Updates [Update] February 3, 2021 Update Details
Black Desert 2021-02-03 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on February 3, 2021 (Wed). 

(Patch size: approx. 910.38 MB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Valentine’s Day Special Login Rewards!

Event Period

- February 4, 2021 (Thu) at 00:00 – March 3, 2021 (Wed) at 23:59 

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Event 2. Lorenzo’s Heart is Chock-full of Chocolate!

Event Period

- February 3, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – February 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  

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Event 3. Learning about the Land of the Morning Calm

Event Period

- February 3, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – February 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

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● Added the Old Moon Grand Prix racetrack "Mediah: Stonetail Horse Ranch".
- The Stonetail Horse Ranch is a racetrack that has more straight pathways compared to other courses. It's perfect for adventurers participating in the Grand Prix for the first time to enjoy sprinting on their mounts and to hone their racing skills.



● Added a new Exchange button for Nova created in Winter Season to allow Boss Gear exchange for other Season Boss Gear Exchange quests. Those who have already handed over Boss Gear Exchange Coupon to Tranan Underfoe can complete the quest by handing over Tuvala gear after today's maintenance.


● Changed Skill add-ons to now allow you to apply them to 6 skills regardless of Succession/Awakening.



● Flow: Jump Sequence - Fixed the issue where activating the skill when moving backwards would shorten the distance traveled if used on an incline.

● Predatory Hunt I ~ Absolute: Predatory Hunt - Fixed the issue where using the skill from an elevated position would immediately trigger a landing animation.


● Elion's Blessing - Fixed the issue where using this skill while mounted would display a different effect from when a character was dismounted on land.


● In Succession, pressing [↓ + RMB] in Alert stance will activate Prime: Red Rain first instead of Shuriken Throw.


● Ninjutsu: Heart Snatch - Fixed the issue with the Bound effects occasionally failing to apply on targeted monsters when using skills with Combat Assistance toggled on.


● Split Second, Absolute: Split Second - Fixed skill descriptions to correctly display the missing Forward Guard effects.
● Hallucination Gap - Fixed a typo in the skill description.


● Core: Piercing Light - Fixed the issue with incorrect text being in skill description.


● Dragon's Maw - Combat Assistance no longer applies when using Frost Slide.


● Mirage Assault - Fixed the issue where stamina would be reduced when using the skill.



● Fixed the issue with recipe descriptions which was different from what can be actually obtained for the following items: Oquilla Emerald Fresh Water, Oquilla Aquamarine Fresh Water, Oquilla Golden Fresh Water, Eltro Crystal, Serni Crystal, and Origin of Zulatia.


● Eerie tales have begun to fill the heart of Serendia at the streets of Heidel, at Valley Lily Inn.


● Improved UI icon descriptions for gear appearance at the lower portion of the equipment window to be more intuitive.
● Added text in pet appearance change window to display the pet's tier and a message to confirm the changing your pet's appearance.
● Fixed UI in the Find NPC window.
- Expanded the area where you can click on the All / Favorites / Hunting Grounds tabs.
- Increased the thickness of the scroll bar.
- Changed designs for Storage per Territory window.
- Fixed the issue with Hunting Grounds having inaccurate coordinates.


● Fixed notices to now only display the in-game notices of the set language in the client.
● Changed Black Desert's Security module from "XignCode" to "Easy Anti-Cheat".


● Fixed expiration dates in Web Storage so that the item expiration date and mail expiration date is synced.



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed irregular backdrops in certain parts of Olun's Valley.

● Fixed the unnatural UI arrangements that adjusts the size of the Notepad.

● Fixed the broken graphics being displayed when rotating the camera in a specific position in Calpheon.

● Fixed the unnatural color schemes in the login screen cinematics after changing the resolution.

● Fixed the issue with Music Album title being displayed as Compose/Score.

● Fixed the issue with Compose title being displayed as Music Album by changing it to Compose/Score.

● Reduced the size of the Compose window but added features change the window size.
- Added the button to change window size on the upper right-hand side of the window next to the X button.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

thank you.