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Hello, Black Desert Adventurers!


See below to learn about Ranger’s quest for new awakened powers.

The Kamasylven Sword was forged long ago in the aftermath of the clash between Ganelle and Vedir, the children of the Goddess Sylvia. In the following story, you will find out more about Ranger’s origins and the history of her kind.


"Kamasylven Sword, the last gift of the Goddess"

Long before recorded history, there was a sacred tree that stood in the highest ground of the forest.

The Goddess Sylvia descended on to the forest with the spirits of nature and named this tree ‘Kamasylve’.

Under it, she fused the essence of the sun and the moon to give birth to life.

Henceforth, the land underneath the tree was named ‘Kamasylvia’.

The Goddess conceived twin offspring.

The child whose essence was like the brightness of the sun, she named ‘Ganelle’

The child whose essence was like the darkness of the moon, she named ‘Vedir’.

After her children had grown, the Goddess engraved her will onto the Kamasylve and departed for the heavens.

Thereafter, her two children created civilization under the protection and guidance of the sacred tree.


The power of the sacred tree of Kamasylve was boundless.

Sylvia’s children used its power without end, and they became weak, lethargic and drunk on the abundance it afforded them.

Then one day, the spirits of darkness seeking the power of the holy tree invaded Kamasylvia.


The war was devastating.

The weak children of Sylvia did not possess the power to defend themselves.

Kamasylve had no choice but to defend the land until the Goddess would descend again.

In the end, it had spent the last of its power defending the Goddess’ creation.

Upon Ganelle and Vedir, Kamasylve gifted the oldest of its branches and fell into a deep sleep.

After much contemplation, Ganelle and Vedir decided to fuse their powers, that they had received from Kamasylve, into the branch to forge a sword. They called it the ‘Kamasylven Sword’ and came to master it into a formidable weapon.

Sylvia’s children also gathered remaining branches from the holy tree and shared it with their kinsman. They taught others how to harness the power of the holy tree so that they could defend themselves from outside invaders.

Hence, the Rangers were born - sworn to protect Kamasylvia from evil.


From time to time thereafter, intruders have tried to take the power of the Sacred Kamasylve by force.

It is through these conflicts that Rangers were able to hone their archery skills in order to defend the sacred tree.

They worked endlessly to master the Kamasylven Sword as well.


It is around this time, that Ganelle and Vedir started to drift in their views on how to use the power of the Kamasylven Sword.

Ganelle - bearing the essence of the Sun, preferred its use to promote harmony and compassion with the spirits of nature.

Vedir - bearing the essence of the Moon, preferred to dominate and control the power of the weapon to their benefit.

In the end, their ideological divide led to a civil war between the Rangers.

When Kamasylvia was tainted with the blood of the Goddess’ children, the Sacred Kamasylve started to awaken from its deep sleep.


Kamasylve, infused with the will of the Goddess, was saddened by the conflict between its children.

Therefore, the sacred tree retracted all powers it had endowed onto the branches used to make the contentious weapons.

After this incident, the descendants of Ganelle stayed in the temple guarding the holy tree, and the descendants of embarked on a quest to find a new source of power in the outside world.

The two children of Sylvia and their descendants were therefore separated forever by the paths they had chosen.


The Sacred Kamasylve still needed protection.

Thus, in order to prevent another conflict between its children, it decided to gift sacred powers only to those descendants of the Goddess that had proven themselves worthy.

Only a Ranger that had proven extreme mental fortitude and martial prowess, would ever get to harness the gift that Mother Goddess had left for them.


Then Kamasylve declared its will to its descendents, and fell into a deep sleep once again.


“The holy powers of Kamasylve will be granted only to those in touch with the sacred spirits, free from the corruption of self”


◈ Ranger Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Check out Ranger’s meticulous and fatal attacks with the Kamasylven Sword!





◈ Awakening Weapon Skills


Spirit’s Shackles

Grapples the enemy in the spirit’s energy and knocks them down unique to Rangers.

Unlike other grappling skills, your character moves away from the enemy,

but with additional skills you can charge your enemies or attack them with your bow.

Wailing Wind

Imbues your dagger and Kamasylven Sword with phantom blades and attacks enemies at mid range. Can knock enemies backward.


Breezy Blade

Inflicts damage by charging enemies ahead. Can reduce the distance between you and the enemy quickly.


◈ Awakening Quest

In the Longleaf Tree Forest, while travelling with the Black Spirit, Ranger discovers an old training manual used by one of her mentors.

This begins ‘The Last Present from the Goddess’ quest. You can learn about Ranger’s backstory through this quest.


There are 7 main quests to complete, with 3 trials included within the quests.

They’re not too difficult, and you’ll be able to complete all of them if you are strong enough to deal with the monsters in Mediah.


After completing all Awakening quests, you can receive Ranger’s Awakening Weapon - Kamasylven Sword and the Awakening skills as reward from Herawen, the Chancellor of Kamasylve Temple.


Will you wield the true power of the Kamasylve? Check out the Awakening Weapon update!

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