Updates [Update] January 13, 2021 Update Details
Black Desert 2021-01-13 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on January 13, 2021 (Wed). 

(Patch size: approx. 482.61 MB) 

※ Please refer below for more details. 



Event 1. Red Battlefield, Twice the Skill EXP!

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) After Maintenance – January 27, 2021 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

[More details]


Event 2. Increased Item Drop Rate for 24 Hours! 

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - January 27, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details]


Event 3. SEA 3rd Anniversary Celebration! Permanent Access Event

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – January 27, 2021 (Wed) until 23:59 

[More details]


Event 4. Happy Birthday~♬ Free Cake, and a Lion Cub?!

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – January 27, 2021 (Wed) 23:59

[More details]


Event 5. Celebrate SEA 3rd Anniversary Together ♪

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - January 27, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 6. 3rd Anniversay Special Login Rewards

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – February 10, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 7. Stonetail Horse Club’s Old Moon Grand Prix Opens! 

Event Period

- January 13, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - January 27, 2021 (Wed) 

[More details]


MAJOR UPDATES – Old Moon Grand Prix

● Opened Old Moon Grand Prix hosted by the Stonetail Horse Club.

- Old Moon Grand Prix is a horse race content where 5–10 adventurers compete against each other in a racetrack.

- Anybody can join the race by using the new race horses. We hope the races are an enjoyable competition for our adventurers.

- You can participate in the Old Moon Grand Prix any time between during 9:00AM – 2:00AM UTC.

- Old Moon Grand Prix is not open during Node/Conquest Wars."


● Added new race horse "Giorga Brisa"

- You can purchase ""Horse Emblem: Giorga Brisa"" for 30,000,000 silver from Stonetail Horse Ranch NPC Stable Keeper "Gula" and Old Moon Grand Prix NPC Stable Keeper "Miles".

- Unlike stable from before, you can keep up to maximum 5 race horses in the stable as it has 5 slots.

- Race horses begin to gradually pick up speed as it sprints. It will reach its height if you can maintain sprint for a certain period of time.

- Every race horse has their own unique "Power of Wind" and a gauge that will slowly charge as you sprint and drift in the race.

- Large amounts of ""Power of Wind"" can be charged while drifting as long as you can. Short drifts will slower down the speed of the horse so use it with care.

- Once the "Power of Wind" gauge becomes full, "Sweeping Movement" can now be activated. When used, it will immediately propel the horse into a fast frontal sprint.

- Use the "Power of Wind" and "Sweeping Movement" as a strategy to win the race.

- Race horses are handled differently than normal races. See below for the controls."


W (You will begin to decelerate if you do not hold W) 


A , D (Left/Right) 

Quick Stop 


Sweeping Movement 




Speed Limit 



A or D + S 

Drift Acceleration 

W during Drift 

Continous Drift 

A or D + Hold S 

- Acceleration gauge must be charged up to a certain amount to be able use Sweeping Movement. Acceleration gauge can be seen at the Stamina UI and It will be charged when using drifts.  


▲ Starting Acceleration (Left) /  Drift (Right)


● Added "Balenos: Coastal Cave" as a Old Moon Grand Prix Race Track. 

- Balenos: Velia Coastal Cave has numerous curves and obstacles making the use of drift and obstacle evasion very important to win the race.


● Follow the steps below to participate in the Old Moon Grand Prix race: 

- ESC menu → Life → Select Old Moon Grand Prix menu or press the Race Icon on the top-right side of the screen to participate in the race.

- Register the race horse emblem in the stable, enter the racetrack and speak to Stable Keeper "Miles" to get ready for the race."

- 3 minute waiting time will be first granted when the first participant enters the waiting room. Every time another participant enters the room, another 3 minute will be added to the waiting time. No more waiting time will be added once there are more than 5 participants.

- If there are less than 5 participants, the race will be cancelled and you will be forced to exit back to the racetrack.

- If there are 5 participants or more, the waiting time will end and 1 minute will be given to allow preparations for the race.

- The Grand Prix race will begin once the preparation time is over."

- If you have gone on the wrong path during the race, you can come back to the racetrack by clicking the "Escape" button top-left side of the screen.

* “Escape" cooldown time is 5 seconds.  

