Updates [Update] April 14, 2021 Update Details
Black Desert 2021-04-14 10:00


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on April 14, 2021 (Wed).

(Patch size: approx. 715.82 MB)

※ Please refer below for more details.




Event 1. Martina Finto's Grand Cooking Festival!

Event Period

- April 14, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 28, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 2. Saving Snapshots of the Cooking Festival!

Event Period

- April 14, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 21, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]



MAJOR UPDATES - Blackstar Shoes

● Added the new armor, Blackstar Shoes.


Item Name

Blackstar Shoes

● Added "Max HP +100" to the Blackstar Armor 4-Set Effect.

※ Changes in Min & Max prices of Blackstar Shoes registered in the Central Market will be reflected faster than other gear for a 2-week period after April 14 (Wed) maintenance.


● Added the Blackstar Shoes crafting questline.

- You can complete the Blackstar Shoes crafting questline once per character.

- To start the Blackstar Shoes crafting questline, you will need the "Remnants of the Rift," which has a low chance to drop from Dark Rifts, and "The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah" knowledge. In addition, you will also need the "Specter's Energy," a special ingredient which also has a low chance to drop from monsters all over the world of Black Desert. "Specter's Energy" has a slightly higher chance to drop from monsters in Thornwood Forest.

- "Remnants of the Rift" has a low chance to drop from Dark Rift bosses.

- To learn "The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah" knowledge, you will require a Lv. 56 or higher character who has already completed the revamped Mediah main questline, then accept and complete the "The Three Blacksmiths" quest from Tulem. Adventurers who've previously completed the quest can interact with Tulem to gain the knowledge.

- This questline has a crossroads quest in the middle. Veteran adventurers can choose to face the powerful boss immediately, while other adventurers can opt to fight a weaker boss to complete the quest.





● Islin Bartali, the owner of the Lunar Halo Inn, seeks Adventurers who can help her cook huge portions to feed the diligent sailors of Velia.

- Added the quest "[Bonus] Cooking for Velian Sailors I."

- This quest has 3 random variations, and you can complete it by talking to Islin Bartali. You can get either High-Quality Hot Pepper x500 or High-Quality Garlic x500 by completing it.

- You can get the quest by chance once you reach a certain cooking level for the dishes specified in the chart below. You can re-accept the quest immediately after completing it.


Dish Name

Cooking Lv.

Dish Name

Cooking Lv.

