GM Notes [GM Note] Pre-order Items You Want
Black Desert 2018-03-22 10:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


Have you ever tried bidding on the Marketplace but didn’t get the item? Doesn’t that make you wish you could buy the item even if it costed you extra?

You can by reserving a pre-order! We will tell you what a ‘pre-order’ is, how it works, and how to reserve.




■ What is ‘Pre-order’?


Pre-order is reserving silver for an item that isn’t currently available on the Marketplace. Usually when an item is registered on the Marketplace, the item shows up after a set amount of time, Adventurers bid on it, then it goes to the winner.


Popular items tend to be limited in stock but high in demand, making it harder to buy them. If that’s the case, try pre-ordering. Pre-orders are won by reserving with the largest amount of silver.


▲ This chart shows how pre-orders work on the Marketplace


If a pre-order has been reserved before the item is registered, one of two things can happen. The item can be sold by pre-order or put out for bidding. If the item is to be sold by pre-order, then it is sent to the winner’s mailbox. If the item is put out for bidding, then it shows up on the Marketplace.


■ How to reserve Pre-order


It is really easy to reserve a pre-order.

Select the item you want on the Marketplace then click on the ‘Pre-order’ button. There you enter in the unit price and click ‘Reserve’!

Once the item is registered and is to be sold by pre-order, the item goes to the person that reserved with the largest amount of silver.



▲ You can cancel your pre-order only through the NPC you reserved with.


▲ Winners will receive the item in their mailbox.


Features of Pre-order


1.   The item must not be registered on the Marketplace. (If there is one available, you can’t reserve the pre-order)

2.    The amount of silver reserved must be greater than the highest unit price the item can be registered for.

3.    PEN (V) items of blue or higher grades will always be sold by pre-order if there is a pre-order in place.

4.     You will receive your item even if you are not logged in at the time of purchase (the item will be in your mailbox).

5.     You can only reserve 1 pre-order at a time (you can’t reserve 2 or more).




Here’s a tip! Constantly check how much the item was recently sold for and adjust your pre-order accordingly! You should reserve with 2~3 times the maximum price if you really need it.  


Thank you.

Comments 5
As if anyone would sell their Kzarka stuff before the night vendor comes out.
2018-03-22 10:13 0
I would lol if they preordering kzarka shortsword with 1.500.000.000 in price i would do it the second or even the third time in heart beat lolol
2018-03-22 13:40 0
"Items that are blue-grade PEN (V) or higher will always be sold by pre-order if there is a pre-order in place?" PEN or Higher? Is this a mistake?
2018-03-23 08:53 0
and what happen the rest of the silver? gone? best ways for sultan lolo, if not sultan DONT TO DARE PRE ORDER!!!!
2018-03-23 19:58 0
pearl items can't pre order?? but why??
2018-03-27 01:23 0