Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] November 28 (Sat), November 29, 2020 (Sun) Black Friday Hot Deal Items
Black Desert 2020-11-27 00:00


Greetings, Adventurers. 


Here are the details regarding the Black Friday Hot Deal items that will be available for purchase starting from November 28, 2020 (Sat) until November 29, 2020 (Sun). 

The Black Friday Hot Deal items will be available in the Pearl Shop (F3) starting from November 28, 2020 (Satat 00:00


Promotional Items (Limited Period)

Product Name 

Price (Pearl) 

Sales Period 

[Black] Select a Maid Pack

320 > 100

Until November 29, 2020 23:59

[Black] Emperor Hawk

270 > 100

[Black] Elion's Blessing

550 > 100


※ Notices ※ 

- Please refer to the in-game shop (Pearl Shop: F3) for more details and images regarding the item(s).  
- You can have up to 5 Enhancement Chance Storage slots. 

- Black Friday Hot Deal items may be purchased up to 1 time each per Family during the sales period.  

- The Emperor Hawk’s pet Type is LIMITED. 

- Sales of these items may either end early or be extended. 


Limited Time Only - Free Gift Pack