GM Notes [GM Note] Valkyrie Awakening
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Greetings, Adventurers!


Awakened Valkyrie is here! Standing at the front of the battlefield, defeating foes with Elion’s Sacred Power.

Valkyrie has a balance of toughness and strength, shall we see how they advance with their new weapon Lancia?



“Elion’s Blessing, Lancia"

~ The Legend of Enslar ~


The battalion of Valkyries were created by the grace of Elion.

Despite their brief history, they were a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.


The legend of the first Valkyrie starts with the story of Enslar.

She was a Calpheon Knight that had long, beautiful red hair.

As such, she stood out wherever she went since she carried a lance as big as her body and a large shield without effort.

Using sacred powers granted to her by the blessings of Elion, she mastered unfamiliar techniques like it was second nature.


The Church of Elion was so impressed by Enslar’s abilities that they compiled a text in reference to her.

The Church of Elion was so impressed by Enslar's abilities that they compiled a text and titled it after her alias, ‘Valkyriess’. The Church then proceeded to build the Holy College for the express purpose of training future Valkyries.


As an institution, its sole purpose was to train perfect Valkyries under the supervision of the Elionian Church.


Enslar was appointed as the college’s commanding officer, but she was only a figurehead.

The church set meticulous standards for recruiting girls.

They would reject candidates for not meeting the standard by the slightest margin, and the rejected candidates would suffer as a consequence.

Enslar didn’t agree with what the Elionian Church was doing, yet the church did not care.


When the students had finally overcome their harsh training, they entered the elite battalion of Valkyries.

Their first mission was to seal the unstable Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption who had appeared at Calpheon Shrine..

However, Enslar received a secret message under the cover of night..


A letter from the High Priest read:

“All chaos shall exalt Elion! Offer the Valkyries before Kzarka, and present their pure blood as a sacrifice."


As the Valkyrie elites arrived at Calpheon Shrine to face Kzarka, Enslar’s internal conflict had reached its peak.

She was torn about what to do. Should she uphold the integrity of the Church and follow orders, or side with her fellow Valkyries and save them?


In the end, Enslar decided to defy the Church. She and her fellow Valkyries completely sealed away Kzarka at Calpheon Shrine.

Enslar disappeared soon after along with her parting words.


“Keep justice in your mind, Elion only in your heart, and leave the balance of ideology solely at the tip of the Lancia”


◈ Valkyrie Awakening Weapon Combat Video

The perfect balance between attack and defence!

Witness the power of Lancia!






◈ Awakened Skills

Valkyrie changes her fighting style after receiving her Lancia.

The Lancia improves the Valkyrie’s ability to break through her foes.

Her new skills have a wider range of attack and inflicts a huge amount of damage.


Sacrum Ferit

Stabs multiple times with the Lancia, after a powerful strike with the shield


Subdues enemies or heals allies using the Sacred Power of Elion


Charges towards the enemy breaking through them holding the Lancia forward.

There is a charge and stab motion which will knock back and knock down enemies respectively..

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae

Plants the Lancia into the ground forcefully, causing damage to all surrounding enemies.

If followed up by Flow: Revelation Sanctus, it causes additional damage.

Terra Sancta

Blasts a massive wave of Sacred Power in front of the Valkyrie.

If it lands a hit, can knock the target back.


◈ Awakening Quest

You can get the Awakening Weapon quest when you reach level 56.


The quest begins at the Holy College of Calpheon where you can find many students training to become Valkyries.

You start by helping Ceras Feresio, the Chancellor of the college, which leads you back to the origin of ‘The Legend of Enslar’.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests.

The quests are not too difficult, as long as you are skillful enough to deal with the monsters in Mediah.


Once you finish all the quests, go to the Elric Shrine and meet Venslar, the descendant of Enslar.

She will give you Lancia, the Awakening Weapon,along with your new Awakening Weapon skills as a reward.


Witness the true power of the Valkyrie, along with her powerful new skills.

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