Updates [Update] May 18, 2021 Update Details
Black Desert 2021-05-18 10:00


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on May 18, 2021.

(Patch size: approx. 430.33 MB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. David Finto’s Daily Coupons

Event Period

- May 18, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – June 1, 2021 (Tue) 23:59

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● Made improvements to mitigate the issue where your character would sometimes move abnormally when participating in the Old Moon Grand Prix.




● Increased the maximum number of slots available in your Family Inventory to 48.

● Added Sage as a Trial Character.



● Black Spirit: Violation - Fixed the issue where you could use the skill even after it was locked.

( Last updated: 5/18 13:58 )



● Lightning Blast - Reduced some of the shaky camera effects.

( Last updated: 5/18 13:58 )



● Heaven's Echo - Fixed the issue where you could not add and use it via Quick Slot.

● Heaven's Echo - Changed the cooldown from 25 to 40 seconds.

( Last updated: 5/18 13:58 )



● Core: Spirit Hunt - Fixed the issue where your character moved abnormally when using W + RMB while the skill was on cooldown after switching to your Main Weapon.

● Prime: Kamasylvia Slash I~III - Changed the skill as follows:

- Fixed the issue where the skill wouldn't activate in certain directions after comboing from Dusk

- Changed the skill to now activate even while charging after comboing from Dusk

( Last updated: 5/18 13:58 )






● Prime: Rift Chain - Changed to now apply Super Armor when the skill is used on cooldown.

● Prime: Rift Chain - Added "All DP +20 for 2 sec" and "Grapple Resistance +30%" effects when the skill is used.

● Flow: Finishing Touch - Added a 17 second cooldown to the skill.

● Kyve Mastery - Changed the skill to stack the effects of Prime: Overdrive for the following situations:

- 2nd Standing Attack and Last Hits

- 3rd and 5th Forward Attack Hits

- 3rd Lateral Attack Hit

- Jump Attack

● Reduced the PvP damage of the following skills:

- Prime: Void Gateways - Reduced by approx. -14%

- Prime: Spatial Collapse I~IV - Reduced by approx. -18%



● Radiant Annihilation - Added an All Accuracy +9% for 10 sec effect when the skill is used.

● Radiant Annihilation - Fixed the issue where the Arkanon effect would sometimes not activate.
● Improved skills to combo more naturally when used immediately after switching from Awakening weapon to Main weapon and vice versa.
● Bolt - Improved so that he turns towards the camera angle.
● Flow: Interrogate - Improved to be able to hit enemies in higher locations.
● Bolt - Improved to be useable during cooldown while Overcharged status is active.
● Bolt - Improved to be useable in main weapon stance.
● Seize - Improved to attack the enemy faster after grabbing them successfully.

● Changed Upsurge to attack forward after using the following skills:
- Evading backward after Impaling Flash
- Radiant Annihilation
- Shock Relay
- Chain Lightning

( Last updated: 5/18 17:31)

● "Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone" will now resurrect you near the quest zone if you died at Protokea during Sage's Awakening questline.




● You can now exchange [EventKagtum Rider's Claw for other items by visiting the NPC Elmos Berry.



● Added a weekly quest where you can obtain Elvia Ancient Spirit weapons as a reward.

- You can complete the weekly quest to choose a Main weapon box, an Awakening weapon box, or a Sub-weapon box as your reward. But these boxes will expire 3 hours after you claim them, so use them quickly!

- If you open the Elvia weapon box, you'll obtain an Elvia Ancient Spirit weapon that can only be used for 10 minutes.

- You must first complete the quest "[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes" before you can accept the weekly quest from Lejenti in Glish.

- This weekly quest can only be accepted by Lv. 60 or higher characters on the Elvia Realm server.

- Since this is a weekly quest, it will reset 7 days after you complete it (at midnight).

