Notices [Notice] Upcoming Increase for Pearl Item Central Market Prices and Extraction Quantity for Outfits
Black Desert 2021-08-04 12:27


Greetings, Adventurers.

As a follow-up to today’s announcement regarding the changes to Pearl item silver value and outfit extraction quantities, we managed to confirm the details earlier than expected, so we’ve listed a reference of them below.

These changes will be updated during the August 11, 2021 (Wed) maintenance, so please plan your gameplay accordingly.


[Based on Premium Outfit Sets]

Category Before After
Number of Valks’ Cry Obtained from Extraction 124 154
Number of Cron Stones Obtained from Extraction 372 462
Silver Value on Central Market
(Highest Price)
447,000,000 Silver 510,000,000 Silver

* Please note that some of these changes may be adjusted for the official update on August 11, 2021 (Wed).


Thank you.



Greetings, Adventurers.


We wanted to give you advance notice about the upcoming increase for the silver prices of Pearl items listable on the Central Market and the quantity of Valks’ Cry and Cron Stones extractable from Pearl outfits during the maintenance on August 11, 2021 (Wed). (* This does not include dyes.)


More details will be provided after the maintenance on August 11, 2021 (Wed). Please keep these upcoming changes in mind and plan your gameplay accordingly.


Happy adventuring!