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GM Notes [GM Note] Glory Awaits in the Arena of Solare Preseason
Black Desert 2022-06-15 10:16
Comments 8


Greetings, Adventurers!  
Since the start of the Arena of Solare Preseason, we’ve seen new friendships forged and new rivalries sharpened, but most of all, we’re just thrilled to see so many Adventurers enjoying the Arena of Solare.  


Yet among our many Adventurers, a couple of true glory seekers have begun to appear. If you want to find out who they are, check out the rankings from all corners of the world below!  

* The rankings below are based on the latest rank update (00:00) for each server’s Arena of Solare.  


▲ Want to learn more about the Arena of Solare? Watch this guide! 


Arena of Solare Top 10 Rankings Worldwide

l Southeast Asia Server

l Thailand Server

l Korea Server


l North America Server


l Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao Server


l Turkey/MENA Server


l Russian-language Server


l Europe Server

l Japan Server


For Week 2-4, we’ll be expanding the match availability time in the Arena of Solare to make the arena more accessible for more Adventurers. We hope to meet you on the battlefield!  


* Arena of Solare Week 2 – 4 Schedule 

- Weekday Availability Time: 18:00 - 01:00

- Weekend Availability Time: 15:00 - 02:00  



Adventurers, have you had a heart-pounding “moment of glory” in the Arena of Solare? If so, how about sharing your “moment” with your fellow Adventurers by participating in the [Event] Capture Your Moments of Glory in the Arena of Solare event!  


And if you participate in the event, you’ll receive Marni's Unstable Fuel x100 and [Event] Glory of Solare Box x10!


Comments 8
Lv.58~60 is hard to level up.
2022-06-15 10:24
@Yidaru Go find a guild or ask for help that will boost you in mirumok.
2022-06-15 10:55
@Yidaru sir 58-61 is just 4-5 hours with chenga tome
2022-06-15 13:26
@Kurremi Thanks.
2022-06-17 10:12
Okay PA.. Whay did you guys learn from this? ☺
I'll give you guys a hint.. "Nerf"
2022-06-15 10:26
Really sad i didn't record the 1v3 batlle in solare last night :(
2022-06-15 10:37
@Yunann I can relate, I really wished I clipped the 1v3 win on oluns yesterday.
2022-06-15 14:38
can we party in arena of solare?
2022-06-15 17:34

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