, The Goldmont battleships will appear. Depending on the situation, these battleships will receive support from nearby pirate ships.

- You may obtain crafting and upgrade materials for Epheria Caravel/Epheria Galleass as loot when you defeat Goldmont Pirate.

- You will obtain more sailor EXP when you defeat Goldmont Pirate than what the amount obtained from defeating the normal Goldmont Pirate.



● The Agris Fever points consumed when defeating monsters at Lekrashan's habitat or the Goldmont Pirate's areas are as follows.


Consumed Agris Fever Points



[Chasing Dark High Seas] Black Rust


[Chasing Dark High Seas] Nineshark


[Main Fleet] Goldmont Large Battleship


[Main Fleet] Goldmont Medium Battleship


[Main Fleet] Goldmont Small Battleship


[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea] Goldmont Large Battleship


[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea] Goldmont Medium Battleship


[Outlaw of the Vadabin Sea] Goldmont Small Battleship


● The Naval Fame points recovered when defeating monsters at Lekrashan's habitat are as follows.

Place of Appearance 


Naval Fame 

Sea Monster Habitat 



Black Rust 




It's been more than a year since we launched the Great Expedition.sters such as Hekaru and Pirate Ships. However, many adventurers who were expecting wild battles at sea with enormous carracks have expressed their disappointment. Hence, starting with this update, we plan to add monster zones in which you can experience the immense power of the carracks. Here, you will feel the full power of the carracks and be rewarded for your efforts.

MAJOR UPDATES - Sea Crystals

● Added "Sea Crystals" which can be equipped to Large Ships.

- Sea Crystal grades are (in ascending order): Eltro, Serni, Zulatia, and Margoria. Higher grade crystals have better stats.

- If you use a crystal, you may obtain 1 Sea Crystal of the same grade.


Sea Crystal 

Eltro Crystal 

Eltro Sea Crystal 

Serni Crystal 

Serni Sea Crystal 

Zulatia Crystal 

Zulatia Sea Crystal 

Margoria Crystal 

Margoria Sea Crystal 



- The crystals can be obtained by defeating monsters at Lekrashan's habitat and Goldmont battleships.

- Equip a Sea Crystal to your ship to increase 1 of the 8 stats.

– Movement Speed 

- Weight Limit 

- Accel. 

- Max Durability 

- Turn 

- Extra Damage against Sea monsters 

- Brake 

- Extra Damage against ships 

- You may obtain crystals of higher grade using the following crafting methods.

Simple Alchemy Crafting Method 


Origin of Eltro x10 + Oquilla Emerald Fresh Water x1 + Void Sea Crystal x1 

Serni Crystal 

Origin of Serni x10 + Oquilla Aquamarine Fresh Water x1 + Void Sea Crystal x1 

Zulatia Crystal 

Origin of Zulatia x10 + Oquilla Golden Fresh Water x1 + Void Sea Crystal x1 

Margoria Crystal 

- Perform Simple Alchemy on each Sea Crystal to obtain its Origin, The source of its power.             

- You can purchase Oquilla Emerald Fresh Water, Oquilla Aquamarine Fresh Water, Oquilla Golden Fresh Water, and Void Sea Crystal from Ravinia at Port Ratt and Crow's Nest.




● Item Drop Rate +50% effect will be applied as a token of apology for all those adventurers who experienced any inconvenience due to the issue where some of Kalqueesh's loot was not obtainable.
- Period: November 11, 2020 (after maintenance)–November 25, 2020 (before maintenance)
- Applicable Servers: All Servers excluding the Arsha server

● Added the effects where you can use 100 Energy with Black Spirit to gain Combat EXP +20% for 60 min or Skill EXP +8% for 60 min.

● The effects and durations of the Combat/Skill EXP buffs obtainable by using Energy from Black Spirit will now be displayed on the Exchange bottons.

- The actual duration and effects remain the same.



● Added Villa Scrolls usable at the Campsite. 


Silver Spent 

[Villa] Turning Gates (60 min.) 


