Updates [Update] December 16, 2020 Update Details
Black Desert 2020-12-16 10:00


Hello, Adventurers, 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on December 16, 2020.   


(Patch size:  980 MB) 


※ Please read below for details. 



Event 1. Show Us Your Nova!

Event Period

- December 16, 2020 (Wed) After Maintenance – December 30, 2020 (Wed) Before Maintenance

[More details]


Event 2. 2020 Online Vacation (feat. Fluffy Snowflake Village)

Event Period

- December 16, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – December 30, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 3. Well Met, New & Returning Adventurers!

Event Period

- December 16, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – January 20, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 4.  Opening of Winter Season Server! 

Event Period

- December 16, 2020 (Wed) After Maintenance – December 22, 2020 (Wed) Before Maintenance

[More details]



MAJOR UPDATES - Pre-create Nova, the last princess of Calpheon

● Pre-creationfor the new class Nova has begun.

- You can now pre-create and customize the new class Nova.

- Increased the number of max character slots to 22.


MAJOR UPDATES - Pre-create your Winter Season Server Character!

● Pre-creationfor Winter Season has come to Black Desert.

- Select "Season Character" in the character creation window to pre-create your Winter Season character.

※ Winter Season GM Notes will be posted at the Official Website at a later date.


MAJOR UPDATES - Auto Mount Skills - Auto Sprint

● Added the ability move faster on mounts by automatically using Sprint skills during Auto-run.

※ If your mount's mastery of the skill is too low, there's a chance that your mount will fail using Auto Sprint during Auto-run.



Required Condition



- Learned Sprint

- Equipped Saddle

- Mount inventory weight below 40%

- Cannot use in desert region

(However, Diné may use Auto-sprint in desert region)


Quick Steps

- Learned Quick Steps

- Equipped Saddle

- Mount inventory weight below 40%


Quick Run

- Learned Quick Run

- Equipped Saddle

- Mount inventory weight below 170%


Run Run

- Learned Run Run

- Equipped Saddle

- Mounted as Shai

- Mount inventory weight below 40%

- Cannot use in desert region

Forest Path Wagon

Forest Rush

- Stamina over 90

- Mount inventory weight below 100%

- Cannot use in desert region

- Your Training Mastery need to be Artisan Lv. 1 or higher to use Auto Sprint while using Auto-run on a mount.

● Added increased speed when equipping a riding crop while using Auto Sprint during Auto-run.

* Riding crops will increase speed for Auto Sprint as following:

Riding Crop

Increased Sprint Speed

Loggia Riding Crop

Auto-run Sprint Speed +10%

Izaro Riding Crop

Auto-run Sprint Speed +15%

Manos Riding Crop

Auto-run Sprint Speed +20%

We had previously introduced increased auto-sail speed through BreezySail for ships but all of our land-based mounts didn't have these functions even though they've been around for longer than ships. There were more obstacles existing on land than water so auto-run wasn't always the most convenient option. However, due to many of our adventurers requesting this function time and time again, so we felt that we shouldn't delay the Auto Sprint any longer. We sincerely hope for the day to come when adventurers can freely move about without getting stuck between obstacles!





● Amystical fish only observed in ancient records have been sighted in the seas. 

- These mystical fishes are so difficult to catch, people believed that "the fish chose the fisher". Only fishers of great experience and skill may have a chance to fish up the this fish.

- The mystical fish never travels in groups but, according to rumors, they have mysterious powers to shake the heaven and the earth if they are ever to come together. Some ancient records tell the story of fallen nations due to the mystical fish but none have been confirmed.

- The chance to fish up a mystical fish is extremely low, but if you can catch a bunch of them, it is said that you will bring about a big change to the world of Black Desert.

- Only adventurers with Fishing at Guru or higher can catch the mystical fish.

- You can only catch the mystical fish with a regular fishing rod. It may not be caught using a harpoon.


● Added the Officers chat group category for Guild Masters, Guild Advisors, and Guild Officers.