● The objectives for the following quests in Elvia Realm have been changed:















Orc Hunter


[Elvia Daily] A Chilling Presence

at the Orc Camp

Defeat Small

Red Orc x250

Defeat Small

Red Orc x100


Roots x2




[Elvia Daily] Missing

Thread of Hope

Defeat Cultist x500

Defeat Cultist x400

Predator's Roots x2

[Elvia Daily] Green-tinged


Defeat Cultist

Warrior x500

Defeat Cultist

Warrior x400

Predator's Roots x2




[Elvia Daily] Big Fogan

Defeat Big

Swamp Fogan x500

Defeat Big Swamp

Fogan x250

Predator's Roots x2




[Elvia Daily] A Familiar Swamp

Defeat Naga


Spearman x500

Defeat Naga


Spearman x250

Predator's Roots x2

[Elvia Daily] Swamp

Naga Ecology

Defeat Swamp

Naga Axeman x500

Defeat Swamp

Naga Axeman x250

Predator's Roots x2




[Elvia Daily] Tense


Defeat Mobility

Unit x500

Defeat Mobility

Unit x400

Predator's Roots x2

[Elvia Daily] The Eerie Calm in

the Castle Ruins


Charger x500


Charger x400

Predator's Roots x2




[Elvia Daily] A Mountain in

the Dark

Defeat Bandit

Raid Captain x500

Defeat Bandit

Raid Captain x250

Predator's Roots x2





[Elvia Daily] Strange


Defeat Altar

Imp Warrior x300

Defeat Altar

Imp Warrior x150

Predator's Roots x2




● Added the "Repair Horse Gear" function to the Camping Anvil.

- You can now repair horse gear with the "Old Moon Camping Anvil" and "Naphart Camping Anvil".

● The NPC Lindby of Iliya Island will now be marked with the Stable Keeper icon on the World Map (M).

● Changed the pet type classification from "LIMITED" to "RARE."

● Added a feature to see the name of the dyes used by hovering your mouse over a specific gear slot in the Dye (J) window.




● Guild Member Protection has been changed to allow protected guild members with negative Karma to be attackable by opposing guilds during Guild War.

For example:

- Guild A and Guild B are engaged in a Guild War

- Adventurer [A1] is protected by Guild A

- Adventurer [A1]'s Karma drops below 0

In this case, any member of Guild B can now attack Adventurer [A1].


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where certain parts of the background appeared awkward in the following regions:

- Protokea, Valencia City

● Fixed the issue where skill descriptions in the Skills window would display keyboard and mouse-oriented text for Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where the icon for the Tungrad Earring was being displayed as a Tungrad Necklace in the Crafting Notes.

● Fixed the issue where you could resurrect in the exact spot where you died in the Red Battlefield.

● Fixed the issue where the Processing UI would display abnormally when completing Mass Processing under certain circumstances.

● Fixed an issue where having a Celestial Horse Calling Horn in your inventory prevented your character from calling Guild Elephants to you.

- Guild Elephants within 50m are able to be called to you regardless of whether you have a flute item in your inventory.

● Fixed the issue where reconnecting/switching servers would occasionally cause the Amity of certain NPCs to appear as 0. The actual Amity levels of the NPCs were not changed.

● Fixed the issue where your Karma would not decrease if you hit a character and their ship at the same time with a cannon of a big ship in forced PvP mode.

● Fixed the issue where the quest "Crippling Fear," part of the Drieghan main questline, wouldn't display in the Main tab of your Quests window.

● Fixed the issue where pressing certain buttons on your gamepad would open the "Withdraw Silver" window while Processing via Storage with Gamepad UI mode.

● Fixed the issue where an Adventurer that bought annexes for Node/Conquest War could still install the annexes even though their position in the guild was changed.

● Changed the key guide to display the correct key for toggling (lock/unlock) ship and wagon skills when using the Gamepad UI.

● Changed the toggle for locking and unlocking ship and wagon skills to be togglable with a gamepad when using the Gamepad UI.

● Fixed the issue where the icons of the [Event] Magical Draught series of items were not being displayed in the Crafting Notes.

● Fixed the issue where trying to close the game after using the [Practice] Lynch Cannon caused the game to shut down improperly.


Happy adventuring!