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Notices [Notice] Learn About the Pearl Abyss Account
Black Desert 2022-07-22 00:00

Greetings, Adventurers.


In order to ensure a safer and more convenient game experience for more Adventurers worldwide, we plan to introduce the Pearl Abyss account system to the Black Desert Southeast Asia service.


The Pearl Abyss account system introduces enhanced security features to better safeguard your valuable personal information, allowing you to more easily access all the games offered by Pearl Abyss.

Please refer below for more information.

What is a Pearl Abyss Account?

A Pearl Abyss account not only allows you to play Black Desert but will also include other games serviced by Pearl Abyss. As of now, the Pearl Abyss account system is implemented for Black Desert services in Korea, North America/Europe, and South America. Furthermore, the Pearl Abyss account system will also be expanded to include Pearl Abyss’s upcoming new titles, which include Crimson Desert, DokeV, Plan 8, and more.

What is the Integration Process for Pearl Abyss Accounts?

The Pearl Abyss account integration process is divided into an automatic and verification process.


Automatic Integration

For most Adventurers, your account will be automatically integrated when you log in with your existing Black Desert email and password to the website or game launcher after the maintenance on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.


Verification Integration

If your Black Desert Southeast Asia’s account email has been used to create an account for Black Desert NAEU, Korea, or South America, you will need to complete a simple verification process. This process entails verifying your email address and setting up a new password to integrate your Pearl Abyss account.

What Happens to Two-Step Authentication (2nd Password, OTP & PC Registration)?

Your existing two-step authentication (2nd Password, OTP & PC Registration) for Black Desert will remain unchanged.

What happens if I lost my account or password?

You can use the existing “Find my account/password” to recover your information

Will personal, payment, and game data be changed?

No, your Black Desert’s account date (personal, payment, game data) will remain unchanged and stored in your Pearl Abyss account.

Are there any extra steps if I sign up after the Pearl Abyss account integration?

No, there will not be any extra steps if you sign up after the Pearl Abyss account integration on August 24.

What is different after the Pearl Abyss account integration.

While your game experience will remain unchanged, there will be some changes to the website services.

1. When you sign up for an account, you will now complete your email verification, input your additional information, and agree to our terms on one page. As the Pearl Abyss account system covers all services provided by Pearl Abyss, your region of residence will also be checked.

2. Google and Twitter will also be added alongside Facebook as one of the possible social media login options.

3. Your community name, which was originally limited to your character, can now be set to whatever nickname and profile image you want via your Pearl Abyss profile.

We will keep you updated with any other changes through future announcements, and we’ll do our best to ensure the Pearl Abyss account integration is as seamless as possible.


Thank you, and happy adventuring!


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