Notices [Notice] Black Desert CBT Day 2~5 Server Operation Hours
Black Desert 2017-11-23 14:00

Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to tell you about CBT Day 2~5 server operation hours.

The server will operate for 24 hours starting on Day 4.


Please refer to this notice for the CBT server operation hours.


■ Black Desert CBT Day 2~5 Server Operation Hours

- Server Operation Hours








24 Hours

※ There can be emergency/temporary maintenances during the CBT period. We will notify you in advance with a notice when proceeding with any maintenances. However, server operation hours will not be extended even if there is a maintenance.

 ※ All CBT data will be initialized after the CBT

- This includes all data created during the CBT Period (11/22~11/26). (Including: CBT Guest Pass, Closed beta tester’s family name/character name, items included in the 3 packages and other items received with a coupon.)

- The “Pearls” that you purchased with Acoins during the CBT period will be refunded as Pearls during the OBT. An additional 20% bonus will be provided with the bonus that’s already included in the Pearl Box (But Pearls provided from events are not included).

- The family/character name you reserved when you purchased a package will not get deleted.

- The OBT items that you received when you purchased a package will not be deleted, and when the OBT starts, you can send it to your in-game mailbox by clicking the [Receive] button in your Web Storage.

※ You can receive the items purchased through the Pearl Shop and Web Storage from 11/22 14:00.


We hope that everyone will actively participate!

We will do our best to provide a stable and enjoyable gaming environment.


The Black Desert Team is always grateful for your support!


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