Notices [Notice] Node/Conquest War Pre-Season Extension
Black Desert 2021-11-12 15:32


Greetings Adventurers!  


First off, we want to thank you all for the support and passion you’ve shown us during the Conquest War Pre-Season -- and as the title suggests, we want to announce that we will be making changes to the schedule for the 3rd Conquest War Pre-Season and Node War Pre-Season.  


Our Adventurers’ incredible feedback during the Pre-Season has become the basis for our development towards more active and thrilling Node/Conquest Wars, and we’re striving towards finishing the Node/Conquest War revamp with this feedback in mind.  


As announced in the Black Desert Global Lab update on November 5 (Fri), we’ll be introducing the “Ancient Chariot,” a powerful siege weapon against gates and wooden fences, and improving the somewhat unused “Ballista” to make it more effective as a siege weapon. Furthermore, we’ll be making many more changes such as allowing Territory-owning Guilds/Alliances to participate in the Node Wars of another region.  


As we’ve listened to our Adventurers’ feedback regarding the updates on the Black Desert Global Lab, we decided to extend the 3rd Conquest War Pre-Season and Node War Pre-Season by approximately 2 weeks in order to improve the Node/Conquest Wars, so we can present a more intense and exciting siege experience. 


We ask for your understanding regarding the extension. Please refer below for the changed schedule.   

Node/Conquest War Pre-Season



Node War Pre-Season

October 20, 2021 (Wed) - November 30, 2021 (Tue)

3rd Conquest War Pre-Season

October 23, 2021 (Sat) - November 27, 2021 (Sat)

End of 3rd Conquest War /

Pre-Season and Conquest Data Reset

December 1, 2021 (Wed) maintenance

* The tax accumulated for each territory will remain after the “Conquest Data Reset,” and it will be obtainable by conquering the territory during the next Conquest War.

* The Pre-Season schedule is subject to change. This notice will be updated if any changes occur.


Once again, thank you for the support you’ve shown us for the Conquest War Pre-Season. We’ll do our best to deliver a better and more active Node/Conquest War experience.


Happy adventuring!


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