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If you haven’t heard, the Black Spirit’s Adventure - Arcana of Fate has arrived with the November 18th maintenance! And so, we’ve prepared this GM Note for you to learn all about it.   


First off, what is Arcana?

Basically, it refers to the “cards” you can use in the Black Spirit’s Adventure board, and each of these Arcanas have unique abilities as well. Now then, keep reading on to find out how to obtain the Arcanas and learn what they do! 


Arcanas can be found in the in-game Menu (ESC) -> Rewards -> Black Spirit’s Adventurer -> 8th Tile.

(Do you see that CARD square at the corner?)



By using the Black Spirit’s dice and landing on the 8th CARD square, you can randomly get one out of six Arcanas!  



There are 6 Arcanas that have the following special effects! 



Pace of Delight 

Upon use, the Black Spirit moves 1-6 squares forward! 


Whenever you run out of dice and are unfortunately short of the square you want to reach, Pace of Delight is there for you!  


[CM] Nox’s Tip! 

Let’s say you’re 3 squares away from the special board... then you could use a 1:1 dice after moving 1 square forward...?  


Lucky Day 

Upon use, 1-3 additional rolls to finish will be granted.  


Having the Lucky Day Arcana gives you that reassuring feeling of being able to roll more dice before you need to finish!  


However, it can only be used once to finish one board of Black Spirit’s Adventure. So, make sure to carefully consider when to use the additional chance!  

Fated Encounter 

Upon use, the number of Rolls to Finish resets and the Black Spirit returns to START.  


If you face unfortunate(?) while trying to get the completion reward, this Arcana lets you reset from the beginning! 

Nice Fluke! 

Upon use, receive times more rewards for landing on a square.  


If you think this is the perfect timing! The Nice Fluke! Arcana lets you get 2 times the rewards!   


 However, this only applies to squares that you landed to by throwing dice. 

[CMNox’s Tip! 

Think about what happens if you use the Nice Fluke? Arcana and get double dice!!?  

Clattering Rattle 

Upon use, randomly obtain dice that will be stored.  


You can get 1-3 basic dice or 1-2 special dice!  


Let’s say you run out of dice right before you finish. Then the Clattering Rattle is here to help you finish! 

Cosmos Cataclysm 

Upon use, the Black Spirit will randomly teleport to a square on the adventure board.  


Try your luck by upending the cosmos and moving somewhere random on the adventure board~!  
[CM] Nox’s Tip! 

Imagine using it at the START square and going directly to the FINISH square...  

And that’s our introduction to the Arcanas! ◕ܫ◕


Make sure to take advantage of the new Arcanas and master your fate in the Black Spirit’s Adventure!

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