GM Notes [GM Note] Easy ways to raise your Contribution Points
Black Desert 2018-05-17 10:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


One of the most essential resources you’ll need to establish yourself within the hustle and bustle of life in the Black Desert world is Contribution Points. The more you have, the more you’ll be able to spend on things like connecting nodes, hiring workers, adding storage, fences for farming, renting equipment, etc. In other words, you’ll be able to do so much more in the game if you have enough Contribution Points.

Today, we’d like to show you how to acquire Contribution Points more efficiently and easily.


Let’s get started.



◆ How to get more Contribution Points


By the time you’re more familiar with the game, you’ll realize that you need more Contribution Points but it gets progressively harder to acquire them.


There are many ways to get Contribution Points, but let’s take a look at the two easiest methods.


1. Getting Contribution EXP through Quests


You can receive quests from the Black Spirit and various NPCs. There are the main quests that are closely related to the main storyline of the game, and other quests where you help NPCs.


If you follow the Black Spirit’s main quests, you will progress through the main story of Black Desert while getting Contribution EXP. You can also get great rewards at the end of the story.


▲Watching the Black Spirit transform as you progress the storyline is also fun!


Also, there are recurring quests that give you Contribution EXP every day. If you complete these quests daily, you can get Contribution Points quite easily.


A recurring quest that we recommend is the ‘Calpheon City Contribution’ quest. Calpheon is a big city with many NPCs so you’ll earn plenty of Contribution EXP in no time. You should try to find your own way of minimizing your travel times so you can complete more quests in less time (completing all quests within the same area of the city together, etc). You can find the ‘Calpheon City Contribution’ quests in the Recurring Quest tab on the quest window (Hotkey O).


If your equipment is good enough for hunting Manshas, Rhutums, and Catfishmen, we recommend you to do the 6 recurring hunting quests as well. You’ll earn 200 Contribution EXP for each quest!


▲You can find the Recurring Quests in the quest window (O).


If you want to get more Contribution Points, you can complete the recurring quests from other regions as well. You will also earn Contribution EXP through recurring hunting quests and life quests.


▲ You can find these quests under ‘Calpheon City Contribution’ in the recurring quest tab.

▲ Try completing these quests everyday!


2. Getting Contribution Points through Cooking and Alchemy.


You can earn Contribution Points with the byproducts generated from Cooking or Alchemy by exchanging them with NPCs. You’ll earn less Contribution EXP compared to recurring quests, but it lets you earn a profit and increase your life skill levels.


If you never tried Cooking or Alchemy, now is a great time to start!


▲ You can find exchange byproducts with an NPC by right-clicking on the byproduct type and selecting the NPC Location.



We’ve covered how you can earn more Contribution Points easily and efficiently.

In summary, don’t forget about the recurring quests and exchanging byproducts to get Contribution Points!

We hope it helps you get more Contribution Points to buy that house you need or to rent that equipment you always wanted!


Good luck on your adventure!

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