- Race Winners will be ranked in the order they come into the finish line after passing all the check points.

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place in the Grand Prix will be granted the honorable Grand Pix Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophy. "

Rewards for winning the Old Moon Grand Prix are as following:

* Grand Prix Trophy is an item that represents the Rider's honor and achievements in the  participating race. Each trophy can be exchanged into a rewarding item depending on its tier. 

- Riders that have participated in the Old Moon Grand Prix can receive various rewards depending on their weekly performance in the race."  




1st Place

High Wind
Grand Prix Box

Grand Prix Gold Trophy x1 
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x24 
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1 
[Season] Frost Leaf 

2nd Place

Grand Prix Box

Grand Prix Silver Trophy x1
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x15 
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1 
[Season] Frost Leaf 

3rd Place

Grand Prix Box

Grand Prix Bronze Trophy x1 
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1 
[Season] Frost Leaf 

4th Place–10th Place

Grand Prix Box

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x5 
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1 
[Season] Frost Leaf 

Fail to Finish

Grand Prix Box

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x1 
Grand Prix Participant Certificate x1 
[Season] Frost Leaf 


- Hand in Old Moon Grand Prix Coin Stonetail Horse Ranch Gula


Coins needed for Exchange 

Swaying Wind Shard 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2 

Rumbling Earth Shard 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2 

Wind Dew 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Champron 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Barding 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Saddle 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Stirrups 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Horseshoe 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10 

Stonetail Wind's Meal  

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40 

Stonetail Tonic 

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40 


● Old Moon Grand Prix Coins are rewarded as a prize after the race depending on how you were ranked.

● Hand over "Grand Prix Participant Certificate" to Stonetail Horse Ranch Gula to exchange it for Training EXP.

- Exchanging 1 Grand Prix Participant Certificate for Training EXP will boost a Training Beginner Lv. 1 to Lv. 6 75%. 

- Training EXP obtained from exchanging Grand Prix Participant Certificates do not affect Life EXP gain effects."  

● Added food and elixirs that extend Training related effects when used. 

- Stonetail Wind's Meal shares the cooldown period with Cron Meal and the two cannot be overlapped to extend time."  


● Tuvala enhancement materials are now rewarded when participating in the Old Moon Grand Prix.

* [Season] Frost Leaf can be obtained from the rewards obtained by participating in Old Moon Grand Prix.

- Bring ""[Season] Frost Leaf to Gula to obtain the following Tuvala enhancement materials:

- Frost Leaf x10: Time-filled Black Stone Bundle x1

- Frost Leaf x15: Tuvala Ore Bundle x1

- Frost Leaf x20: Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle x1

- You'll obtain "[Season] Frost Leaf" x1 regardless of variations of the box.

※ All remaining "[Season] Frost Leaf" in your inventory will be deleted once the Winter Season is over. It will no longer be obtainable from the Old Moon Grand Prix reward boxes.


● Added Race horse exclusive horse gear "[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Horse Gear".

- Horse gears can be enhanced up to +10 enhancement level with "Gale Blackstone".

- Giorgiaro Horse Gear provide additional benefts as shown below:

※ Non-enhanced horse gear have no additional benefits.


Added Effect per Enhancement Level 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Champron 

Acceleration +0.1% 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Barding 

Speed +0.1% 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Saddle 

Turn +0.1% 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Stirrups 

Break +0.1% 

[Race Horse] Giorgiaro Horseshoe  

Speed +0.1% 



● Added new titles that can be obtained in the Old Moon Grand Prix.  

On Top of the Podium 

First Place, Here I Come 

Not About the Medal 

I Wanna Race 

Now THIS is Horse Racing! 

Be the Horse 

Back in My Hayday 

Stonetail Hall of Famer 

Why the Long Face, Horse? 

2nd Place, AGAIN 

The Greatest Second-in-Place 

Hidden Dark Horse 

My Way, or Neigh Way 

Late Bloomer 

Fly Like the Winds 

No Horsing Around! 

One Horse, Huge Win 

Gone with the Winds 

Can't Stop Me Now! 

Born for Speed 



● Added daily and weekly quests that can be completed with Old Moon Grand Prix Coins.