- Only Guild Masters, Guild Advisors, and Guild Officers may view and edit the settings for the Officers chat group.

- Use Alt+F1 or press LMB on the speech bubble icon to use the Officers chat group.

If there was something important to talk about on guild management and it was an inconvenience to whisper all the time, then this update should come has good news for you. Through the Officers chat group, Guild Officer rank or higher can now talk privately with other officers in the guild. We hope you enjoy the update!


● Core:Breezy Blade - Fixed an issue where the effects would not be applied properly when used in combo with certain skills.



Prime: Earth's Response: Destruction - Fixed the issue where the skill's add-on effect wouldn't be applied to distant enemies. 



● You can now use "J's Hammer of Loyalty" from the [Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball] event held on December 12, 2020 (Sat).

- With the J's Hammer of Loyalty in your inventory, check the box while enhancing the gear listed below to use J's Hammer of Loyalty.

* Enhancing TRI (III) or higher level of the following gear:

* Artina Sol

* Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon

* Boss Weapons and Armor

* Blackstar Weapons and Armor

* Deperate Fallen God's Armor or higher

- Using J's Hammer of Loyalty will prevent the gear's enhancement level from decreasing even if enhancing fails. However, enhancement chances will not stack for that fail.

- Regardless of enhancement outcome, J's Hammer of Loyalty will be deleted upon use.

- Please use J's Hammer of Loyalty before June 16, 2021 maintenance as it will be removed from the game that day.


● Enabled character resurrection items and mount recovery items to be placed and used in the Family Inventory.

eg)Elion'sTear Elion's Blessing, Carrot, Acacia Leaf etc.

● Fixed the speech bubble of Weakened Eye of Desolation to look natural.

● Changed items to show applied desert buffs through marked icons in the Trade Item sells list.

● Fixed the issue on how "[Event] Grandpa Cron's Gift" was actually obtained and how it was listed in the item description.

● [Shai, Guardian, Hashashin] Classes are now able to open the "[Event] Noel Outfit Box."




● Restored the strange ancient devices in the Aakman Temple. These ancient devices will stay hidden until an intruder appears.

- While defeating monsters in Aakman Temple, there is a certain chance for the darkness condenser to appear.

- The darkness condenser will continue to accelerate until exploding after a certain amount of time, dealing AoE damage.

- Destroy the darkness condenser to give surrounding monsters DP reduction debuff.

● Restored the watch towers in the Hystria Ruins.

- While defeating monsters in Hystria Ruins, there is a certain chance for the watch towers to appear.

- Destroying the watch tower will establish an alert level by scanning the intruder.

- Depending on the intruder's threat level, alert levels can be set to either 1, 2, and final level.

- Depending on the alert level, ancient weapon monsters will appear nearby to remove the intruder.

- More stronger monsters will appear in higher stages than lower stages.


● Changed the skill duration time of Roar skills, enabled by equipping Krogdalo's Horse Gear, from 30 minutes to 1 hour.



● Blackmiths and other weapon & armor vendors will sell "Mysterious Ring", "Mysterious Earring", "Mysterious Belt", and " Mysterious Necklace" once more as "Tawner Morden Likes the Color Blue?!" event has ended.



● Gehez,head of the mercenary office in Dreighan, has begun selling the "Gehez Mercenary Office Scroll."

- You must have completed the "Deian's Schemes" quest on at least one of your Family's characters in order purchase a "Gehez Mercenary Office Scroll."

- Each "Gehez Mercenary Office Scroll" costs 1 million Silver.

- Speak to Gehez with a "Gehez Mercenary Office Scroll" in possession to exchange it with one of the following quests.






