GM Notes [GM Note] Introducing Horse Racing!
Black Desert 2018-05-03 10:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


An exciting new feature of the game has been added to Black Desert today.

You can now race horses with your friends, guild mates and other Adventurers. Furthermore, you can acquire better horses and equip horse gear.


Let’s find out more about horse racing!



◆ How do I participate in horse races?


An Adventurer who has spent some time breeding and raising horses may want to show off their steed to other Adventurers. Horse racing is a perfect opportunity to do just that. It allows you and your horse to race around a track against other Adventurers.


▲ You can use horse skills while racing. Race your prized steed against others!



You need a matching tier horse in order to participate in a race. If you click on the Race Information button located below the horse icon at the top left corner of the screen, you can check details (tier, time left, number of participants) about the race.


For example, if the minimum tier listed for a race is 7, you can only participate in the race while mounted on a tier 7 horse.


▲ You can register for races and cancel participation under the race information menu.


▲ If you see the message pop up above, you can register for a race.


When the race starts, you’ll be transported to the starting line of the race course. First Adventurer to complete the course will be the winner.


Once the horse race is in progress, there is a preparation period of 1 hour before the race starts. So make sure to check out the details in the race information menu.



How to participate in horse races


1.     Check race information (time left, required tier)

2.     System message displays that you are able to participate in the race

3.     Find a horse with a matching tier in order to participate in the race

4.     Register for the race in the race information menu


* At the moment Horse races take place only on servers Serendia-1 and Balenos-1



◆ Raise the finest horse using Horse Race Seals!


Horse Race Seals are given as rewards for participating in horse races. You’ll get more depending on how well you do in the race but all participants from 1st place to 20th place will receive rewards.

1st place will receive 5 seals, 2nd will receive 3 seals, 3rd will receive 2 seals, from 4th to 20th place will receive 1 seal each. You can exchange these seals for tier 6 to 8 horses and various horse gear items.


Horse Race Seals Required

Items Exchanged

Target NPC


Black Stone (Armor)



Black Stone (Weapon)



Light, Combat Horse Gear - Random



Light, Combat Horse Gear - Select



Storm, Fighting Spirit Horse Gear - Random



Storm, Fighting Spirit Horse Gear - Select



Race Horse Emblem Box (1 Random Horse, Tier 6~8)



Horse Emblem: Two-Seater Skill Horse (Tier 6, Two-Seater Skill Horse)



Storm, Fighting Spirit Horse Gear Box +1 ~ +5 (Random)


Finish in 1st place 10 times and you’ll get 50 seals and a chance to obtain a tier 8 horse!


You can exchange the seals with Gula or Wapra, the Stable Keepers at the Stonetail Horse Ranch in Mediah.


Since you can get rewards just by participating (you still get seals even if you come in last!), it’s a good idea to raise horses with different tiers if your goal is to collect the Horse Race Seals.



◆ Horse Racing - Rules to Keep in Mind

There are race rules and disqualification criteria that you must keep in mind before participating in horse races. We have listed them below for your reference.


Horse Racing Rules


1. Both participants and non-participants are subject to PvP combat during horse races.

2. The race ends if participants do not cross the finish line within 10 minutes after the race starts.

3. You cannot interact with NPCs after you register for a horse race.

4. You cannot register for a horse race while in a party.

5. The race will start immediately if there are 20 participants that have registered or if the time runs out.

6. ‘Navigation’ will be turned on after the race starts that will guide Adventurers to the next checkpoint.

7. Once the first Adventurer crosses the finish line, there is a limit of 60 seconㄴds for all remaining race participants to cross the finish line. If you do not cross the finish line within 60 seconds after the 1st place winner, you will automatically forfeit the race.

8. You will be transported back to the point where you registered 60 seconds after the end of the race.

9. If no one participates in the race, a new race will be registered.


Disqualification Criteria


1. If you leave the starting area after being transported to the race, you will be disqualified.

2. If you move channels after registering for a race, you will be disqualified.

3. If you are disqualified, you will be transported back to your original location.

4. You must cross the checkpoints during the race while mounted on your hose. If you cross any checkpoint during the race while you are not mounted, you will be disqualified


▲ Watch out! If you move away from the start line before the race starts, you’ll be disqualified.





Don’t you feel the blood rushing, just thinking about racing the horse you have carefully raised? Check out horse racing now!


Good luck!

Thank you.

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No patch note on this update?
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So are we able to breed t8's yet?
2018-05-03 11:00 0
T8 was all along breedable when they increase breed rate to 10 in our server. Is just that in order to breed T8 u need T7 male and female to do so,with only 8% chance to get T8.
2018-05-03 11:02 0
Where are the patch notes
2018-05-03 11:06 0
what is the current breeding rate?
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