Notices [Notice] Removal of Forts and Fences in Certain Areas
Black Desert 2020-12-14 19:41


Hello, Adventurers!

Areas that have been previously announced are scheduled to be changed into safe zones during the maintenance on December 22, 2020 (Wed) and any remaining fences in the area will removed.

Please refer to the notice below for more details.


■ Removal Notice for Fences

- Date: December 22, 2020 (Tues) Maintenance 

- Effect: Installed fences in announced areas will be removed and returned to adventurers during December 22, 2020 (Tues) Maintenance. 


Removal Area:


※ Removed fences and seeds in these areas will be placed in your Heidel storage. 
Any progress on the crops will be erased when they are reverted to their seed form, so please remove your fences by December 22, 2020 (Tues).


Thank you for your understanding. 



Greetings Adventurers, 


Due to upcoming events, fences and forts installed in certain areas will be removed during the maintenance on December 16, 2020 (Wed). 


Any forts installed in these areas after the Conquest War on December 12, 2020 (Sat) will be removed, so please refer below to avoid any inconveniences to your gameplay. 


■ Removal of Forts and Fences in Certain Areas 

Schedule: December 16, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance 

* Removal of any forts built in these “changed node areas” during the maintenance on December 16, 2020 (Wed). 

* Removal of any fences built in these “changed node areas” during the maintenance on December 16, 2020 (Wed). 

Changed Node AreasFlorin GatewayElder's BridgeEpheria RidgeMask Owl's Forest (Balenos) 

Changed Region:


※ Please be aware that any forts installed in this region after the Conquest War on December 12, 2020 (Sat) will be removed and may result in difficulties in participating in Node War.

※ In the event forts are removed, the silver spent to purchase the forts will be sent to guild storages during the maintenance on December 16, 2020 (Wed).

 * Florin Gateway: Level 3 - 50,000,000 Silver

 * Mask Owl’s Forest, Epheria Ridge: Level 2 - 30,000,000 Silver

 * Elder’s Bridge: Level 1 - 10,000,000 Silver

※ Any fences installed and crops planted in these regions will be sent to Storage in Heidel.


Please move your fences before maintenance on December 16, 2020. 

The growth time of all the crops in the fences that are in these areas will be reset. 

So, please take note of this notice to avoid any inconveniences to your gameplay.


If you have any related inquiries, please contact us via Support on the official website.


Thank you