[Scroll] Sweep Foilage in the Ruins 

[Weekly] Tshira Ruins Elimination 

Lv. 56 or higher 

10,000 kills at Tshira Ruins 

300 Contribution EXP 
Ancient Spirit Dust x150 

[Scroll] Noisy Blood Wolves 

[Weekly] Blood Wolf Settlement Elimination 

Lv. 58 or higher 

10,000 kills at Blood Wolf Settlement 

[Scroll] Specter in the Sunlight 

[Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Elimination 

Lv. 60 or higher 

7,000 kills at Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) 

[Scroll] Specter in the Moonlight 

[Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Night) Elimination 

Lv. 60 or higher 

200 kills at Sherekhan Necropolis (Night) 

 - You may only accept one of these quests exchangeable with a "Gehez Mercenary Office Scroll" at a time.

example) If you've accepted [Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Elimination already, you cannot use a scroll to exchange for another [Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Elimination quest.

● [Hashashin Succession] -Changed the icon of Illezra's Bell.

● [Maehwa Succession] -Fixed the Illezra's Candlestand's item description.

● Fixed the Guardian's dialogue to be more natural when talking with certain Bahitram villagers.



● Improved the "My Gardens" window.

● Toned down the brightness of snow when set to Remastered or Ultra Mode in Game Settings → Graphics.

● Fixed the issue where the text displayed after achieving an item's maximum level of Caphras Enhancement would overlap with the enhanced item.

● Fixed the issue where even after turning off the Enhancement Success notification, if another player's character with a family name that is the same as your character's name succeeded in enhancing an item, the notification would still be displayed.

● Changed the Character List of the End Game window to display your characters in 4 lines when minimized if you have 22 characters or more.

● Fixed the issue where searching for Dyes in the ESC menu wouldn't display their icons correctly.

● Changed Naderr's Band where if you have 5 slots or more unlocked, then scrolling with your mouse or pressing the arrow buttons will switch between 4 slots at at time.

● Added a marker to display the page number when switching through your Naderr's Band slots.

● Added the ""Only Display Red Battlefield Points"" in Game Settings → Show/Hide.

- This function will hide my character's name in the Red Battlefield and only display the score.

● Adjusted the Guild member roster to display Cannoneers ranked above Quartermasters.

● Fixed the issue where the Naive Worker appeared as if they had a Promotion Chance.




Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue in the Customization (F4) window where using the Save Temporarily function could allow you to edit unchangeable files.

● Fixeda typo with Flawless Chaotic Black Stone.

● Fixed the graphical issue when equipping the [Striker] Shadow Chaser Hood.

● Fixed the graphical issue when equipping the [Striker] Vediras Hood.

● Fixed the graphical issue when equipping the [Valkyrie] Lahr Arcien Helmet.

● Fixed the graphical issues that occured under certain circumstances when the following classes equipped the Cantabile Outfit.

- [Valkyrie], [Maehwa], [Ranger], [Dark Knight]

● Returning adventurers will have their status immediately updated to Returning Adventurer even by logging into the Central Market.

● Fixed the issue where the Belle Epoque Hull would fill up with water when installed on the Rowboat.

● Fixed the graphical glitches with the Item Copy UI.

● Fixed the graphical issues with structure in certain locations of the following region(s).

- Gorgo Rock Belt

● Fixed the issue where adventures that qualified for Returning Adventurer status would not obtain the benefits when logging in only via the Central Market on mobile.

- Adventurers who weren't upgraded to Returning Adventurer status due to this issue will be awarded 30 days of Returning Adventurer status after maintenance on December 16 (Wed).

- When an adventurer that meets the conditions uses the Central Market on mobile to either purchase/sell, register, and/or collect from orders, they'll immediately gain Returning Adventurer status.

● Fixed the issue where ship repairs weren't available at the Guild Wharf under certain circumstances.

● Fixed the issue where recovering durability of Guild Galleys wasn't available under certain circumstances.

● Fixed the issue where the Galley's durability was displayed as 0% after retrieving it from the Wharf.

● Fixed the issue where registering a Wild Horse while mounted on it would prevent your character from moving.

● Fixed the issue where you couldn't install furniture at the Velia 2-3 residence.

● Fixed the issue where the [Lahn] Tort Piercing icon was different from the item.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, 

Thank you.