GM Notes [GM Note] Introducing the Blue Maned Lion's Manor
Black Desert 2021-11-03 11:00
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[GM] Nox:

Hey, what are you planning for the Manor update?


[GM] Noah:

Hmm... I think I’ll first install the Starspun Chandelier.

Afterward, I’ll look into a Contrabass and Music Stand for the 2nd-floor terrace.

That way, I’ll have a nice little concert spot.


[GM] Nox:

Oh, that’s a pretty good plan. I think I’ll plant some small Acacia trees in the front yard.

Then I’ll put a table and some chairs nearby.

Gazing at the night sky with the refreshing smell of Acacia as company sounds pretty nice, right?


[GM] Noah:

It sounds like a great way to spend some time. Make sure to invite me!

How do you think Adventurers will be decorating their manor now that the update is out..?


Are you an Adventurer who always wanted to really delve into decorating a home or garden? Maybe you’ve been disappointed at the lack of space or yard?


If so, we’re super excited to finally introduce you to the Blue Maned Lion's Manor! From chandeliers to fireplaces and even fountains, it’s a place where you can really unleash your inner home decorator!



If you follow the Demi River and head a little east, you’ll be able to see the manor in person.


▲ [GM] Heidel’s Spirit's Echo Contrabass and Florchestra Music Stand


▲ [GM] Nox’s Small Acacia Tree


Before you can start decorating, let’s learn more about the Blue Maned Lion's Manor first.


Renting the Manor

Once you’ve completed the “Looking for Adventurers” or “[Boss] Witch of Horrors” in the main questline, you’ll be able to accept the “[Manor] Crucio Domongatt's Summon” quest from the Black Spirit.


From there, you'll follow another questline that will allow you to rent the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor. The questline itself is quite easy – all you need to do is visit NPCs and find some hidden objects that are nearby, so don’t let a questline scare you away!


After you’ve completed the questline, head to the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor, which is located near the Eastern Border. Once you arrive, just approach the door and you’ll see an option to purchase it for five Contribution Points.


* The Contribution Points will be returned when you release ownership of the manor.


Manor Requirements

- Five Contribution Points

- Daily Rental Fee: 1,000,000 Silver (Discounted Depending on Number of Days Rented)

Once you’ve provided the Contribution Points, press “R” to open the door and view the contract below.


Select the gear-shaped icon to set the contract period from 1 to 365 days. If you sign the contract for a period longer than 30 days, you can get a discount!


You might be wondering what happens to your furniture once the contract period ends. Don’t worry, your furniture will remain even if the contract expires. If you forfeit the manor at its entrance, your furniture will be returned to your Heidel Storage.


Adventurers, we hope you’ll enjoy decorating the Blue Maned Lion's Manor!



Manor FAQ

Q. How is the Manor (Blue Maned Lion’s Manor) different from existing residences?

A. Not only can you decorate the interior of the Blue Maned Lion’s Manor, but you can also decorate its outside yard and terraces. You can also use theexisting furniture for residences to decorate the inside of the manor. However, you’ll need manor-exclusive items to decorate outside the manor.



Q. Can I invite my friends to my manor?

A. Ofcourse! Friends, guild members, and party membersare free to visit your manor via the “Visit” option. Make sure to invite them to show off your decorating skills!



Q. How do you make furniture that can be installed in the manor?

A. Manor furniture and exterior items can be obtained in a variety of ways such as through the Furniture Workshop, Processing (Manufacture), and quests. Directions on crafting grand set pieces like the Rearing Golden Horse Fountain and Flondor Pond can be found via [F2] - [Crafting Notes] as well. Later on, the instructions on obtaining manor furniture, sculpture, etc. will be added to the Adventurer’s Guide.


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