GM Notes [GM Note] Season: Drakania Events All in One Place
Black Desert 2022-04-06 10:00
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Season: Drakania Events All in One Place

* Click the image to go to the event page. 


[GM] Nox’s Event Tips 

① Create a season character as the new class, Drakania, and start leveling up. That’s all you have to do to complete two events!  


② Try a variety of different content by completing the Challenges offered by the Season: Drakania Pass. You’ll receive tons of rewards that will help you progress your character! 


③ Defeat monsters and you’re participating in three of the events!  


④ As you adventure in the vast world of Black Desert, take a breather and visit the Loyalties Shop in the in-game Pearl Shop (F3)!  


And don’t forget to redeem the coupons from CalpheON Episode 2!


Comments 2
Uwoooogh okeh sir
2022-04-07 05:30
Drakania class is trash, attack animation moves like a pole dancer, the attack visual effects color can be mistaken for confetti, and the attack sound effects are over-the-top.
Drakania is an ice queen, shows no emotion, therefore functions like a robot -- and probably boring in bed due to her lack of personality. Appreciate your efforts on bringing new content and character class for everyone, so go start hiring fresh character class designers.
I deleted my Drakania in disgust
2022-04-11 03:50

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