Notices [Notice] Upcoming Changes to Certain Pearl Items
Black Desert 2021-05-11 10:17


Greetings Adventurers!


We want to give you advance notice about the upcoming changes to certain Pearl Items during the maintenance on Tuesday, May 18th.


Please refer below for the exact details.


Upcoming Changes and Fixes

● The “Repair Horse Gear” function will be added to the Campsite.

- You will now be able to use the “Repair Horse Gear” function with the “Naphart Campsite.”

● The name of the LIMITED pet type will be changed to RARE.

- As a result, any LIMITED type pets that you currently own will have their type name be changed to RARE.

Pets are currently divided into separate types (CLASSIC, EVENT, LIMITED, or SPECIAL) in order to distinguish which pets can be exchanged with each other. However, while reviewing the in-game word usage, we determined that the word RARE was a bit closer to the meaning we wanted to express. Thus, we made the decision to change the naming of LIMITED to RARE.


Happy adventuring!