Notices [Notice] End of Winter Season Information
Black Desert 2021-03-24 10:00


Adventurers, the Winter Season will be coming to an end during the maintenance on March 31, 2021 (Wed).


While the Winter Season will sadly be saying farewell, we’ve prepared a new Olvia server for new/returning Adventurers and other benefits (including a variety of Challenges) to help you on your journeys. You can check out the GM Note linked below for all the details.

[GM Note] Preview of the Special Benefits Coming with the New Olvia Server


We also want to let you know of what’s happening with the end of the Winter Season, so please take a look at the details below and plan your gameplay accordingly.


■ All Winter Season Characters → Converted to Normal Characters

During the maintenance on March 31, 2021 (Wed), all Winter Season characters will be converted to normal characters.


■ Removal of Season Quests and Certain Items

After the March 31 Maintenance

- Unused “Honorable Adventurer's Certificates” will be removed.

- Any in-progress “Season Quests” will be removed.

- The Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass will be removed. Any unreceived rewards will also disappear. (Make sure to receive all the rewards before the March 31 maintenance.)

- You will no longer obtain the [Season] Frost Leaf by opening the Old Moon Grand Prix reward box.

- All Season-related Challenges will be removed. So, please make sure to collect any Challenge completion rewards before the end of the Winter Season!


Removed During the March 31 Maintenance

- Time-filled Black Stone

- Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle

- Tuvala Ore

- Time-filled Black Stone Bundle

- Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle

- Tuvala Ore Bundle

- [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze

- [Season] Tuvala Conversion Stone Box and [Season] Tuvala Converstion Stones

- [Event] Season Leveling Aid Box (All Levels) and [Season] New Adventure Box

- All Unconverted Tuvala Gear and Accessories

- Rift's Fragment

- Rift's Echo Seal

- [Season] Rift Frostflower

- [Season] Frost Leaf


■ Didn’t Complete the At the Crossroad Quest?

Adventurers who did not complete the [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad will receive some of the items in their in-game mailbox (B).

- You will not receive the items if you did not create or have a Winter Season character before the March 31 (Wed) maintenance.

Items Being Sent

Gift Box Full of Memories

Fughar's Letter of Encouragement


■ Unaffected Quests and Items

Quests and Items Still Completable/Usable After the March 31 Maintenance

- Adventurers who graduated from the Winter Season can still complete the [Winter Season] An Unsettling Rumor quest from the Black Spirit (/).

- The [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon can still be used after the end of the Winter Season.


■ Unconverted Tuvala Gear

For unconverted Tuvala gear that was obtained during Winter Season, they will be converted and returned to Adventurers during the March 31 maintenance following the criteria below. (Tuvala gear for equipment slots that was already converted will not be sent to you.)

Tuvala Conversion Criteria (In Order of Priority)

① Unconverted Tuvala gear with the highest enhancement level per equipment slot (1 per equipment slot except 2 for earrings and rings for a total of 13):

E.g.) If you have a “PEN (V): Tuvala Glove” and “TRI (III): Tuvala Glove” in your inventory or storage, then only the “PEN (V): Tuvala Glove” will be converted.

If there are two or more identical types of Tuvala gear with the same enhancement level, then the second criteria will be followed.


② Branded Tuvala gear (Item Brand Spell Stone):

E.g.) If you have a branded “PEN (V): Tuvala Glove” and unbranded “PEN (V): Tuvala Glove”, then the branded “PEN (V): Tuvala Glove” will be converted.


If there are two or more identical types of branded Tuvala gear with the same enhancement level, then the third criteria will be followed.


③ Most recently crafted Tuvala gear:

E.g.) If you own an unbranded PEN (V) Tuvala Longsword (crafted on March 1) and an unbranded PEN (V) Tuvala Amulet (crafted on March 15), then the more recently crafted PEN (V) Tuvala Amulet will be converted.

* Any Tuvala gear that is excluded by the criteria above will not be recoverable.

Tuvala gear that have been converted this way will be placed in the Inventory of the Winter Season graduated characterHowever, if your Inventory is full, then the gear will be sent to your Heidel Storage. (Last Updated 3/29 11:06)

Additional Notices

If you want to use one of the deleted gear instead of the converted gear, please contact us via Support before April 27, 2021 (Tue) 23:59 (Make sure not to equip the gear).

- Please provide the names and enhancement levels of the converted name and names and enhancement levels of the gear you want recovered when submitting a ticket for faster assistance.

- Please note that we can only provide assistance once per equipment slot for converted gear.


Once again, thank you to everyone who enjoyed the Winter Season. 

We’ll do our best to bring you more contents and perks to help you on your adventures.