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Hello Black Desert Adventurers!


Wizard’s awakening is finally here!

An incredibly powerful magic of fire and water is awakened deep within Wizard through his Godr Sphera.

Let’s delve into the mystical story of how Wizard came to earn these powers at great cost.


“A distant space, in the world of Sages…”


In that distant space, there were a group of men - the Godr-Ayed Tier - leader among the sages.

The Godr-Ayed Tier was an elite group of Wizards centered around three young men.

Through them, the sages began their esoteric quest for primordial knowledge about the first elements that occupied the universe and the search for the true fulfillment of the mind. They longed to know the power which gave their existence meaning.


Among these men, the one they called Lord Red was regarded as the foremost of the Godr-Ayed Tier sages.

His skills as a researcher and Wizard was to be envied among all the sages.


Always one-step ahead of his peers, his leadership was instrumental in the establishment of the Godr-Ayed Tier’s research.

Lord Red himself was always proud of the fact that he was in a position of influence and strived to maintain the utmost perfection within himself. He thought himself a great leader, and that his group would be lost without him.


His most shining achievement was the creation of the first magical equipment - the ‘Sphera’.

The first Sphera he created was named after the Godr-Ayed and thus became the ‘Godr Sphera’.


After the creation of the Sphera, his thirst for higher knowledge of the universe became increasingly entrenched.

Eventually, Lord Red succeeded in summoning the guardians of fire and water, using the Godr Sphera.

This was a great feat of accomplishment as he managed to communicate the pure essences of fire and water and channeled their powers to further his quest.

From the Guardian of Fire, Marg, he channeled the power of absolute destruction.

The Guardian of Water, Arne, he channeled clarity and sincerity of the mind.


Although this was a great achievement that the heights of which Godr-Ayed Tier had reached for the first time, it also signaled a grave dilemma. The biggest problem was Marg, the Guardian of Fire. Marg’s destructive power was extremely hard to keep under control. The dangerous fire guardian could only be contained by the most powerful Wizard, Lord Red through his Godr Sphera.


This dangerous balance did not make the Godr-Ayed Tier happy. Their original goal was to expand their knowledge about the primordial elements of the universe, but they felt that this goal had been tainted by the thirst for destructive powers. Ultimately, the discontent brewed and caused a rift between the members of the Godr-Ayed.


Those that had been harboring jealousy toward Lord Red accused him being corrupted by the lust for power, and the remaining members of the Godr-Ayed Tier agreed. They professed that he had become drunk on the power of destruction and denounced him.

Although Lord Red himself was vaguely aware of these developments, he was too involved in his research to really pay attention to the consequences. The Godr-Ayed Tier grew to despise him as time passed by, and dismissed that his powers must have been granted only from Marg, whom they thought was emblematic of the symptoms of corruption. Before long, Lord Red’s reputation was further sullied until he had lost the respect of all his peers.


How dare they not realize what he had accomplished for them?  How dare they denounce him, the greatest Wizard!

Furious, he displayed a show of force to the Godr-Ayed Tier with the destructive magic of fire that had ruined his reputation.

When he did not receive the respect he sought, he aimed to threaten them into submission.

The conflict escalated so far to a point where he himself became too powerful to control his own powers.

As a final display of strength, Lord Red launched an assault on the Chamber of Wizards, considered the center of the world by sages. In the epic battle that followed, the Godr-Ayed Tier enacted their final defensive magic that consumed Lord Red’s power.


This last desperate act became Lord Red’s downfall as he was confined into a distortion of space and time that defied the laws of nature. He was stuck.


Despite this, Marg’s destructive power continued to consume Lord Red’s body and soul without end.

In pain, he finally realized his corrupted self and thence began his bloody battle with Marg within the abyss of the distorted space. Although after a long battle, he finally triumphs over Marg, Lord Red became incredibly frail, having used up all of his energy.


Stuck in the endless abyss, Lord Red was starting to fade away within his internal prison, Lord Red suddenly felt a presence from beyond the veil of the distorted space that taunted him... It felt oddly familiar to him.

He saw the reflection of a Witch across the abyss, and saw her pursuing a different Sphera, an entirely different essence of knowledge. A pure and sincere knowledge of the universe that predated all existence.

Then it dawned on him, that this Witch was slowly following him in the path toward self-destruction as she reminded himself of him long ago.


How foolish he had been! How fleeting and sad was it that he had only come to realize the sincerest of his mind only when there was no hope left? He so desperately yearned for the past when he pursued pure self-knowledge with the utmost clarity of mind.

He felt agitated when the Witch got closer to where he was, and he suddenly became fearful for the first time in his life. He was fearful that the Witch may be trapped and consumed by the same force that had been his downfall. With the clarity of mind that he had not possessed for a long time, he knew with absolute certainty that he needed to exercise his pure will.


In his last act of self-redemption, he wished to save the Witch from following the same path. Lord Red struck the Godr Sphera with all his might, destroying it. Upon its destruction, he dissolved the boundaries of space and time and was swept away in an impossibly powerful gigantic explosion defying the laws of nature.


When he woke up, he saw his own frail reflection staring back at him in a lake. It was serene, and he could finally feel human emotions swelling up inside of him. He felt as though the lake had saved his life.


Wizard Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Watch the incredible Awakened Wizard, wielding the power of fire and water!






◈ Awakened Skill

Wizard's Awakening Weapon skills are listed below.

Summon: Keeper Marg

Summons Marg, the Guardian of Fire. Marg attacks enemies at close range and protects the Wizard.

Summon: Keeper Arne

Summons Arne, the Guardian of Qater. Arne attacks enemies at long range and protects the Wizard.


Aqua Jail Explosion

Creates a large wall of water that entraps enemies, dealing them massive damage.



◈ Awakening Quest


Wizard’s awakening quest begins when you venture out to acquire greater powers with the help of the Black Spirit.


The story begins when Wizard first finds a ‘witness’ near the Rhua Tree Stub, where he first enters the Black Desert world. The witness leads him to Arne, the Guardian of Water, which delves into Wizard’s awakening quest storyline.


There are 7 main quests and like with other classes, there are 3 trials included within the quests.

When you complete all the quests, you will receive the Godr Sphera and new awakened skills.


Check out the incredible new Wizard harnessing the power of the Godr Sphera!

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