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Black Desert 2018-04-12 10:00
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Greetings, Black Desert Adventurers! 

We introduce awakened Warrior, who uses the regular sword and shield along with the new Awakening Weapon - Great Sword.


“The Brothers of Goyen, Wielders of the Righteous Sword"

~Story of the Goyen Mercenaries~


The tragic story of the Goyen Mercenaries begins when a messenger from Dandelion makes an offer they could not refuse.

The Goyen Mercenaries were a group of lost men without allegiances and only bound together by the necessity to survive.


The mercenaries were expert swordsman and it is said that their leader, Goyen was able to handle the Steel Great Sword, as tall as a grown man, with little effort.

Their numbers grew each day as they trained endlessly, honing their combat skills.

They swore an oath to pledge allegiance to each other and created a bond cemented in blood.


Unfortunately, Dandelion had planned to deceive the mercenaries by using them in the war against Larcsy.

The Goyen brothers were promised acceptance into the order of Dandelion, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire prestige and riches if they had succeeded in aiding Dandelion in their war.

The brothers had little idea that this would be their ultimate downfall as they did not expect to be deceived.

By the time they realized they were merely pawns and that reinforcements would never come to save them, it was already too late.

Goyen died, and his Great Sword was forever lost.

In their defeat, the mercenaries who survived swore revenge against Dandelion for their betrayal.

However, Dandelion itself ended up losing the war against Larcsy disappearing into history, and the Goyen Mercenaries had lost a chance for revenge.


From that day the brothers took a vow,

to reclaim what was rightfully theirs - the Great Sword bearing Goyen’s soul.


◈ Warrior Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Check out Warrior wielding the awe-inspiring power of the Great Sword!







◈ Awakened Skill


Warrior’s Awakening Weapon skills are listed in the following section.

Most of the skills are exuberant and powerful since he uses his weapon with both hands.




Spins twice widely, inflicting great damage on enemies nearby.

After spinning, smashes enemies down to the ground.



Strikes the enemy upward with the Great Sword, and then strikes downward when the enemy is knocked down.


Grave Digging

Performs a left-to-right slash jumping up, and then strikes the ground powerfully to inflict damage to enemies nearby.



◈ Awakening Quest


You can get the Awakening Weapon quest from the Black Spirit when you reach level 56.

The quest starts as you get involved with the Goyen Mercenaries and eventually work your way up to acquiring the Great Sword, the Awakening Weapon.

There are 7 main quests to complete, with 3 trials included within the quests.

They’re not too difficult, and you’ll be able to complete all of them if you are strong enough to deal with the monsters in Mediah.


If you are struggling with the quests, it’s a good idea to make a party with guild members or other Adventurers to complete the quests.

If you finish all the quests, you can gain 3 new skills along with the Mercenary’s Steel Great Sword from the Mysterious Knight who appears in Mediah.


A new and more powerful Warrior is reborn with the Awakening Weapon!

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