Notices [Notice] 12/31 Sequential Maintenance Notice
Black Desert 2020-12-31 17:35


Greetings Adventurers,  


We will be performing a sequential maintenance on December 31 (Thur) in order to ensure server stability. Please refer below for the exact details and avoid any inconveniences to your gameplay.  


Maintenance Details

  - Schedule and Servers:

Maintenance Schedule

Servers Undergoing Maintenance

December 31, 2020 at 20:00 (GMT+8)

- Estimated 60 minutes

Season Server 1





As soon as all Node Wars have ended

(Estimated 60 minutes)








Season Arsha Server 1

※ Maintenance times and period are subject to change. 

※ The “Altar of Blood” will be unavailable during the sequential maintenance. 

※ Any in-progress guild missions will be canceled/forfeited once the sequential maintenance begins; canceled/forfeited missions will not be restored/recovered. 


Maintenance Reason

- Fixed the issue where Nova would summon guards abnormally when using "Quoratum's Protection".

※ If you join a guild while some of the servers are undergoing maintenance, the guild may not show up properly. 


Maintenance Impact

   - Unable to Access Impacted Servers


※ Notices

   - Once the maintenance begins, you will be disconnected from the server, even if you are in-queue to join the server. 

   - Please make sure to move your character to a safe location before disconnecting from the game or moving to a different server. 

   - If you disconnect from the game while in a combat zone, your character or mount may be attacked by monsters or other Adventurers. 

   - You can normally play the game on servers that are not undergoing maintenance. 

   - If you encounter the message “You are already connected.” when trying to access the server after maintenance, please re-login and try again.  

   - Maintenance times are subject to change; any changes will be provided as an update through this notice. 

Adventurers who are currently logged into the game should refer to the maintenance schedule/impacted servers above and move to a server that is not undergoing maintenance. In addition, we recommend against immediately connecting to a server once it has completed maintenance.   


We will do our best to provide a more stable service, thank you.