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Greetings, Black Desert Adventurers!


We are happy to introduce the long awaited Awakening Weapon for Kunoichi.

The Awakening Weapon is a large Chakram with a fine outer blade. Combined with Kunoichi’s agile and sharp movement, it is truly a power worth reckoning. Let’s delve into the story of how Kunoichi came to acquire the Sah Chakram and all her new powers.



Kunoichi, the one with the crimson red Chakram



Beyond the deep valley, in the wild where the wind lingers, stout men riding horses catches the eye.

Among them was one that stood out as the strongest, that man shouted,


 “Run, Ichi, run!”


Ichi was lying on top of a boulder. Startled by the shout, she dropped down to the ground immediately.

Ichi was the daughter of the chieftain that rules the southern-east portion of the Ryuta Region. The man scolding her is her father.

The Ryuta region had poor soil, making it hard to farm. So most of their food came from hunting and gathering, everyone had to help.


The Oeki tribe had another creed, one must always be able to protect oneself.

The tribe carried light weapons like the short sword and kunai.


Recently their training has intensified. They were engaged in a territorial conflict with their neighbor across the Turina River, the Sonan Tribe.

The Oeki Chieftain tried to build a positive relationship with the Sonan tribe but failed to bring back good news.

This was important to Ichi since she was to succeed her father as the tribe’s chieftain in the near future.

Ichi was the ideal chieftain’s daughter. She was bright, talented, and compassionate towards others.


During the scorching hot summer, a great drought came to the barren lands of Ryuta.

As the drought dragged on and exhausted the people, a tiny droplet of rain hit Ichi’s nose.

Even though it was light, it most definitely was rain. Excited, Ichi got on her horse and galloped to the Trunia River.

As she walked towards the river bank to rest, she discovered a woman collapsed on the other side of the river.

Ichi urgently returned to town with the woman on her horse.


The woman was barely conscious, and the Oeki tribe took good care of her until she woke up.

The woman confessed she was from the Sonan tribe. She was chased out for breaking their laws and was almost killed.

When the chieftain and everyone heard she was from the Sonan tribe, they could not hide their  bewilderment.

As the chieftain shook his head, Ichi begged her father to show compassion and to take her in.


Due to Ichi’s earnest plea, the Oeki tribe accepted the Sonan woman.


Once the woman recovered, she woke Ichi in the middle of the night saying she wanted to show her something.

The Sonan woman held the Sonan tribe’s traditional weapon.

It was so large that it wrapped around her entire body.

On the outer edge of the weapon was a sharp blade, it was called ‘Sah Chakram’.

Ichi was mesmerized by the movements of the Sonan woman dancing with the Sah Chakram.

The blade seemed to fill the void in the sky like the moon shines its delicate light.


Seeing Ichi’s face the Sonan woman felt elated and started to explain to her the hidden meaning behind the blade.

The round shape of the Sah Chakram symbolizes acceptance of all things, and how all things begins and ends the same way.

Ichi did not understand what that meant at the time; however, she felt drawn to the weapon.

From that day forward, she decided to train with the Sonan woman in learning more about the Sah Chakram.


By the time Ichi got fairly good with the Sah Chakram, an event that would bring her to the brink of hell broke out.

The Sonan tribe had found the woman. The Sonan woman knew she had nowhere to run.

After agonizing over her situation she sent a letter. She had agreed to help the Sonan invade the Oeki.

In return she wanted to be set free from her tribe.


Early in the evening, for some reason Ichi could not stay awake and fell into a deep slumber.

When she woke up, her town was set ablaze. People were running about in confusion and panic.

Others were fighting armed men with weapons.

The scene was like absolute chaos erupting all around.


Ichi picked up a short sword lying on the ground and started to fight. However, she was not able to use her full strength.

The Sonan woman had put something in the drinking water.

However, that was not the only problem. Sonan tribe’s Sah Chakram was a powerful weapon.

The Sonan tribe couldn’t invade the Oeki due to their lack of numbers.

But today, they were able to overcome the Oeki tribe.


Eventually the Oeki tribe was exterminated or captured by the Sonan tribe.

Ichi barely escaped into the woods with the help of her tribe members.

She broke down and wept bitterly in the forest for many days. At the brink of death,the large moon caught her eye.

Barely able to stand, she pledged to survive and returned to the land the Oeki tribe.


The tragic remnants of what has come to pass was left untouched.

She picked up a Sah Chakram that was used to kill her people. A wave of confusing emotions came, but later gave way to rage.

She searched for the ungrateful Sonan woman that repaid good with evil, but she had already left the Ryuta Region.


With despair growing in her heart, she decides to visit her father’s grave. There she opened her mouth and spoke in a low voice.



“I will take vengeance with the Sah Chakram. Till the moon shines pale, and the world is stained in red.”



◈ Kunoichi Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Kunoichi  moves elegantly with her large circular blade! Check out the power of Sah Chakram!






◈ Awakened Skills

The Sah Chakram looks like the gentle moon wrapped around Kunoichi, but is used mercilessly to cut down her enemies.

Kunoichi uses her new Sah Chakram moving with the same speed but with even more power and  elegance.


Wheel of Wrath

Swings weapon upwards. Deals damage with an additional strike .

Deals critical damage 100% of the time and is deemed a crucial skill.

Lunar Dash

Charges forward, quickly slashes enemies upwards.

Gain frontal guard when using this skill. Can be a powerful skill if used effectively.

Danse Macabre

Throws the Sah Chakram forward leaving a mark on them.

After picking-up the Sah Chakram, deal increased damage.


◈ Awakening Quest

Kunoichi’s quest starts at her hometown recollecting her buried anger and memories.

Kunoichi hears of the tribes in the east from the knowledgeable of Klam Cessory in Calpheon.

The story begins with her chasing after the woman she must find.

There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests like the other classes.

Once you finish all the quests you will be given the Awakening Weapon Sah Chakram, and Awakened Skills as a reward.



Witness Kunoichi gaining new power with her rage and Awakening Weapon, Sah Chakram!

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