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Hello Adventurers of Black Desert!


Let us introduce Maehwa and her awakened powers.

Maehwa inflicts delicate but deadly attacks with her Kerispear, intricately weaving the destruction of her enemies.

Her dark and tragic backstory with the ‘Secret of the Crescent Petal’ is told below.


Maehwa, the Flame of the Blue Moonlight Ignites


A notorious little girl known for mischief lived in the streets of a far away eastern capital.

She was a better fighter than the boys and made a living by pickpocketing.

This got her arrested often, but a military officer noticed her talents and decided to adopt her.


The girl was thoroughly trained from the moment she entered the household and grew up to be a lady of noble standing.

However, she couldn’t take the state exam when it was time for her to serve her family.

She wasn’t allowed to take it because she was a war orphan of a concubine, regardless of how brilliant she was.

She had no choice but to enter the ‘Order of the Apricot’ for the sake of her family.


Apricot flowers blossomed throughout the winter in the valley, and Order of the Apricot was the name of the institution for young martial artists.

It was established by the beautiful Bihwasun, who was so beautiful that everyone thought he was a woman.

Warriors that were trained here were renowned for their skills in many wars.

It is one of the few organizations that did not discriminate people based on heritage or background.

The girl decided to enter the order and started to train there.

She showed them the full extent of her abilities without being intimidated by the distinguished warriors there.   

She graduated from apprenticeship after a year. Then she was promoted to become ‘Maehwa’, a leader of the order and a military officer, the following year.


As she was living the life of her dreams, an old woman came to visit her.


The old woman came to her with a story that was hard to believe.

She was told about a cold and beautiful flame at the tip of the spear used by great warriors of the past.

The flame is called the ‘Crescent Petal’ and no one can defeat the person that wields it.

No one was able to bring out the Crescent Petal ever since the establishment of this legendary order.

It was said only the general of the order could see the true ‘Secrets of the Crescent Petal’.

Elated by this news, the girl set a new goal for herself.


Three years passed since she had entered the organization, and the continent was at war.

Warfare gave the members of the order a chance to establish their reputations. The girl did her best to establish herself as well.

She was a strong contender even though all the generals in the past were male.

Due to the competition, she had to fight a war and defeat her male competitors.


During the war, she killed both friends and foes and was no longer the girl that everyone used to love.

She killed without remorse and only cared about her skills and honor.

This led her to use any means to further her reputation as a leader.

More of her comrades and subordinates’ died on the battlefield as she continued to climb the ranks.

She even sacrificed civilian lives for her success.


Even though the war ended in victory, much was lost for its cause.

The lady didn’t visit the parents that raised her but returned straight to the valley when the war ended.

Her body and mind was exhausted from the long war and she felt very little emotion.

The fact that she was chosen to be the next general added to her numbness.


Her installation ceremony happened a month after the war.

This was a historic moment as she was the first woman and youngest ever to receive this title.

Once the ceremony was over, she went to the deepest cave. The cave that only a general was allowed to enter.

Her sole purpose of attaining this title was to see if the rumor about the ‘Secrets of the Crescent Petal’ was true.

When she entered the cave she saw an old spear and a book laying inside.

As soon as she realized the old woman told her the truth, she picked up the book and studied it immediately.


However, the blue flame did not appear on her spear after a whole year of training and studying.

She wasn’t showing any sign of improvement from before, when she was using her blade.

Still, she refused to give up on her dream and continued her training.



Her parents passed away the following year due to their wounds from the war.

However, she didn’t care. She just continued studying the ‘Secrets of the Crescent Petal’.

Even then she showed no signs of improvement and was haunted by nightmares.

She was haunted by the people she murdered during the war like her comrades, subordinates, and rivals.


Now five years had gone by since the day she first picked up the book.

You could no longer find the bright and confident girl, you could only see an overburdened general sitting on her iron throne.

She had failed despite her best efforts and her nightmares continued to haunt her.

So she decided to return to the place where it all began, in the cave where she found the book.

There, she saw that the old woman was waiting for her.


The old woman immediately charged at her with her spear.

Surprised, the general parried with her own spear.

Blazing blue flames came off the old woman’s spear the moment their spears clashed.

The old woman had attained the Crescent Petal!

She continued to attack and scolded the awestruck general furiously with each blow.

The general couldn’t believe her eyes but she calmly started to fight back.


After the short fight, the old woman introduced himrself as Bihwasun, the founder of the Order of the Apricot.

The general looked carefully at the old man’s gleaming eyes.

Then she remembered hearing rumors in the streets about a beautiful man that established the order when she a little girl.

He started to tell her that improvement works like water. The harder you try to hold onto it, the more it spills. It is better to allow the water to flow and to fill your vessel with fresh water.

After this short lesson, they continued to exchange blows all through the night.


There was a clear winner before early dawn.

The general had lost a fight for the first time in her life.

She was so tired that she couldn’t even lift a finger, but she wasn’t upset.

She was beginning to understand the lesson Bihwasun was trying to teach her.


He on the other hand, was truly impressed by her tenacity.

All her predecessor gave up after a year, but she refused to let go of her dream for five years.

As he looked upon her tired face, he could feel her sense of relief. It reminded him of the early days when he had first met her.

Then they spent the whole day talking like old friends.


The next day, she retired from her position as the general.

She packed lightly and went on a journey without a destination or end.

Her most precious possessions that she took were the teachings of ‘Secrets of the Crescent Petal’ and Bihwasum.


"Constantly refresh the water in your vessel. Once it breaks, the Crescent Petal will answer your call."



◈ Maehwa Awakening Weapon Combat Video

Maehwa mesmerize her enemies with her blue flame! Watch her wield her awakening weapon Kerispear!






◈ Awakened Skills

Maehwa either strikes critically at her unwary enemies or swings the Kerispear in a wide arc.

She is capable of quick movement and flashy attacks while delivering powerful blows with her awakening weapon, similar to Musa.


Royal Rage

Used while ‘Full Moon Wall’ is active.

Counters the enemy’s attack and returns the damage.

Petal Drill

Steps quickly forward then stabs the enemy

Sticky Snowflake


Gathers cold energy and swings it in an arc, slowing enemies down.


◈ Awakening Quest


The Awakening Quest starts with Maehwa searching for her lost memories.


Chief Igor Bartali helps Maehwa recollect her knowledge of the past and Order of the Apricot, for he has traveled far and wide long ago. She meets the ‘Will of the Crescent Petal’ and that is where the story begins.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests, like the other classes.

Once you finish all the quests, return to Will of the Crescent Petal. You will receive the Secrets of the Crescent Petal, Awakening Weapon, Kerispear, and Awakened Skills as a reward.


Witness Maehwa destroy her enemies with her mesmerizing Crescent Petal and Kerispear!

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