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GM Notes [GM Note] Holidays with Content Creators!
Black Desert 2021-12-17 17:00
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Adventurers, can you believe that we’re already approaching the end of this year? =͟͟͞͞(๑º ロ º๑) 

Let’s watch some Content Creators and get some coupons before this year is over!  


December – Week 3 

■ December 18 (Sat) 

December 18 (Sat) 16:00 ~ 

Link to Marcus’s channel

[Coupon Contents] 

Marni's Fuel Box x1 

[Event] High-Quality Food Box x2 

* Coupon Expiration Date: December 24 (Fri) 23:59 


■ December 19 (Sun) 

December 19 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 

Link to Chris Poli’s channel

[Coupon Contents] 

Crystal Extraction Tool x2 

[Event] Premium Elixir Box x2 

* Coupon Expiration Date: December 25 (Sat) 23:59


December – Week 4

■ December 25 (Sat) 

December 25 (Sat) 20:30 ~ 

Link to FDC4rnage’s channel

[Coupon Contents] 

Ancient Spirit Dust x100

High-Quality Draught Box x2

* Coupon Expiration Date: December 31 (Fri) 23:59 


■ December 26 (Sun) 

December 26 (Sun) 20:30 ~ 

Link to Arvantis’s channel

[Coupon Contents] 

[Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box x1

[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll x1

* Coupon Expiration Date: January 1 (Sat) 23:59

* A different coupon code will be revealed during each Content Creator’s broadcast/video.    

* Please note that the schedules listed on this page are subject to change.   

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