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03/22 Update Details

  • 2018.03.22 10:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018, March 22 (Thursday).
During today’s maintenance, the new Blader class “Musa” has been added along with “Pre-order system,” “Hunting contents,” and more… (Patch volume approx. 741.06 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.

● Musa Level-up Event!
- Event Period : 18/03/22 00:00 A.M. ~ 18/04/12 23:59 P.M.
- Level-up Musa to get rewards as well as a chance to win special rewards!

[ Click here for more details ]

● Musa Concept Screenshot Event!
- Event Period : 18/03/22 00:00 A.M. ~ 18/04/05 23:59 P.M.
- Share a screenshot of your ‘Musa’ with a variety of themes for rewards!

 [ Click here for more details ]

● Cherry Blossom Festival!
- Event Period: 18/03/22 ~ 18/04/05 (After ~ Before maintenance)
- Spring is in full bloom! Collect Cherry Blossom and seeds to get rewards!

[ Click here for more details ]

● The Movement Speed and related stats will no longer affect how fast a class will pull a cart or wheelbarrow, all classes will pull these objects at the same speed.


● The damage of the skill Bow Skill will now be correctly applied as 150% x2 while mounted.


● Fixed the graphical glitch on Tamer's hair while wearing the Lahr Arcien Hat that made the back of her head look empty.

● The new class Blader 'Musa' has been added.

● A new character slot has been added from 10 → 11 to commemorate new class 'Musa'

● The new Level 55 advancement quest has been added.

● The new hunting contents has been updated.

● The Pre-order system has been added to Marketplace.

● Team Battles will now end when more than 3 team members exit the game. In this case, both teams will not get any rewards.
- The team with the members that left will forfeit the Battle and will have a point added to their Loss Count, and the Team Battle points will be reduced by the maximum penalty amount.

● Pre-order buttons will not appear for Pearl items in the Marketplace.

● A new title, “Colorful,” has been added. The title can be obtained after having defeated enough quantity of Kuku Birds.

【 ITEM 】

● High-Quality Carrot Juice and Special Carrot Juice will now recover +50% more of its original recovery amount when used to restore HP of a Mount.


● Fixed the issue where the counter for the number of destroyed Jellyfish, while using a Practice Matchlock would not properly update during the quest ‘Annoying Jellyfish’.

● Manshaum Charm and Manshaum Totem will now be able to recover the HP of a maximum of 3 monsters.

● Fixed the issue where items from another town’s Storage appeared on the transport status list when transporting storage items.

【 UI 】

● A new button that allows you to clear cache when other adventurer's family/character name is not showing properly has been added.

● When you Give Gift on the Pearl Shop the total cost in Pearls should now appear.

● The Cancel button in the End Game window has been replaced with a Tray button. The Tray function is available for Quick Hotkey and minimizes the game display to your computer’s system tray.

● Pre-order function has been added to the Transaction Maid. Using the Pre-order function will still trigger the Cooldown for the Maid. When this function is used and a Pre-order is placed, Silver coins will be taken from the warehouse of the major city of the corresponding Territory. If you want to cancel the Pre-order, you can by conversing with the Marketplace NPC of the city of the territory you are located in.

● The Coin icon for the Buy button in the Pearl Shop has been changed to a Pearl icon.

● If you open the Pearl Shop (F3) or the Knowledge window (H) while the Crafting Notes window (F2) is open, the Crafting Notes window should no longer be visible.

● Storage window will now pop up next to the Inventory.

● Fixed the issue where rotating the Minimap did not work properly after enabling Rotate Minimap under Misc. in Settings and reloading the UI.

● The Recently Successful Cooking and Alchemy windows will no longer hide the Inventory window when using Cooking Utensil or Alchemy Tool.

● Fixed the issue where Yuria/Bares weapons did not appear in the list of droppable items for Loopy Tree Forest from the Item Drop (ESC) menu.

● Fixed the overlapping text issue with the Purchase Weight Limit button and Weight Limit text.


● A New wall object has been added at the starting point of the Red Desert side in Red Battlefield.

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