GM Notes [GM Note] Striker Awakening
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Hello, Adventurers!


The popular and action packed Striker with skills that naturally flows together has finally awakened! We will introduce his new skills and how he fights with them.


Here is Striker Awakening Weapon [Gardbrace] Combat Video.




The martial arts with the longest history are

Tiger, Panther, Snake, Monkey, and Crane.

My master explained to me that martial arts started with weak humans imitating the movements of creatures they feared.


The martial arts I trained in was developed long afterwards. It uses sharper weapons and systematic training. However, I can never be sure if I’m stronger than my predecessors.

Then one day, my master suddenly told me that he had nothing to teach me.

I also felt that I’ve reached my limit and stopped improving long ago.


The human desire for strength was at its peak when we were forced to survive in this cruel world, before they conquered it with steel and fire.

If I was to enter that environment, will I be able to overcome my own limitations?

This question haunted me on my lonely voyage to the western continent.


When I finally reached Calpheon, my desire to find my roots melted away as days went by buried in crowds of people with the same hair and eyes as me.

This gave way to a new passion, to reach the apex of martial arts.

I wanted to be the ultimate martial artist down to my very bones.


I went to Southern Calpheon and settled down in a small valley. I immediately started my meditation and training.


3 years has passed since that day. Most of the time was spent researching the beasts living here. I studied their movements and the way they harness their power.

That was when I got my inspiration from an ancient creature.

As I tried to put it into practice, I realized it was like the force of nature itself. It clashed with everything that I learned through my martial arts training and I was not able to build upon it.


6 years has passed. I fixed all my old habits down to the way I breathed.

I allowed the power to naturally flow through my body instead of trying to control it.

These concepts might appear simple but are much harder in practice.

Once I accomplished this, I could feel a new power grow exponentially as it fused with my pre-existing one.


9 years has passed. The results of my training were astounding.

My white speckled hair turned golden and the teeth that I lost grew back.

I have found the purest form of martial arts as I built my foundations upon nature.

There were no limitations to its powers and my movement flowed flawlessly.

I have reached a whole new level.


This is when I was reminded of what my master told me.

When you feel invisible and able to destroy anything that blocks your path,

you should take time to look back at yourself before moving forward.


I was drunk on power and didn’t try to control the overflowing energy. This led the energies within me to collide. The old power that I thought fused together with the new was merely being suppressed. As the new energy leaked out and weakened, the two energies started to clash with each other.


I was outraged as I felt the agonizing pain of the two powers colliding.

The new energy eventually left my body and materialized into a copy of me.

I tried to force that energy to become mine again but failed.

When I was about to give up, I remembered my master’s promise.


We promised each other to meet in Goma Naru around this time.

I also remembered the divination that Grandma Gorah had.

That the world will have to face an enormous dark energy.

This divination was definitely about me facing this energy.

I was convinced that I will find solutions once I get there.



I wanted to stop being arrogant and start learning from my master again.

My great master will surely be able to discern what I was going through.


However, I was never to meet my master again.















◈ Awakened Skills


The Gardbrace enables Striker to fight with additional strength. The awakened Striker now uses destructive skills and Echo Spirits in his fights.


Striker with his bases in martial arts and tough physique is now able to quickly piece together combos. You will experience an even more fierce and dynamic fighting style.


▲ Here are the Awakened Skills as well as the Echo Spirit skills that Striker uses with his Gardbrace.


These are main Awakened Skills of Striker.



Hell Break

Grabs an enemy and slams them down.


Infernal Destruction

Sweeps across the floor with a kick to knockdown enemies.

Then throws a punch to the ground.


Skull Crusher

Spins in the air then strikes down on the ground with his leg.


Spiral Cannon

Charges forward spinning like a fired bullet.


Rampaging Predator

Chases down the enemy and attacks them.


Double Flash

Slides forward after he lightens his body by controlling his energy.



◈ Awakening Quest


You can accept the Awakening Quest for the Gardbrace from Black Spirit after reaching level 56.

There are 9 quests and you will receive the Awakening Weapon Gardbrace and Awakened Skills as a reward after completing them.




Witness Striker fight in a whole new level with his Gardbrace!


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