Updates [Update] [Hotfix] December 23, 2020 Update Details
Black Desert 2020-12-23 17:50


Hello Adventurers,


We released a hotfix update to the game on 12/23 (Wed). If you are currently accessing the game, you will need to restart to apply the change. 

Please refer below for more details regarding this update.


Fixes and Changes

● Fixed the issues where the game would occasionally end to desktop.

● Fixed issues with Winter Season Challenges where the description was different from actual quest requirement.

● Added a new Combat Assistance feature in the game to help New Adventurers to during turning and movement when using basic attacks and certain skills.

- We recommend this feature to New Adventurers who has just begun exploring Black Desert.

- This feature can be enabled/disabled at Settings in the ESC menu under "Combat Assistance"

Setting Off Setting On
Flowing Star (LMB)
Affliction (RMB)
Blooming Icy Thorns (↓ + RMB)


● Fixed issue where Jump Attacks would consume stamina twice. Also fixed issue where character would halt when there is not enough stamina during a Jump Attack.

● Fixed issue where Quouratum's Charging skill would not activate after using a frontal Icy Fog skill.


We hope that you are enjoying your adventures in Black Desert.

Thank you!