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Mystic Awakening Weapon [Cestus] Update!




Hello, Adventurers!


Mystic that performs fancy kicks and powerful punches has awakened!

This story starts on the boat she boarded to go search for Striker.

We will introduce her Awakening Weapon Cestus and her new set of power skills.


Mystic Awakening Weapon [Cestus] Update!





There were three twisting trees floating in the middle of the ocean.

Some people believed it was a mirage seen in the ocean fog.

However, one person thought otherwise.

The man wearing an eastern hat told the people a rumor that’s been floating around the world.


It was about the three dragons that created the world.

‘Long long time ago, the Golden Dragon wove the sky, the Night Dragon solidified the ground, and the Sea Dragon gave water to create a paradise.’

The three dragons appearing above the ocean was an omen. It meant that a world disaster or something extraordinary was going to happen.

As the story ended, the boat crashed into a rock and sank.  


Is this my punishment for betraying my master?

It happened on the second day of this voyage to the west.

I started to sink quickly in the middle of the open seas without an island in sight.


I was out of breath and about to give up in the cold ocean.

Then I saw a bright blue light through my closed eyes.

The light grew brighter and brighter, and my consciousness cleared up.


The light was coming from the dull gem that I had.

It was given to me by someone on the day I followed my master to the east on a boat.

The blue gem that I thought of as an ordinary stone was giving off so much light that it lit up the darkness of the ocean.


I always wondered.

Who was that person? Why did they give this to me?


Finally, it showed its true form.

It was one of the three dragons of creation - Banha.

I could feel its energy and consciousness flowing through my body.

My stream of consciousness has never been this clear before. I started to concentrate deep in my thoughts. Then Banha started to tell me a story which helped me realize who I was.


Once Banha finished the story, I couldn’t breathe.

My memories were lost in the ocean deep.

When I opened my eyes, I was on a beach.

I couldn’t remember anything, but I could still feel the clear energy flowing through me.

Much time had passed when I eventually regained my memories.

As I recalled my encounter with Banha, I could remember the last thing he told me in the deep ocean.  


‘The blue eyes connected by fate will meet again in Banha’s Tears.’




◈ Awakened Skills


Mystic can equip the Cestus after awakening.


▲ Mystic Cestus Awakening Skills


These are main Awakened Skills of Mystic.




Tidal Burst

Gathers energy then launches the enemies into the air.

Steals a set amount of energy with every good hit.


Rapid Stream

Adds the energy of the sea dragon to Elbow Edge.

Hits the enemies multiple times rapidly.


Rising Dragon

Slams down on the ground to create waves and attack enemies.

Limiting the movements of enemies that are hit.


Spiral Torpedo

Leaps up and spirals forward while kicking enemies.

It can be used to move past enemies.


Sea Burial

Jumps forwards and pours out energy like a flood.

Burns a set area on the ground.


Wave Orb

Charges energy and makes it explode to the front.

The enemies hit will get knocked down to the cold ground.




◈ Awakening Quest

You can accept the Awakening Quest from Black Spirit after reaching level 56.


There are 7 main quests with 3 trials as part of the quests, like the other classes.

You will receive the Awakening Weapon Cestus and Awakened Skills as a reward once you finish all the quests.





Witness Mystic use Banha’s energy with her Cestus!.


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Thank you.


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