Accept Conditions 

Quest Objective 



[Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, The Man of the Hour

Old Moon Grand Prix Coins in inventory.

Hand over Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40 

Contribution EXP 300 
Mythical Feather x1 


[Daily] Race to the Top, The Grand Prix

Hand over Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x20 

Contribution EXP 100 

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x10 
Rainbow Gem Fruit x10 
Breezy Conch Seaweed x10 
Pure Forest Breath x10 
Deep Blue Hoof Root x10 
Stonetail Fodder x10 


● Added Weekly Quest "[Season Weekly] A Wind-parting Victory" which will reward Tuvala enhancement materials upon completion when accepted from Old Moon Grand Prix Stable Keeper Miles.  



[Season Weekly] A Wind-parting Victory

- Tuvala Ore x30
- Refined Magical Black Stone x20
- Cron Stone x20





● Chat Group Likes are scheduled to be reset on January 20, 2021 (Wed) Maintenance.

- To show our thanks to adventurers with Black Spirit Gold, Silver, and Bronze icons, we've prepared a 90 day temporary special title for you.

- Hall of Adventuers Chat Group will be opened to Adventurers across 20 channels who have acquired the Black Spirit Gold, Silver, and Brzone icons."


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Lunar Halo Inn

Protector of the Newbies

Luminary of the Newbies

Herald of the Newbies

Dancing Marlin Tavern

Oh Captain, My Captain

Reliable First Mate

Hardworking Steerer

Battle Arena

Fist of Legend

Born to Fight

Backstreet Fighter

Hystria Ruins

Relentless Slayer

Perceptive Hunter

Clever Tracker

Florin Neighborhood Meeting

Touch of Midas


Diligent Life Skiller

Garnier Troupe


Genius Composer


Hall of Adventurers


Role Model


Heidel's Street 

City Celebrity 

Famed Storyteller 

Street Herald 




● Rumors of a mysterious traveler has arrived in Velia. Accept quest "[Season] Pollak the Strange Traveler".

[Season] Pollak the Strange Traveler 

[Season] Crystal-clear Waters 

[Season] Onward to New Horizons 

[Season] Just Like that First Day 

[Season] Swamped in Fear 

[Season] Refreshed by the Smell of Flowers 

[Season] A Back Bent by Time 

[Season] End of the Strange Journey 

- Receive the rewards below upon completing the quest:"  

- Laila's Petal x30 

- Finto's Fresh Juice x10 

- Finto's Sweet Juice x10 

- Finto's Filling Juice x10 

- Advice of Valks (+10) x3 

- Advice of Valks (+20) x2 

- Mercenary's Experience (60 Min) x5 

- Mercenary's Skill (60 Min) x5 

- Kydict's Heirloom x10 

- Title [Strange Traveler]


[Main Weapon]

● Storming Star – Fixed the issue with the last hit activating a skill regardless of enemy direction despite having the Combat Assistance system turned on.

● Fixed the issue of Morning Star remaining in the hands of Nova when using Z, X, C, V command keys multiple times while mounted.

● Fixed the issue of Morning Star being shown when attacking immediately after Rage Absorption.

● Fixed the issue of Morning Star being shown while opening a treasure chest when equipped with main weapon.

● Changed character motions to automatically convert to a fall motion when Jump Attacking from a high place.

● Changed posture for when the character is in Main Weapon Combat Stance.

● Quoratum's Opening – Changed so that Sprint is activated first when holding Shift + W after the skill.

● Quoratum's Opening, Punishing Trap – Fixed the issue where the character would Jump when passing by a hilly area during Charge.

● Fixed the issue where Quoratum and Morning Star were invisible when doing the Fighting Spirit, Confident, or Flirt social action while holding the Sting.

● Fixed the issue where Quoratum and Morning Star appeared abnormal during a fall motion.


[Nova Succession]

● Prime : Icy Prison, Prime: Stamma's Mate – Fixed the issue where breath effects would remain on Axian even after moving on to a different combo after using these skills.

● Prime : Frozen Darkness – Fixed the issue where the skill's Down Attack effect was not being applied.

● Prime : Distorted Guard – Fixed the issue where Grapple Resistance Increase would accumulate.

● Fixed the issue where Succession skills would not lock properly.

