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Hello Adventurers of Black Desert!


Musa - the martial artist from distant eastern lands, fiercely manoeuvres around the battlefield using expert combat skills.

Now with his Crescent Blade, Musa grows even more powerful and than before.


Musa Awakens as the God of Martial Arts


In a humble village in the far east, as a boy was born, there was a deafening roar of a tiger.

After witnessing this good omen, the villagers bemused that the boy could grow up to be a great leader like his father.


The boy showed amazing talent in the martial arts.

He had an innate ability with the sword and was able to pinpoint his enemies’ weaknesses to take them down adeptly.

He felt a rush whenever he heard a rumor of a famous martial artist coming whom he would challenge in a fight.

The boy never lost a fight and he grew up to be a young man.

All of this led him to become arrogant about his own abilities.


His ambition led him to try becoming a member of the ‘Western Frontier’, the most well-known association of fighters.

To become a member, one must win the fighting tournament hosted at the capital every 10 years.

The villagers expected that the young man would easily win the next tournament and become a member of the Western Frontier.


As time passed, the arrogant young man took the path of a soldier.

Being as talented as he was, he climbed the ranks quickly and gained influence with many powerful people.

As he got drunk off of his confidence and power, he destroyed anyone that got in his way.

He even threatened his superiors and other civil servants with his sword.

He no longer acted like a soldier. He had become a brute.

He started to believe that there was nobody in the kingdom that could best his skills with the sword.


As the tournament approached, the whole country celebrated as they waited for the crowning of a new champion.

No one was surprised to see the young man reached the grand finals. However, the attention of the crowd was fixated on someone else, an old master of martial arts. This master wielded a large scimitar and had defeated some of the strongest fighters in the land, one after another.


When the tournament progressed to the final two fighters, the whole continent was there to watch the old master and the young man engage in the fight of their lives.

During the fight, a single mistake could mean their life and the man could not shake off the feeling that they were somehow similar.


Still, the man could feel that he was losing and that the fight was coming to an end. He felt the shame of defeat for the first time.

As the shame started to settle in, he spotted an opening. The old master started to cough up blood in the middle of the fight.

The young man knew it would be a cheap win, but he seized the opportunity and struck his opponent with all his strength.


He had won the tournament and was now a member of the Western Frontiers.

The young man had achieved his lifelong dream, and yet he did not feel any joy from this victory.

As a matter of fact, he was furious.

The crowd’s love and admiration wasn’t for the winner, but it was for the old master that fought hard to the very end.


However, this was not the end of his shame. Once he entered the Western Frontiers, he found it was full of monsters. Rank was not decided by seniority, it was solely based on one’s ability.

The boy that had always thought he was on top of the world, so the embarrassment of having superiors felt unbearable.

Eventually, he came to believe that the old master was the cause of this shame, so the man searched for him for revenge.



The old master dwelled up in a cave up in the mountains.

He looked much thinner than how the young man remembered him from the tournament.

The young man did not care and attacked the old master.

Once again, the old master defeated him in a battle for his life.

Still, the old master allowed the young man to live, even though the man just tried to kill him.

The man refused to admit his defeat and went back to challenge the old master as soon as he recovered.

Every time the young man was defeated. The master would give him a few drops of Clear Water, and console him.



“To uphold the true meaning of a fighter, you must take the path of constant challenges to reinvent oneself,

if you truly trust in this path, you will eventually meet your destiny…”


After what seemed like an eternity to the young man, he finally defeated the old master.

He attained a true victory by his own skills, unlike at the tournament.

The young man did not feel the rush of victory like he did when he was still arrogant.

Instead, he humbly asked the master to take him as his apprentice.

The old master praised the young man on his achievement and took him in.


◈ Musa Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Watch Musa change the flow of battle wielding the Awakening Weapon, Crescent Blade






◈ Awakened Skills

Musa receives new skills that hit much harder than before.

He now has a new fighting style. He still maintains the ability to confuse his enemies using his speed, but with much more power with each swing.


Crust Crusher

Focuses the energy into the Crescent Blade, then stabs the earth.

Inflicts a ton of damage and knocks enemies down, allowing powerful attack combos.


Materializes the Martial God’s energy and sends it flying forward.

Below the Belt

Spins forward with the Crescent Blade.

Enemies get knocked down, and can be followed up with additional damage.

One Step Back

Jumps back while swinging the Crescent Blade in an arc.

Lowers the damage taken and attacks the enemy at the same time.

Musa's Spirit

Instantly releases a wave of energy all around, stunning enemies.

This skill is ideal for connecting different skill combos.


◈ Awakening Quest

The Awakening Quest starts with Musa searching for his lost memories.


Chief Igor Bartali helps Musa recollect his knowledge of the past and of Crescent Blade, for he has traveled far and wide a long ago. Musa hears of Haeam’s history and honor through the chief, and that is where the story begins.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests, like the other classes.

Once you finish all the quests, you will get Haeam’s Crescent Blade Secrets. Through this, you will receive the Awakening Weapon, Crescent Blade, and Awakened Skills as a reward.


Witness the powerful martial artist from the east become a Martial God!

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