Hunter's Salad

Skilled 1

Fruit Wine

Professional 9

Essence of Liquor

Skilled 1

Pickled Vegetables

Professional 9

High-Quality Carrot Juice

Skilled 1

Teff Bread

Professional 9

Special Carrot Juice

Skilled 5

Fried Bird

Professional 9

Good Feed

Skilled 9

Freekeh Snake Stew

Artisan 1

Fried Fish

Professional 1

Fig Pie

Artisan 1

Exotic Herbal Wine

Professional 1

Knight Combat Rations

Artisan 1


Professional 1

Cheese Gratin

Artisan 3

Grain Soup

Professional 1

Meat Sandwich

Artisan 3

Steamed Whale Meat

Professional 1

Honeycomb Cookie

Artisan 3

Whale Meat Salad

Professional 1

Meat Croquette

Artisan 3

Meat Stew

Professional 1

Assorted Side Dishes

Artisan 3

Grilled Bird Meat

Professional 1

Fruit Pie

Artisan 3

Organic Feed

Professional 3

Cheese Pie

Artisan 3

Boiled Bird Eggs

Professional 5

Lean Meat Salad

Artisan 3

Aloe Yogurt

Professional 5

Pistachio Fried Rice

Artisan 6

Aloe Cookie

Professional 5

Date Palm Wine

Artisan 6

Stir-Fried Vegetables

Professional 5

Sute Tea

Artisan 7

Fried Vegetables

Professional 5

Milk Tea

Artisan 7

Fruit Juice

Professional 5

Dark Pudding

Artisan 7

Fruit Pudding

Professional 5

Ham Sandwich

Artisan 7

Soft Bread

Professional 5

Balenos Meal

Master 1

Lizard Kebab

Professional 5

Steamed Prawn

Master 1

Steamed Fish

Professional 5

Pan-Fried Oyster

Master 1

Seafood Mushroom Salad

Professional 5

Butter-Roasted Lobster

Master 1

Stir-Fried Seafood

Professional 5

Serendia Meal

Master 1

Seafood Grilled with Butter

Professional 5

Calpheon Meal

Master 1

Meat Soup

Professional 5

Prawn Salad

Master 1

Five-Grain Chicken Porridge

Professional 5

Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt

Master 1

Grilled Sausage

Professional 5

Hard-Boiled Shellfish

Master 1

Pickled Fish

Professional 9

Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich

Master 1


Professional 9

Mediah Meal

Master 1


Professional 9

Grilled Scorpion

Master 1

Meat Pie

Professional 9


Master 6

Steamed Seafood

Professional 9

Stir-Fried Bracken

Master 11

Fish Fillet Salad

Professional 9

Ghormeh Sabzi

Master 11

Stir-Fried Meat

Professional 9

Roast Marmot

Master 11

Steamed Bird

Professional 9

Skewered Llama Cheese Melt

Master 11

Meat Pasta

Professional 9

Special Arehaza Meal

Master 11


Professional 9

Margoria Seafood Meal

Master 11

Seafood Pasta

Professional 9

Teff Sandwich

Master 11

Smoked Fish Steak

Professional 9

Coconut Cocktail

Master 11

Fish Soup

Professional 9

Coconut Pasta

Master 11

Tea With Fine Scent

Professional 9

Coconut Fried Fish

Master 11

Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Professional 9

Khalk's Fermented Wine

Master 11


Professional 9

King of Jungle Hamburg

Master 11

Desert Dumpling

Professional 9

Kamasylvia Meal

Master 16

Fish Fillet Chips

Professional 9

Valencia Meal

Master 16

Honey Wine

Professional 9

Special Drieghanese Meal

Master 21

Savory Steak

Professional 1 or Cooking Mastery 350


- However, you cannot accept the following bonus cooking quests if you already have a bonus cooking quest.

* [Bonus] Cooking for Heidelian Soldiers l (Reward: High-Quality Pepper x500 or High-Quality Onion x500)

* [Bonus] Cooking for the Calpheon Slums l (Reward: Milk x1000 or Egg x1000)


● Added bonus quests to appear when you cook the following O'dyllita dishes (listed in the table below) at a certain cooking level.

- The bonus quests that may be available to you are as follows:

- [Bonus] Cooking for Heidelian Soldiers l

- [Bonus] Cooking for the Calpheon Slums l

- [Bonus] Cooking for Velian Sailors l

Dish Name

Cooking Lv.

Dish Name

Cooking Lv.

Delotia Tart

Artisan 5

Delotia Pudding

Master 5

Delotia Juice

Artisan 5

Delotia Milk Tea

Artisan 5

Stir-Fried Bird

Artisan 5

Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat

Master 5

Chicken Breast Salad

Artisan 5

Frank Sandwich

Master 5

O'dyllita Meal

Master 11



We added some bonus cooking quests that become available randomly while you are cooking. You can get High-Quality Garlic or High-Quality Pepper (ingredients that are hard to obtain but are required to cook certain dishes) as rewards from these quests. We hope that these quests, along with the bonus quests that reward you with Milk, Eggs, High-Quality Onions, and High-Quality Garlic, may be of help to many of our cooks in obtaining the ingredients they need.


● Some seasoned miners are talking about rumors of a special vein of ore you can discover while mining. You can get Rough Lustrous Gems by mining a special vein called "Starlight Vein." It was named as such for its beautiful sparkle.

- Starlight Veins can be discovered at a low chance while mining across all regions.

- The message "Your sharp miner's eyes have discovered a Starlight Vein!" will appear when you find it, and the vein will glow yellow around you.

- You can discover 3 - 5 Starlight Veins at a time, but the veins will disappear if you don't start mining them quickly.

- You can find additional Starlight Veins depending on your Gathering Mastery.

- You can hand over the Rough Lustrous Gem you obtained to a jeweler in each village for appraisal.

- However, you must have 200 amity with the jeweler NPCs to get an appraisal.








Dora Fonti






Greco Gorda




Thyshelle Arms

Valencia City


Sand Grain Bazaar






- You can find the NPCs above by searching for "crystal" or "jewel" in the Find NPC function left of the minimap.


● Added the chance to obtain the following items if you exchange Rough Lustrous Gem with the NPCs listed above.

