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Black Desert 2018-06-07 10:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


How awesome would it be if you could complete quests and get PEN Accessories as a reward?

Well, the questline that gives you a PEN General Accessory is now available!

We’ll introduce how to get these accessories and their effect.


◆ What are PEN General’s Accessories?



The PEN General’s Accessories have the amazing effect ‘Extra Damage against Monsters +12’.

The 1 AP is low compared to other accessories, but the 12 extra damage against monsters effect is extremely rare.



◆ Your first PEN Accessory!


You must complete the starting quest and get a General’s Accessory first, before you can get the PEN General Accessory. The quest can be done only once per family and only by characters between the levels 53 ~ 61.


※ The General’s Accessories can only be obtained once per family. Choose your reward carefully because they cannot be exchanged.


The General’s Accessories are enhanced using a ‘Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone’. You can get these stones by completing the quests that continues from the starting quest.


The other unique feature of the General’s Accessories is that their enhancement chance is always 100%. So if you put in some effort and complete all the following quests then you can get a PEN level accessory.


Here are the entire questline for the PEN General’s Accessories.


Quest Order/


Quest Title



(Lv. 53~61)

Growing Thirst


- Contribution Point EXP 150,

Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone x1


Select 1 of the following:

- General’s Earring, General’s Ring,

 General’s Belt


Unstoppable Thirst for Power #1

Contribution Point EXP 200,

Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone x1

Get the Black Abyssal Weapon Box!

Unstoppable Thirst for Power #2

Contribution Point EXP 300,

Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone x1

Use the Marni’s Stones!

Unstoppable Thirst for Power #3

└ Sample the Living - Bashim

└ Sample the Living - Cadry Cultists

└ Sample the Living - Desert Naga

└ Sample the Living - Desert Fogan

Contribution Point EXP 400,

Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone x1

Reach lv. 58 and prove yourself!

Unstoppable Thirst for Power #4

Monk’s Test

Contribution Point EXP 500,

Fierce Fighting Spirit Stone x1


You can find more information about these quests or the progression of the questline by going to the ‘Suggested’ tab (hotkey ‘O’) > ‘[Lv.53] Quest to Obtain an Accessory with 100% Enhancement Chance’.


※ Please Note

  • The quest ‘Growing Thirst’ can only be completed by characters between the levels 53 ~ 61.

  • You can only select one of the following rewards when you complete the starting quest: General’s Ring, General’s Earring, or General’s Belt.

  • You cannot exchange the General’s Accessory for another one after you receive your reward.



The PEN General’s Accessories are great for defeating monsters thanks to their effect ‘Extra Damage to Monsters’! Why don’t you give it a shot and get your first PEN accessory?


Thank you.


Comments 4
Does the ‘Extra Damage to Monsters’ apply to bosses and world bosses?
2018-06-07 11:58 0
Extra "Monster" damage applies to any PvE mob whether human, demi-human, or otherwise. So yes, it does.
2018-06-07 12:37 0
so the Tri Cresent Ring reward that you will get when you reach lv.61 is a hoax? and this is the only accessory you can get as a reward?? a PVE ring??
2018-06-07 15:58 0
The General's Accessories are in no way related to the "Tri Cresent Ring" reward you mentioned. They are completely separate. There was no reason for you to assume they replaced the reward for lvl 61.
2018-06-12 20:19 0