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Notices [Notice] [Completed] June 9 (Thu) Marni Server Maintenance
Black Desert 2022-06-09 18:23


Greetings, Adventurers.  


We will be performing maintenance for the Marni server on Thursday, June 9. Please refer below for more information.



Maintenance Details

- Affected Server(s): Marni

- Schedule: June 9, 2022 (Thu) 18:40 - 19:40 19:32 (Estimated Time: 1 Hour)

* Once the Marni server maintenance ends, the Arena of Solare, Red Battlefield, Battle Arena, etc. will no longer be under maintenance.

* The maintenance may end earlier than the time listed above.


Maintenance Impact

- Unable to access the Red Battlefield, Battle Arena, Arena of Solare, Erethea's Limbo, Old Moon Grand Prix, and Atoraxxion Boss Chambers.

* If you are in an active Arena of Solare match when the maintenance begins, please note that this match may be recorded as being deserted.

■ Maintenance Reason

- Increase the number of available battlefields in the Arena of Solare to provide a more optimal experience during the preseason.

- Fix the issue where HP sometimes does not properly recover when using HP recovery items or skills in the Marni server.

Additional Notices
- If you are still playing the game before the maintenance time, please move your character to a safe location (safe zone) before maintenance begins.

- If you exit the game while in a combat zone, your character and/or mount can be attacked by monsters or other Adventurers.

- Adventurers in the affected server(s) should move their characters to a safe location or a different server.

- Adventurers can access the game normally in servers not undergoing maintenance.

- Maintenance times are subject to change, extension, and/or early completion and any changes will be provided as an update on this site.


We appreciate your patience and support while we work on providing you with better services.


Thank you!


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