● Prime: Fianchetto I – Fixed the issue with the skill becoming available to learn when only having Command: Fianchetto IV.

- Adventurers who have learned Prime: Fianchetto I – III without learning Command: Fianchetto V, will unlearn Prime: Fianchetto skill and its skill points will be returned.

- Adventurers with Skill Presets that have the issue above will have their Skill Preset reverted but will also receive Armstrong's Skill Guide (1 Day) & Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide (1 Day) to compensate for the changes."

● Succession : Quoratum's Opening – Deleted movement distance reduction on the skill while on cooldown.

● Prime : Storming Star, Frozen Darkness – Improved combo to allow Prime: Swooping Ring and Quoratum's Ascension to be used immediately after the last hit of these skills.

● Prime : Frozen Earth – Improved combo to allow faster use of Icy Fog after using the skill.

● Prime : Passed Pawn – Fixed the issue where the guards did not automatically attack the enemies near Nova upon learning the skill.

● Command : Opening – Fixed the issue where the skill was not activated even when having successfully blocked an attack while using Quoratum's Protection after Succession.

●  Prime : Star's Call, Prime: Swooping Ring, Prime: Quoratum's Ascension – Fixed the issue where the guards would not be summoned when moving on to a different combo even when Quoratum's Protection is activated after these skills.


[Nova's Awakening]

● Changed so that the summoned star from Star's Ring disappears when there are Wooden Fences or Barricades nearby.

● Changed Royal Fencing: Lunge so Combat Assistance no longer applys to this skill.

● Fixed the issue where cooldown period would not apply in certain situatinos when using En Garde through Accel: Swooping Ring.

● Fixed the issue with Royal Fencing: Fleche and Frozen Ring where it had abnormal camera effects in certain motions.

● Changed Comet I – IV's 1st, 2nd, 8th hit to only affect the frontal area.

● Fixed the issue where hitting in max distance for Comet I – IV would not apply the Knockdown effect.

● Improved Accel: Swooping Ring by allowing it to be discharged towards the camera direction after using it as combo with other skills.

● Improved attack range of the skills below

1. TwistedOrbit after using Frontal, Back "Break Orbit".

2. RoyalFencing: Fleche I – III

3. RoyalFencing: Riposte Swing Attack

4. RoyalFencing: Remise I – III Swing Attack

5. SwoopingRing I – IV

● Changed Royal Fencing: Fleche command keys.  



Hold S + F to repeat 

S + F 


● Changed Royal Fencing: Riposte command keys.  



Hold S + Q to repeat 

S + Q / Hold Q to repeat 


● Changed Royal Fencing: Fleche I – III attack motions and damage.  



1 Hit Damage 877% x2, Max 2 Hits

2 Hit Damage 877% x2, Max 3 Hits

3 Hit Damage 877% x2, Max 3 Hits

4 Hit Damage 877% x2, Max 2 Hits

1 Hit Damage 877% x3, Max 2 Hits

2 Hit Damage 877% x2, Max 3 Hits

Last Hit Damage 877% x6


● Added below effect for Royal Fencing: Fleche I – III.

- HP recovery +15 on each hit (Not applied during cooldown)

● Added below effect for Royal Fencing: Remise I – III.

- SP recovery +35 on each hit"

● Added below effect for Royal Fencing: Lunge.

- HP recovery +25 on each hit.

● Added below effect for Star's Call.

- Pulls in target on hit (PvE Only)

● Changed below effects for Accel: Star's Call.



Pulls in target on hit (PvE Only)

Pulls in target on hit

Changed Royal Fencing: Lunge to be discharged in the camera direction after using the skill.

Improved Quoratum's Guard so that it can be used while holding the Sting.

Improved Royal Fencing: Riposte so that it can be used as combo during Quoratum's Protection.

Changed Fuse Gravity's required level from 60 to 58.

Changed Combust Life's required level from 60 to 56.

Fixed the issue with Royal Fencing: Fleche I, II, III so that 1st & 2nd hit no longer applies stun as stated in the skill description.

Fixed the issue where Awakening skills would occasionally not activate despite correct command keys.



Added simple alchemy recipe in the item description for "Kydict's Heirloom".