[Villa] Skill and Experience (60 min.) 


[Villa] Body Enhancement (60 min.) 


[Villa] Turning Gates (120 min.) 


[Villa] Skill and Experience (120 min.) 


[Villa] Body Enhancement (120 min.) 


● Guards have started to protect the following ports as pirates are disrupting the order in the Great Ocean by becoming more active.

- Velia Wharf

- Port Epheria

- Ancado Inner Harbor

- Arehaza Wharf

- Port Grándiha

- Starry Midnight Port

All Classes

[November 18 Update Preview]

"Core" skills, which make existing Awakening skills one step more powerful, and "Rabam's Enlightenment: 3rd Skill Enhancement" will be coming in the November 18 update. We hope you'll look forward to these expanded and more powerful skills.

● Feral Rage - Fixed the issue where you could use the skill regardless of stamina.



● Healing Aura I–V - Changed the skill description as follows (the skill effects that are actually applied remain the same).



Recovers 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% of HP and MP of either self or one ally. 

Recovers 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% of HP of self and 1 ally 
Recovers 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% of MP of self 



● Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp I–IV, Absolute: Shadow Stomp, Prime: Shadow Stomp I–IV - Fixed the issue where the character's movement distance shortened on hit.

● Flow: Sky Stepping - Fixed the unnatural movement of the character when comboing into Ghost Step after using the skill.

● Succession: Ankle Cutter - Fixed the Preceding Skill description to display correct skill name.

● Smokescreen I–V, Prime: Smokescreen - Fixed the issue where the skill add-on effect would not be applied on hit.


● Fixed the issue where the character would remain invincible when attacked with a specific grab skill, freeze, and debuff attacks.



● Fixed the tooltip for Iridescent Moonlight Stone.



● Fixed the Naval Fame recovered when defeating the following sea monster.





Sea of Silence 

Cursed Pirate Ship 





● Fixed the awkward navigation path to the event NPC Tawner Morden.

● According to nearby villagers, a never before seen storm rages on at Karanda's nest.

- Karanda's nest grew wider due to the effects of the storm.       


● Fixed the issue where a gap could be seen in NPC Konion's neck.

● Fixed the issue where the inside of NPC Nahava's body was hollow. 



● Three new Caphras journals, "Caphras - Journal of Destruction," "Caphras - Journal of Nature," "Caphras - Journal of Glory," which hold the dark past of Caphras, have been unveiled. Transform "Caphras - Journal of Light and Shadow" obtained during Caphras' Adventure Logs into one of the three journals. Each of them has its own latent ability.
- After completing Caphras's Adventure Logs Vol.1–4 and the quest "Caphras: Book of Immortality" from Black Spirit, accept "Caphras: The Life of Light and Shadow" from Black Spirit and go to Velia to talk with Alustin.

- After completing the relevant quest from Alustin of Velia, accept the quest "Caphras' Journal, Mysterious Power" and take "Caphras - Journal of Light and Shadow" and Caphras Stone x10 to Alustin to complete the quest. Then you may choose to receive one of the three Caphras - Journals.
- You may exchange the transformed Caphras journals into another journal by doing the quest "[Repeat] Caphras' Journal, Mysterious Power" from Alustin of Velia and use the journal with the stats you wish depending on the situation.   




● The crafting method for the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca's Mass of Pure Magic has been discovered at the Crypt of Resting Thoughts. Its mass production was initiated under the command of Queen Viorencia Odore. However, this mass production requires a material called "Essence of Tunta" and the Verti, a direct subordinate organization of the queen, is looking for assistants that can supply the essence.

- If you become the Verti's assistant, you can supply Essence of Tunta once per week to them and receive Mass of Pure Magic x5 as a reward.

- If your Amity with Queen Viorencia Odore is 1 or higher, you can activate the "Life" Quest Type and talk with Celphie, the Audrite Holy Priestess of O'draxxia, to accept the [Essence of Tunta] questline.

