GM Notes [GM Note] Sorceress Awakening
Black Desert 2018-04-12 10:00
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Greetings, Black Desert Adventurers!


Let us introduce Sorceress’ quest for new awakened powers.

The Scythe is eandowed with black magic from the great ancestor Cartian herself!

Let’s learn about how the weapon came to be.

“The Descendant of Cartian discovers the Scythe”

~The Great Ancestor of black magic~


According to the ancient texts, the lineage of black magic is rooted deep in history.


Sorceresses are thought to be the descendants of Cartian.

The evidence lies in the Village of Tarif.


Tarif was founded by Cartian and Allan Serbin around 300 years ago.


The Book of Cartian from Tarif is the manual for Sorceress.

But there are secrets held in the book that are about to unfold.


The Great Sorceress Cartian wielded the Scythe.


When Cartian graced the world with her presence, humans and Cyclopes were in constant battle over territorial lines.


As the Cyclopes overwhelmed the humans in numbers,

Cartian swooped in and drove out the Cyclopes with her Scythe.


After the war, some Sorceresses decided to split up and go their own ways, while others remained in the Hexe Sanctuary.

Cartian stayed in Tarif for a very long time, longer than any average human.


Before the seemingly immortal Cartian disappeared,

she sealed all her destructive powers into the Scythe.


However, it became an extremely dangerous weapon for no one could wield its immense power.

Allan Serbin, a close friend to Cartian and Chief of Tarif,

sealed this threat under the spiritual tree Scuffling Letusa.


As a result, Allan Serbin lost her body and barely survived by entering a framed painting.

She has been protecting Tarif ever since.

It is written in the history of black magic:

The one who wields Cartian’s Scythe will become immortal.


◈ Sorceress Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Check out the powerful Sorceress, defeating her enemies with the Scythe.






◈ Awakened Skill

Sorceress’ Awakening Weapon skills are listed below.

The Sorceress executes a flurry of attacks with her Scythe and black magic to create absolute chaos.


Dead Hunt

Continuously attack the enemy with attacks that can knock them into multiple directions.

As a passive, she absorbs HP per target hit when it’s not on cooldown.


Whirl past enemies with the Scythe, causing damaged enemies to knocked down.

Cartian's Nightmare

Disappear into the darkness and attack the enemy from an advantageous position.



◈ Awakening Quest


You can get the Awakening Weapon quest from the Black Spirit when you reach level 56.


The first quest ‘Descendants of Cartian’ starts with you finding Cartian’s Seal hidden by the Lion Statue located at the top of the Wizard’s Altar, which leads to the root of the Sorceress’ origin.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests.

The quests are not too difficult, as long as you are skillful enough to deal with the monsters in Mediah.


Once you finish all the quests, go to Allan Serbin. He will give you the Awakening Weapon, the Scythe, along with your new Awakening Weapon skills as a reward.


Become the Sorceress of old and wield the great power endowed by your ancestor.

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