- Kydict's Heirloom x20 + Ancient Magic Crystal - Cobelinus x1 = Kydict's Crystal - Giant x1.

● Added formula to use Simple Alchemy on "Kydict's Crystal - Adventure" or "Kydict's Crystal - Giant" to create "Kydict's Heirloom".

- Use Simple Alchemy on "Kydict's Crystal - Adventure" to obtain "Kydict's Heirloom" x10

- Use Simple Alchemy on "Kydict's Crystal - Giant" to obtain "Kydict's Heirloom" x20



Changed item drop conditions for "Life-bearing Wind" so that it is dropped when defeating hunting monsters, not through butchering.

- Life-bearing Wind applies increase in Item Drop Rate when used.

Specter's Energy has permeated into the Shultz Guards.

- Specter's Energy can be obtained by defeating any kind of Shultz Guard.

- There is a higher chance of obtaining Specter's Energy when defeating Kunga of the Shultz Guards.



● Fixed the issue with Miniature Elephants maintaining Quick Run during auto-navigation even when the saddle's durability has been reduced to 0.

● Fixed the issue where Mythical Arduanatt was able to continously spam Mighty Leap.



● Added Tuvala Sting enhancement quests for Nova Class in Season Server.  

- Complete the quest by equipping a Sting with TRI (III) or TET (IV) or higher enhancement level after completing ""[Enhancement] Even Finer Tuvala Sting I"" or ""[Enhancement] Even Finer Tuvala Sting II.  



● Improved UI for the Compose menu.

● Added a new pop-up message in Find NPC UI when there are no saved Favorites, reminding you that Favorites can be saved in the World Map menu as well as a button to open the World Map.

● Added feature to remember a location or auto-navigate to hunting rounds.

- This function can be used at the Find NPC menu (Magnifying Glass icon).

- Designate a location by pressing RMB on the World Map and press the "Save Location" button register it as a bookmark. The location name is customizable but must be under 10 characters.

- Bookmarked locations can be checked out at the Find NPC menu (Magnifying Glass icon) at the left side of the mini-map or  in the Find NPC function at the ESC menu.

- You can bookmark up to 5 locations.

- Select Hunting tab in the Nearest NPC menu to view a list of major hunting grounds, recommended AP, and an auto-navigation feature. 


Pearl shop

● Added motions to all Pearl Outfits while in stand-by mode.



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue with character's hair momentarily turning black when changing Game Quality options.  

● Fixed the issue with monsters near Bloody Monastery at Serendia being unable to move beyond a certain terrain.  

● Fixed the issue with Black Spirit flickering in the main quest widget when new adventurers progress in the tutorials.  

● Removed unnecessary logging while the client is running.

● Fixed the issue with Morco's Gear Bag so that gears with no durability cannot be contained in it.

- When using "Change" function in Morco's Gear Bag, gears that can be equipped will be moved to Morco's Gear Bag.

● Fixed the issue where effects would not appear when equipping [Nova] Santa Hat (E).  

● Fixed the issue where dyes would not be applied to Sephia Helmet with Nova while customizing appearances.  

● Fixed the issue with dye colors changing for outfits when Nova switches to Awakening Weapon while Main Weapon is out.  

● Fixed the issue with subsidiary resource bars overlapping with health bar when using separated health bar UI.  

● Fixed issue where adventurers could accept Marumin's Squawky quests again if you delete the current Season Character, create a new one, and complete Valencia Main Quest again.  

● Fixed issue where Francesca Seric would occasionally appear abnormally during Nova's Awakening quests.  

● Improved UI to display a clear yellow ping on mini-map when the Mysterious Knight appears.  

● Fixed issue with color problems when using dye on Nova's Lemoria Outfit.  

● Fixed issue with graphics in Nova's Devil Horn Headband.  

● Decreased the distance at which the message "You hear the loud noise of hammering nearby" is displayed when Lost Nux appears.  

● Fixed the graphical issue with Berserker and Guardian's Mountain Guardian Spirit Outfit.  

● Fixed the issue where the dye would be undone when Awakening after equipping [Nova] Calpheon Noble Dress.  

● Fixed so that the size of the image which is displayed when selecting Nova Succession/Awakening is normal.  

● Fixed the issue where Nova could not accept female class exclusive quests.  



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.