Items Obtainable by Exchange

Manos Processing Stone - Lake

Manos Processing Stone - Vitality

Manos Processing Stone - Energy

Manos Processing Stone - Sun

Manos Processing Stone - Wind

Manos Processing Stone - Lava

Black Magic Crystal - Harphia

Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

Black Magic Crystal - Viper

Black Magic Crystal - Hystria

Black Magic Crystal - Carmae

Black Magic Crystal - Addis

Scorched Fragment x1–2

Rough Topaz x2–4

Rough Sapphire x2–4

Rough Emerald x2–4

Rough Ruby x2–4

Rough Diamond x2–4

Rough Stone x7–13

Black Stone Powder x7–13

There is now a chance that you will find glowing veins of ore while mining. You can obtain Rough Lustrous Gems from these veins called Starlight Vein. You may even be able to get special crystals that you can't get from normal mining if you take the Rough Lustrous Gem for an appraisal. We hope our mining Adventurers will enjoy these small strokes of luck, and that they will brighten up their day.


● Added a feature that allows you to check the route that requires the least amount of Contribution Points to connect two nodes.

- Use this feature by pressing the Connect Node Directly button in the bottom right corner of the World Map window.

- Search for the two nodes you want to connect, and you will be able to see the required Contribution points, energy, and other details.

- You can invest Contribution Points immediately in the nodes on your searched route if your Value Pack (Distant Node Investment) is in effect.


● The number of Total Likes for all Chat Groups will be reset on April 21 (Wed) maintenance.

- Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons will receive a temporary title for 90 days for their diligent participation.

- Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons in any of the 20 Hall of Adventurers Chat Groups will receive temporary titles as well.

- All Chat Group titles issued on Jan 20 (Wed) will be removed during the April 21 (Wed) maintenance.


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Lunar Halo Inn

Protector of Newbies

Luminary of Newbies

Herald of Newbies

Dancing Marlin Tavern

Oh Captain, My Captain

Reliable First Mate

Hardworking Steerer

Battle Arena

Fist of Legend

Born to Fight

Backstreet Fighter

Hystria Ruins

Relentless Slayer

Perceptive Hunter

Clever Tracker

Florin Neighborhood Meeting

Touch of Midas


Diligent Life Skiller

 Garnier Troupe


 Genius Composer


Heidel's Street

City Celebrity

Famed Storyteller

Street Herald

 Hall of Adventurers


Role Model



● Detonative Flow - Fixed the issue where you couldn't combo straight to Flow: Magical Evasion and Teleport after using the skill.


● Fixed the issue where playing an instrument while under the effects of a debuff would cancel the debuff.


● Added Skill Enhancement - Rabam's Enlightenment

- Sage can obtain his first Enhanced Skill at Lv. 56 or higher, and the second at Lv. 57 or higher.

- Sage must learn the preceding skills to learn the Enhanced Skills.

- Sage can only learn one of the two Enhanced Skills available per level.


The enhanced skills for level 56 and 57 were released. The concept behind these skills was for Adventurers to pick between PvE or PvP focused skills. First, the level 56 enhanced skills. The PvE skill is Ator's Palm. It has a slow casting time but hits a large area with big damage. Then we have the PvP skill Ator's Illusion, which can stun opponents instantly. Next, the level 57 enhanced skills. Energized Thorn is a ranged skill ideal for PvE that hits a large area and melts enemies. On the other hand, we have Piercing Thorn. Like its name, it pierces through the enemies in its path and knocks them down. As for making improvements for Sage, we have changed some of the commands so you will be able to use the skills you intended to use instead of the Flow skills. You will also be pleased to hear that we are currently working hard on Sage's Awakening and will be revealing more soon.


● Rift Chain - Fixed the following phenomenon: Use a skill > Rift Chain during the skill > Hit by debuff during attack animation after Rift Chain > Use Rift Chain at the end of debuff > First skill activates

● Form Shift - Improved to activate first when pressing W + RMB while Sprinting.

● Ator's Energy - Improved to activate Realm of Anguish with S + RMB after using the skill.

● Flow: Finishing Touch, Flow: Illusion Detonation - Fixed the issue where hits would not apply when rapidly rotating the camera while using the skills.

● Ator's Thorn - Fixed the issue where using the skill while mounted would apply a Critical Hit Rate buff.

● Spatial Collapse - Improved to activate Ator's Energy and Spatial Fissure first when pressing S + LMB and Shift + LMB after using the skill, respectively.

● Illusion Expansion - Improved to activate Ator's Fist and Spatial Collapse first when pressing W + F and S + F through Rift Chain, respectively, after using the skill.

● Ator's Energy - Fixed the issue where Atomagia would intermittently not activate through Rift Chain after using the skill.

● Ator's Thorn - Fixed the issue where Ator's Thorn would disappear after attempting certain motions when using the skill while mounted.

● Realm of Anguish, Black Spirit: Ator's Mark - Using these skills during the Old Moon Grand Prix will no longer bring out damage-dealing summons.