- Be acknowledged as the Verti's assistant by completing the [Essence of Tunta] questline and talk with Celphie again to do the [Weekly] Essence of Tunta quest. This quest requires you to activate Quest Type "Other" and can only be completed once per week.

- Note that you will fail to craft Essence of Tunta through alchemy if you do not have the knowledge "Celphie's Special Alchemy." The knowledge is obtainable by completing the [Essence of Tunta] questline.

● O'draxxia has initiated the mass production of Mass of Pure Magic based on Orzeca's records and the capital is now in need of help. Queen Viorencia Odore has given the order to reward those who help the capital with the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca Coins.

- Added Ancient Orzeca Empire Coin as a reward for the quest [Lv. 60] O'dyllita City Contribution under the Recurring tab in the Quest window.

- Right-click on the Ancient Orzeca Empire Coin to navigate to the Exchange NPC.

- You can exchange Ancient Orzeca Empire Coin x40 for Mass of Pure Magic x1.

● You can now obtain the knowledge about the Archaeologist's Map by interacting it with the Caphras' Journal of Caphras Cave.

● You can now obtain knowledge about the Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass by taking it to Ain Greid and talking with him.

● Fixed the issue where the text appeared in Korean during the quest "[Adventure Log] Wager for the Magic Tome."

● Fixed the incorrect indication of skill guide during the quest [Guardian Awakening] Bahitram's Jordun: Practice.



● Applied the new Alchemy Stone UI.
● The Contribution EXP icons in the quest rewards will now all look the same.
● Fixed the issue where the text did not fit in the Work Progress Information UI.
● The icons displayed in the Character Selection window will now be aligned to the right.
● The instrument you are currently using will now appear highlighted and at the top of the list in the Composition Note.
● A repair completion message will now be displayed when repairing a mount or gear by talking to an NPC.
● Added information about Combat Type to the My Information window.
- Go to My Information (P) > Battle Stats list to see the relevant information.
- You can check whether your character's combat type is currently Melee, Ranged, or Magic.
● Added a description about the effects gained based on the number of Titles owned.
- Hover your mouse over the "?" icon added to the Title Info section in My Information window to check the effects you can gain based on the number of Titles you own.
● Fixed the issue for certain languages where the World Map UI looked abnormal.
● [Guild Skill] Healing Touch - Fixed the issue where the amount healed written in the skill description did not match the amount that was actually healed.
● The information window of large ships will now separately display the stat increases from Sailing Mastery for Speed, Acceleration, Turn, and Brake. (Updated)

Pearl Shop

● Fixed the awkward Skill Preset Coupon's display window.


● Added "Share" feature on the top right side of the News, Community, and BDO Wiki windows for Facebook and Twitter.



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where World Bosses, Nouver and Bloodstorm Nouver, would sometimes become transparent and be unable to move.

● [Sorceress] Fixed the graphical issue with Sekrah outfit's belt.

● [Ninja] Fixed the issue where the character's wrist would disappear when equipping the Grave Keeper or Gorca Swimsuit outfits.

● [Ranger] Fixed the graphical issue with the chest when getting wet with the Spring Blossom outfit.

● [Shai] Fixed the graphical issue with the arm when getting wet with the New Year Hanbok.

● [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where Kini Hair Ornament appeared slanted to the right when equipping it after face customization.

● [Hashashin] Fixed the issue where a blank space appeared between the helmet and the head when applying bald hairstyle after equipping the Mezari Helmet.

● [Berserker] Fixed the awkward front part of the hair when equipping the Lahr Arcien Helmet after certain customization.

● [Tamer] Fixed the graphical issue with the Plum Blossom Decorated Nickel Hairpin when equipping the Vediras Helmet with the hairpin already on.

● Fixed the awkward part of the skill description tooltip displayed in the Skill Add-on window.

● Fixed the issue where Bloodstorm Nouver sometimes did not react when attacking him with a Ranged combat type character.

● Fixed the issue where the ship's stats abnormally increased in a certain situation when equipping Khan's Heart: Life.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.