Notices [Notice] End of Node/Conquest War Pre-Season and Data Reset
Black Desert 2021-11-26 17:33


Greetings, Adventurers.  


The final Node/Conquest War Pre-Season will be coming to an end on November 27, 2021 (Sat). With it, all “Conquest War Territory Data” will also be reset during December 1, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.  

* Conquest Wars will continue as normal on December 4, 2021 (Sat).  


As always, we want to sincerely thank our Adventurers for the incredible support and valuable feedback during the Node/Conquest War Pre-Season. 


■ Conquest War Data Reset Details

End of 3rd Conquest War Pre-Season and Data Reset Date

During December 1, 2021 (Wed) maintenance 

Conquest War Data Reset Criteria

- Reset Conquest War information 

- Removal of forts/command posts/field HQs/annexes in Conquest War areas 

- Removal of forts installed by occupying guilds in Node War areas 

* Tax accumulated for each territory will remain after the “Conquest Data Reset,” and it will be obtainable by conquering the territory during the next Conquest War. 

* Guilds that were occupying territories and had their forts removed from Node War areas will have their installation costs compensated in Guild Funds during the December 1, 2021 (Wed) maintenance. 

※ Node War occupation information will not be reset. 


■ Conquest War Pre-Season Update Details

We’ve released a variety of updates thanks to the feedback and suggestions from our Adventurers that we’ve received since the Pre-Season began on October 23, 2021 (Sat). 


▲ Simplified Annex Items 

▲ Conquest War Uniform, ”Sun's Resolve” 


▲ Rewards for Victory by Points or Destroying All Forts 

▲ Improved the Siege Weapon ”Ballista” 

The updates made based on the feedback of our Adventurers will remain even after the Pre-Season ends, and we plan to further improve upon Node/Conquest Wars. 

With the data that we’ve acquired from the Pre-Season, we’ll strive to deliver a more exciting and engaging Node/Conquest War experience for all of our Adventurers. 


Thank you.



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