Notices [Notice] Regarding the 2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship
Black Desert 2021-08-20 20:00


Greetings, Adventurers.  


Unlike the previous Arena of Arsha tournaments, the 2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship introduced a requirement of purchasing an Arena of Arsha ticket in-game to qualify as a participant.  


This requirement was introduced to ensure Adventurers would be more mindful about their participation and able to clearly confirm their desire to participate, but this meant many Adventurers signed up for the tournament but were not eligible to participate since they were unaware of this requirement. For those Adventurers, we truly understand your frustrations since they’ve been looking forward to this tournament.   

While we cannot change the eligibility for the Best-in-Class Champion as it would undermine its fairness, we've decided to change the participation requirements for the 2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Trials Championship to allow Adventurers who were unable to participate in the Best-in-Class Championship due to being unable to purchase a ticket to participate.  


Please refer below for the full details.  




① Adventurers who qualified for the qualifiers of the 2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship will be eligible to participate in the Best-in-Trials Championship. (Participation is not required.)


② All Adventurers who qualified for the qualifiers of the 2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship will be individually contacted by email on August 29, 2021 (Sun).


* Adventurers who fail to advance from the preliminaries of the Best-in-Class tournament will not qualify for the Best-in-Trials tournament.


1. All Adventurers who participated in the Best-in-Class Championship will be eligible to participate in the Best-in-Trials Championship.  


2. Adventurers who signed up for the Best-in-Class Championship but failed to purchase a ticket will be allowed to purchase a ticket during the period below to be eligible to participate in the Best-in-Trials Championship.  

* From August 20 (Fri) - August 25 (Wed) before maintenance, you must purchase the Arena of Arsha ticket from the NPC Henlo located near the Battle Arena Haz


(Participation is not required.) 

※ Please refer to the [2021 Arena of Arsha Best-in-Trials Championship] for more details about the tournament.  


Thank you for all the interest and feedback you’ve sent us about the 2021 Arena of Arsha.