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Greetings, Black Desert Adventurers!


See below to find out about Berserker’s quest for new awakened powers.

The Berserker with his sharp double axe already delivers powerful blows with every swing.

Now imagine wreaking havoc with the Iron Buster!

“Tantu departs from Gehaku, chasing new ambitions”

~Discovery of the Ancient Weapon~


Even though the Giant race could easily trounce humans due to their superior physique, they never expanded beyond Keplan for the Giants never had much ambition for territorial acquisition.

But after the discovery of Black Crystals, humans flooded into Keplan to mine it and left the land barren.


Chief Gehaku wanted to lead the Giants south, leaving their old lives to continue living in peace.

However, young Tantu wanted to exterminate the greedy humans for destroying their way of life.


Tantu was fairly small for a Giant, some even called him “Tiny Tantu”.

He despised that name.


Despite his relative size, he was recognized amongst the younger Giants as their leader.  

With his charisma and wit, he spurred the previously apathetic Giants to fight for their future signalling the beginning of the Berserkers.

Adventurous at heart, Tantu scouted the continent in search of a new home for the Berserker.


One early morning, Tantu departed with his Berserkers.

According to rumor, they were headed for an ancient land filled with undiscovered secrets.

Tantu formed an alliance with the Dwarves that had settled this ancient land.

The Dwarven chief Ain Greid welcomed them proclaiming “Giants and Dwarves are like brothers!”

“In the past we had always depended on Giants, now we shall return the favor.”

Ain Greid led Tantu to the ancient Mausoleum of a Giant Chief nearby.


The Dwarves never could interpret the ancient writings inscribed on the Mausoleum.

But when Tantu saw the ancestral writings, he was able to read it as if it were his mother tongue.


There it was written:


“The Iron Buster of the Ancient Dwarves empowered us to defend our people”


Tantu suddenly began to transform after reading the ancient inscription.

His stature grew to exceed that of his Giant kinsmen.

The transformation unleashed hidden powers within him and endowing him with great strength and wisdom.


With his new wisdom, Tantu and the Dwarves recreated the Iron Buster.

They adapted the weapon to be specialized for the Berserker.


Tantu was sure that the newly forged Iron Buster would provide the Berserkers with powerful abilities.

◈ Berserker Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Witness the tremendous power of the Iron Buster in the hands of Berserker.







◈ Awakened Skill

Berserker’s Awakening Weapon skills are listed below.

By using the Iron Buster to build up energy, he can blast the weapon for a powerful blow or to move swiftly.




Damaging enemies with power punches that can knock them in multiple directions, allowing diverse combinations.

As a passive, he absorbs HP per target hit when it’s not on cooldown.

Flame Buster


By loading the Iron Buster, you can fire up to medium range to damage the enemies in front of you.

You can charge the Iron Buster longer to increase the damage and range of the blast.

More WP is returned per target hit.


Giant Leap

By firing the Iron Buster at the ground, you can fly across a long distance and create a shockwave as you land.

While airborne, you are invulnerable to all damage.



◈ Awakening Quest


You can get the Awakening Weapon quest from the Black Spirit when you reach level 56.


The quest begins where Tantu departs from Chief Gehaku to go his separate way on the Gehaku Plain.

You will follow the young Berserkers that went off looking for prosperous lands.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests.

The quests are not too difficult, as long as you are skillful enough to deal with the monsters in Mediah.


Once you finish all the quests, go to Tantu at the Mausoleum.

He will give you the Awakening Weapon, the Iron Buster, along with your new Awakening Weapon skills as a reward.


Blow your enemies away with Berserker’s newly forged Iron Buster!

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