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Black Desert 2018-04-12 10:00
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Hello, Black Desert Adventurers.


We’re excited to introduce the Awakening Weapon for the Witch.

In her awakening, the Witch harnesses the elemental power of Earth and Lightning with her new weapon - the Aad Sphera.

Here’s the story of her awakening and the Aad Sphera.


“Wizards and Witches...”


… or ‘Sages’ as they are collectively called, technically haven’t been around that long.


Contemporary scholars, however, argue that the traces of sages can be dated far back to ancient times.


In an otherworldly space far away from the physical world, there was a circle of knowledge seekers specializing in the study of supernatural phenomena. The pursuit of knowledge was their calling, and their most cherished treasure. Seeking knowledge and truth became quite literally the most noble cause of their lives.


The sages were divided into several scholarly factions throughout its history.

The Godr-Ayed Tier, specializing in ancient elements, were the most respected and influential school of Sages.

There was also a particular school of thought focused on the elements of Earth and Lightning.

This school was called the Labreve, and it solely consisted of female sages - or Witches.


Although Labreve was a young organization, its grew quickly due to the influences of a gifted Witch named Deneve. Unlike other schools of thought, they were specifically focused on studying Aad’s Pharos to research the ancient energy of elements.

This theoretical approach wielded innovative results that contributed to the reconstruction and reinvention of existing magical powers.



One of Deneve’s most prized achievements was altering the power of Aad’s Pharos that led to the invention of teleportation techniques. This was an ingenious breakthrough as Deneve was able to invent something completely new out of something old. The achievement was highly acclaimed within the community of sages and eventually became a prerequisite skill that all sages needed to learn.


Even after the initial success of inventing the teleport skill, Deneve was engaged in her research more determined than ever. Unlike the other sages, she sincerely believed that there was an unknown realm to be discovered outside the limitations of the world she inhabited. This belief further motivated Deneve in her research of Aad’s Pharos.


Deneve’s dedication finally came to fruition as she finally discovered a method to commune with the primal force of the two elements - Earth and Lightning.


Through this newly-discovered method, Deneve could summon the Keepers Gorr - Guardian of the Earth, and Tett - Guardian of Lightning.  By communicating with the elemental powers she was able to reach a new level of enlightenment in her quest for knowledge.


She then harnessed the newfound knowledge into a magical article, a weapon that could freely wield the power of Earth and Lightning, appropriately named the Aad Sphera. Through the Aad Sphera, Deneve was able to finally perceive the existence of an unknown realm that she had been searching for. It was a dangerous move, but Deneve risked everything to attempt teleportation into this realm.


After a series of glaring lights and bombastic noises, Deneve found herself on a foreign land where day and night existed.

She was the first sage to make it to this other world. Excited by the prospect of this new world, Deneve went out of her way to absorb all the knowledge she could. From one new region to another, her journey continued.


Throughout this journey, Deneve had learned that the world contained all elements that the sages had been studying, and also learned that she was not the first of her kind to travel across dimensions. She felt the presence of a predecessor who had been on the same path ahead of her, and Deneve wanted to identify this predecessor.


Just as Deneve was trying to teleport to another world in search of her predecessor, she felt a tremendous force trying to dismantle the boundary between the dimensions. As soon as the boundary was destroyed, Deneve started dreaming of herself being engulfed by a colossal dark abyss.


She awoke as if her mind had been cleared of all thought.


The only thought she could muster was the vague feeling that the ground she was stepping on felt oddly familiar.


◈ Witch Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Sweep enemies away with colossal spells and guardians of magic!






◈ Awakened Skills

The awakened skills of Witch taps into the elemental powers of earth and lightning to destroy enemies.

On top of that, the ability to summon two elemental guardians adds strategic depth to your Witch’s powers.


Summon: Keeper Gorr

Summons Gorr, the Guardian of the Earth.

Gorr attacks enemies at close range and protects the Witch.

Summon: Keeper Tett

Summons Tett, the Guardian of Lightning.

Tett attacks enemies at long range and protects the Witch.




Disables the enemy by reducing enemy movement speed, attack/casting speed.



◈ Awakening Quest

Witch’s awakening quest implores you to set off on a journey to reclaim the elemental powers of the Earth and Lightning.


The quest begins when Witch investigates the teleportation near Terrmian Cliff that first brought her into the Black Desert world. As she discovers fragments of the elemental guardians, the story develops further.


There are 7 main quests and like with other classes, there are 3 trials included within the quests.

When you complete all the quests, you will receive the Aad Sphera and new awakened skills.


Check out the amazing Witch as she wields the power of the elements with the Aad Sphera!

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