● Realm of Anguish, Form Shift, Void Gateways - Changed the skills so that they would be activated faster after Ator's Energy



● Added to the message that appears when you open a PRI (I) – TET (IV) Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box, Dandelion Weapon Box, Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box, and Kutum's Sealed Sub-weapon Box, to display the enhancement level (PRI (I) – TET (IV)) of the gear obtained.

● Added information regarding the success rates of learning individual skills to show when using Theiah's Orb to change your fairy's skills.

We added a feature that will allow you to view the probability of learning each skill when you use Theiah's Orb to change your fairy's skills. The probabilities shown were rounded up to the thousandths, and so may not add up to an even 100%.

We are currently working to add the same feature to Mount Skill Change Coupons, Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupons, and Worker Promotion Completion as soon as possible.

● Changed World Bosses to no longer drop "Response to Precious Courage" as loot.

● Added the following line to the item descriptions of [Mystic] Rakshande Armor and [Mystic] Rakshande Oufit Set: - Equipping the cestus will make parts of the Rakshande Armor invisible.


● Fixed the issue where Al Rhundi summoned with the "Al Rhundi's Secret Orders" at Castle Ruins in Elva Realm disappeared.



● Changed the text of the button that opens the gear UI in the enhancement UI to "Show Equipped Gear".

● Added an alert for when you can obtain Black Spirit's Adventure dice.

● Added a Check Duplicates feature for Character/Family/Guild names.

● Added more menus that can be added to the ring menu.


Crafting Notes


Control Guide



Black Spirit's Rage

Active Effects


Black Spirit's Safe

Attendance Reward

Central Market

Adventure Log Bookshelf

Item Drop

Boss Notification

Trade Info

Alchemy Stone


Red Battlefield

Battle Arena

Arena of Arsha

Pit of the Undying

Find Party

Chat Group


Edit UI



● Added a feature that allows you to view item tooltips in the ring menu settings window.

● Fixed the message about Contribution Point ranges displayed when you choose the NEW Olvia server so that it shows more clearly.



● Changed default velocity to 100 when composing.



● Changed the following translation in English and Indonesian:

- "[Wizard] Metal Nose Ornament" was changed to "[Wizard] Metal Nose Accessory."

● Changed the following translations in Indonesian:

- "Foto yang Memiliki Jiwa" was changed to "Soul-Bearing Portrait."

- "Mencegah Petualang lain naik kapal Anda" was changed to "Mencegah Naik ke Kapal Petualang Lain."



Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where Storage Maid would be summoned multiple times when using Storage Maid repeatedly for a short amount of time with a Quick Hotkey.

● Fixed the issue where you couldn't close Guild Storage and History for Guild Storage windows by pressing ESC.

● Changed the main quest boss Hexe Marie to no longer take damage during her animation for encountering an enemy.

● Fixed the issue where adventurers participating in guild war could not fight back against an enemy under Guild Protection that boarded a ship and used forced PvP to attack them.

● Fixed the Knowledge (Ecology) target function so that it will be saved after reloading Settings Archives and changing characters.

● Changed tracking feature so that when tracking monsters on a category level, only the selected monsters will now be highlighted on the minimap.

● Fixed the issue where effects would not be displayed when equipping Tet (IV) and PEN (V) [Nova] Blackstar Sting

● Fixed the issue where the conquering Guild Master's Family Name would overlap in Territory Information when it went above a certain length.

● Fixed the issue where the following outfits would look awkward when equipped in certain situations:

- [Nova] Spring Blossom Outfit, [Lahn] Cartian Outfit, [Mystic] Rakshande Armor, [Ranger] Pieris Helmet

● Fixed the issue where the products in the Pearl Shop search results couldn't be added to the Set Creator.

● Fixed the issue where Trade life skill EXP did not get properly transferred when using the Trading EXP Transfer Coupon.

● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character's life skill grade (Beginner, Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, Artisan, Master, Guru) when using Processing (L) > Chopping with Elder Tree Plank to make Elder Tree Plywood.

● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character's life skill grade when using Processing (L) > Chopping with Palm Plank to make Palm Plywood.

● Fixed the issue where the number of products did not increase according to the character's life skill grade when using Processing (L) > Heating with Elder Tree/Palm Plywood to make Sturdy Elder Tree/Palm Plywood.

● Fixed the issue where Adventurers who had completed the "[Event] Popular Love Boat" quest during the previous event period wouldn't be able to interact with the "flowers" given to Anya.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.